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this is a dedicated thread for potential non-migrants lurking the boards to ask any questions they have about the project.

why are you here if you haven't signed up? what draws you to this place? what are you curious about?

please do read the compendium and the wiki to make sure you're asking a new question!
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Maybe faith? Or just something to believe, something about this place just attracts me. Can't wait for AZ3!

File: 1518446167825.jpg (101.63 KB, 740x1280, reimu.jpg)


Welcome to /b/!

/b/ is a general-purpose board for just about anything. However, please keep it SFW.
Excessive shitposting should go to >>>/nigger/ instead.

File: 1530827632105.jpg (73.53 KB, 1068x600, 1484739902136.jpg)


What animu/vidya are you playing/watching currently?

>Mazinkaiser, Devil May Cry 3
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File: 1537611208543.jpg (48.06 KB, 820x547, 43242.jpg)

I will going start to watch Cowboy bebop tomorrow, I know, I shoulded be watched a long time ago.

A friend aways tell me to watch this animu, I'll put it on my list.


Good ride, anon.


GANGSTA., Persona 5



rewatched it recently, probably my favorite


File: 1553550580467.jpg (38.85 KB, 397x550, 1553036441818.jpg)

best girl

File: 1552327067344.png (37.49 KB, 260x239, 1537541863164-c.png)


i've already discussed this in tsukichat but i would like for any migrants who aren't currently able to join due to maintenance to also have the ability to participate:

i'm currently compiling a purely migrant-made collaboration album, where each migrant who is interested contributes one (or two, depending on the number of participants) song(s), which i will then compile into an album format.

whether you want your song to be daw-, tracker-, instrument-based, etc. is completely up to you, as is the genre of the song (and i do mean any genre)! there is also no length limit, although i would like to (if there's any demand for that) do a small run of cassettes, so do keep that possibility in mind (maybe keep each song under 20 minutes since i'm not sure what length we'll be needing for the tapes yet).

your submission doesn't have to be project-related but it would definitely be greatly preferred!

please do note that this will be a migrant-only effort so please include your migrant number with your submission, otherwise i won't be able to accept it.
again, please reply to this thread if you're interested in participating or in this idea in general (if you're currently unable to join chat, feel free to share your submission here too)!
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saved! thank you very much!

how should i credit you for this on the album (i.e. artist name, if any - otherwise i can juse use your migrant number without a name if you prefer, it's your decision!), and do you have a song title for it yet?
(also, this is the first submission if it interests you to know!)


>>2408 the title name is "Arent we all nothing"
and you can put the artist as "Minorin"


Hey Sanya, would it be fine if the song was a cover?
I know the point is to make original music, but I have a (hopefully good) idea…


File: 1553385083281.png (112.49 KB, 288x300, 1485857594072.png)

sure, i suppose so!


Sounds fun! I'll have to write something.

File: 1551721864565.gif (51.29 KB, 500x400, 1517239947649.gif)


I have found a minecraft server lead by a shitty SCP clone, enjoy doing shit I guess.

Server IP: rpcwiki.mchost.pro
Version: 1.12.2
Make sure to cause as much chaos as possible.
Also I fucking love you guys (no homo)
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i joined the server, pretty nifty, seems pretty chaotic. i guess this thread died like two weeks ago but i'm going to give it a bump and say me and some other guy are on.


Nukem dukem


Some nigger called "baph" has the coords to the soshimejta base, his faction is called "UWU", I suggest nuking his ass before he tries anything.


Also I made a faction named after soshimejta, join if you want.
We need moar players to compete with the more bloodthirsty faggots on the server.


The situation with baph has been solved, no violence is to come from this. However still feel free to join whenever you want.

File: 1553364647337.png (2.97 MB, 1080x720, space.png)


After doing a kendo tournament, I remembered that even if you did shit, when you do it with happiness and with a smile it will be a very good feeling, thank you.

File: 1551384626455-0.bmp (529.05 KB, 490x368, meirl.bmp)

File: 1551384626455-1.png (1.8 KB, 387x39, UUT.PNG)

File: 1551384626455-2.jpg (1.2 MB, 3264x2448, nuddels.jpg)

File: 1551384626455-3.png (294.38 KB, 328x409, nowowoddles.PNG)


name reason is "uut.png"

> it's like 9pm and im tired somehow cause i totally don't last to 5 am

> hungry
> 2 convenient cups of instant noodle
> convenient white ceramic bowl

>after cooking noodle, pours it in the bowl

>wtf it's perfect
>decides to send it to someone
hmm im going to psot it to a board
>suddenly thinks about this
>starts uploading files, realises has used 3 different file types, bmp, caps png and jpg
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File: 1551403344739.jpg (49.03 KB, 770x887, 1479283614966027.jpg)

>not making makeshift okonomiyaki out of 1$-tier noodles/pasta after boiling it with soy sauce + sugar
Lmaoing at you're life nigger



oh no,you have found an even cheaper option
you have checkmate'd me there
shall i do that next time'th

File: 1526690887237.jpg (82.66 KB, 1600x1200, unidentified.jpg)


How old is everyone here? Don't tell me that I am the oldest one with my 29 years…
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23 here



I think it's beautiful in a way. A lot of us grew up on imageboards (underageb& be damned) and we'll remember that forever.


File: 1550602211176.png (7.34 KB, 233x193, oZaUKAv.png)

Doubt it will vanish off the face of the earth, but In general, a lot of the web is getting more and more aggregated in a few places. The places that are not consumed by the agitators slowly run out of steam with few pocket remaining.

But I will cherish some of the time I got to spend on Imageboards & smaller forums.



I am confident that imageboards will remain relevant throughout the foreseeable future. If nothing else, Trump certainly gave us a shot in the arm. Hell, there are still some active Usenet newsgroups and BBSes around!


File: 1551057521863.png (1.54 MB, 1278x720, 3255096832.png)

十三歳 :)

File: 1550723201522.gif (1.09 MB, 500x348, baby get shot.gif)


What are your thoughts on the coming time?


File: 1550798409586.jpg (327.76 KB, 900x900, roborg_cybercrime_2017_by_….jpg)

>D E A T H
Well you answered that for me.


What coming time do you mean?


File: 1551049083901.jpg (111.81 KB, 595x585, haha isnt it.jpg)

The end is near afterall

File: 1550978126782.png (849.22 KB, 833x552, 8a9d11bb-3730-4631-872b-c0….png)


bread 4 cool wacky things you've found while surfin' the web


File: 1551011300462.png (1.12 MB, 1022x887, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasfregreget….PNG)

I can deliver


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