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i've already discussed this in tsukichat but i would like for any migrants who aren't currently able to join due to maintenance to also have the ability to participate:

i'm currently compiling a purely migrant-made collaboration album, where each migrant who is interested contributes one (or two, depending on the number of participants) song(s), which i will then compile into an album format.

whether you want your song to be daw-, tracker-, instrument-based, etc. is completely up to you, as is the genre of the song (and i do mean any genre)! there is also no length limit, although i would like to (if there's any demand for that) do a small run of cassettes, so do keep that possibility in mind (maybe keep each song under 20 minutes since i'm not sure what length we'll be needing for the tapes yet).

your submission doesn't have to be project-related but it would definitely be greatly preferred!

please do note that this will be a migrant-only effort so please include your migrant number with your submission, otherwise i won't be able to accept it.
again, please reply to this thread if you're interested in participating or in this idea in general (if you're currently unable to join chat, feel free to share your submission here too)!
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well, it's quite difficult for me to give specific (or any kind of) advice, as i would never call myself a 'real musician' (there's a reason i drown everything in reverb).

but, if it's any consolation, this album will, from the few submissions i do have, be very varied in terms of genres and separate styles. so don't worry too much. none of us are professionals, and professionalism is boring anyway.


title:Sounds from systemspace Hell.


I kinda want back into the chat but the eternal snoop has beaned my ass. Wish I could have heard about this sooner.


I don't know where you heard Snoop was eternal from. He's already been missing for like 7 months. If you were in the chat in the past and not permabanned you can try writing an email to Tsuki to get back in. Otherwise, you'll have to wait till AZ3.
Your post isn't really on topic for this thread though.


>I don't know where you heard Snoop was eternal from.
It's a reference to "the eternal jew"

File: 1562711814671.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.71 KB, 2000x2000, popcorn02.jpg)


Hey everyone, it's been a while, where did you all go? It's been about 2 years now I guess since I last had any contact. If anyone has pop's CI, please let me know. Well wishes.


What's CI?


what did you go by on the discord?


File: 1562878065378.jpg (59.27 KB, 500x667, 1530166703299.jpg)

everyone chills on discord now or some shit, idk why tho lmao


Contact Information.
A few names, namely Atraxas. I think my ID is more important though; I hovered around Fox for a while, and Maldaris thinks I'm an annoying parrot.
oy vey


Oh I think I remember you. Yeah, Pops' Discord ID is Popcorn#7537.

File: 1561079149109.jpg (131.75 KB, 505x297, method_random2.jpg)


Anyone interested in playing vrchat together?
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VRChat is one of the few games that supports full body tracking. As long as your avatar has proportions matching yours it works great, but if you use an anime girl model like so many guys do it feels like your legs are stilts.


File: 1562898182959.gif (901.82 KB, 500x750, 1432602435900.gif)

>33 replies and no one trying to actually meet in vrchat
alright fine. i'll post a world invite link in this thread on saturday june 27 at 3pm eastern time. click on it and say hi to other migrants in another reality


Well, I'm sorry I'll have to miss it. I don't really feel like getting up at 3.


I just downloaded it last night, actually. I need some outside contact soon before I head off to college in August. It's been lonely as hecc these past two years without you guys.

Snoop is still a turbonigger.



File: 1560550144227.gif (16.54 KB, 300x300, 1534132661286.gif)


Cool, the board still is online.
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yikes, cant wait till sanya deletes this


or i guess sanya could not do her job the one time she actually should delete something instead of deleting the most mundane things


dj, have you still not understood that i only delete posts that break our global rules?


idk who that is


File: 1562814580327.gif (125.71 KB, 70x70, smhnigger.gif)

File: 1561950075204.gif (1.99 MB, 500x500, ;).gif)


Beautiful imageboard.



File: 1560717826812.png (633.4 KB, 897x1021, lainlove.png)


does anyone have some chilly music that I could play on repeat in my room? I recently came across Safe Haven (from Valhalla) and maybe someone has similar suggestions to that


is this 2847

also, the stuff by Rei Harakami is very comfy
(rip you glorious basterd)


Jonathan Coulton is pretty nice.



Thanks, both of you


The music from Art Of Balance is pretty chill

File: 1559855104919.jpg (8.07 KB, 200x200, download.jpg)


any chill anime you guys watch?,i watch kill me baby,lucky star and,yuru yuri
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Am eagerly anticipating the second season of The Promised Neverland. My teacher's trying to get me to watch Psycho-Pass but I can't find a legal version anywhere. Also, Lain if you haven't watched it. What are you here for if you haven't watched Lain?


Both seasons of psycho pass are on Hulu if you're concerned about watching it legally.


Thanks. Also nice dubs.


Was the new Fruits Basket any good? I haven't watched the original in years.


The new fruits basket is amazing! Unlike the original, this one is staying true to the manga. Its also planned to be like 70 episodes long, or something like that. So yeah, sit tight and enjoy the ride!

File: 1560099126587.jpg (25.1 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)


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Henlo friends






File: 1560375182863.png (230.64 KB, 500x424, hya.png)


Greetings to you, fellow migrants and non-migrants from the boards

File: 1553809465617.gif (1.4 MB, 500x356, tumblr_p9ph1yemlr1ucpcboo1….gif)


I was wondering when the website will be done with maintenance? I want to registrate but I can't till then.


there is no eta or anything of the sort, as parts of the website will have to be redesigned for az3, along with many other additions and improvements.

please wait a while until az3 hits, you're welcome to join tsukichat then!


Out of curiosity, would you be able to inform how long the website has been under maintenance?


the server has been in maintenance since the 28th of december (although project registrations haven't been possible since the unlink, for obvious reasons). so really not all that long, considering the weight of pmr and specifically az3.


Should I expect to wait till 2020?


i could have sworn someone replied to this but it was deleted

File: 1560234246494.png (59.54 KB, 1920x1080, 1438424349646.png)


Hello everyone, migrant 1755 here, just simply waiting for the site to go back up.


doubt youre 1755
>actual email in the email field

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