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Welcome to /b/!

/b/ is a general-purpose board for just about anything. However, please keep it SFW.
Excessive shitposting should go to >>>/nigger/ instead.

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I just found this project recently and find myself with a few questions prior to registering. (Can't post elsewhere)

The first would be if anyone can translate this part of the pledge:
Sonada Haniri Seiman, kujamatenkini.
Sota, fenaseiriri, migi siita.
Pentaru Nendaseiman ki miri dai.
Yuuna Tsuki haide.

Additionally, what would allegiance to the project entail? This was not mentioned anywhere else.

Lastly, is registering with the project exclusionary of other potential enties which may or may not intend to offer alternatives to any individual?

Pic Unrelated


Just install gentoo and all will be fine.

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Phase 5 is going down currently and im wondering whats gonna happen for phase 5 and what do you think is gonna after phase 5?


>inb4 tsuki dies


We all become homosexuals.

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How old is everyone here? Don't tell me that I am the oldest one with my 29 years…
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it's strange feeling see fags of this island here.



19 but i feel like i lived for so long


You're never becoming a state nigger



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whats wrong friend


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>bumps own thread


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there isn't enough activity here to be comfy, it makes me even more sad


File: 1523632499214.jpg (104.91 KB, 551x551, bT561.jpg)

nice get



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Has anybody had odd dreams lately? If so, you can share them in this topic.

My dream was that I was laying down in a soft valley of grass, blanketed by the light of the sun. The grass was more of an autumn red than the normal green though. The night/day cycle was also messed up, with the day and night passing by every second.


File: 1519870913404.jpg (55.18 KB, 346x346, 1459355908745.jpg)

For a while I kept having dreams that I was being held captive in some different location. Sometimes I was being psychologically tortured, other times other people were being physically tortured, sometimes I killed my captors, sometimes they killed me. The worst one was when I escaped and tried explaining it to my friend but whenever I brought it up, he would gaslight me by pretending I wasn't in the room.


Gee dud, are you stalking me? Everywhere I go there is a dream thread with sea shit pics

And no, I barely have any dreams at all, except on occasions all the weird fetish crap I see on internet


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You must be confusing me with someone else.


I had a creepy dream about either last night or two nights ago. I was in my bedroom on my bed, the only light coming from my laptop that I was using. I'm playing an swf and it has a picture of inaba smiling. there was then an arrow on the screen that shifted the picture a little bit with a small tear on the bottom left of her face making her seem sad and angry. I click the arrow one more time and I get a man, what looks to be in his early 20's, with his eyes and mouth flipped around, wearing bunny ears, and in my bedroom in the same direction I am facing. The screen then reads:
>Your inaba is acting strange
The only option now is and arrow that says Get Out, but before i can click it, I seem to die, slowly suffocating.
any others have some creepy/spooky dreams?

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File: 1526588612879-1.jpg (2.69 MB, 4500x3021, 1525437712869.jpg)

File: 1526588612879-2.jpg (580.25 KB, 800x531, 1511723135899.jpg)

File: 1526588612879-3.jpg (621.81 KB, 2048x1537, 1525348944493.jpg)

File: 1526588612879-4.jpg (3.07 MB, 5001x3342, 1525437195113.jpg)


I'll be dumping what I have. If you have any feel free to post em.
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Eh don't worry, I get you. Japan is a pretty neat country with great technological advancements, beautiful nature (cherry blossoms) and respectful hardworking people. I hate how the internet has this grudge against people like us but they never care if someone is obsessed with a different country, only Japanese enthusiasts get this treatment. But in general you really just can't talk about Japan without a certain sense of irony involved, and that's just… sad… And yeah, Japan is obviously not perfect either. Work hours are hellish, ESPECIALLY for foreigners! And like you said, they aren't very opened to Gaijins, but it just seems like people who "hate" Japan think they're somehow smarter than us, telling us things that are obvious about Japan as if we didn't already know them.

If you ask me, if you want to move to Japan, go for it! Or at least try! I know that "you only live once" is a pretty cliche line, but it's true! You do only live once, so why not spend that time on somewhere you want to be in? Enjoy your time in Japan, cause you won't be able to experience it when we transfer to LFE.


just b ur self bro


excellent thread


I think I want tickets to japan for my 18th birthday now


doesn't everyone?

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I wanna make systemspace.link mobile-friendly but I don't know how. :–(


This is my personal opinion but the parts most people would want to access from phones. (the chat and chan) Are already mobile friendly with the chan being responsive and the chat being able to be used via the rocket chat clients for android and IOS.

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It's been nice knowing you lads.
Hope we all make it to LFE.


Someone has more info on that issue? The news says that those voids were avoided, and I was like "Wait, what happened?"

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So I'm coming back system space after a while, well after all the weird stuff that came from this place. Although the community on discord was pretty toxic, I overall liked this site and appreciated what it had to offer.

Does anyone know where I could get the systemspace discord theme now? The link that's posted doesn't work and I really wanna bring this site's comfy vibes to my discord.

I would appreciate the help tons! I hope everyone is doing alright, who knows where all the people I used to know from this community is now..


stop using discord breh


the discord theme has been unmaintained for a while now. i imagine it'd be unusable at this point due to discord's constant changes.


lol I sorta want to, I kinda can't right now though

Aw, that's sad to hear. Thank you for letting me know though!


The rocketchat looks very much like discord anyway

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