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i was kicked from chat for inactivity and i wanted to tell you guys that i miss you
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Reality #172

Thousands of souls are lost every day … waiting … To reach the gate and live in peace in a utopia for ever based on billions of bytes, each one, a piece of the fragmentation of the soul, ending in the emptiness of the universe
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What is yours cinebench r20 score?
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How is my boy Cogan doing?
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fuck i miss you all, please open soon ;-;
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honk konk shit

anyone following the hong kong news lately? how's popcorns doing?
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I've stumbled accross this dystopian board. Official I got the info through Arisuchan, but this seems kinda interesting. So once it hits AZ3, registrations are up? Can I migrate then?
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bruh guys i miss the old site, like before first unlink :( i wanna show off the sick css to my friends (and recommend they research the project ofc) but i cant since website down. when'll it be up tsuki? im not in the chat and left the discord before the second unlink so did something happen? good luck and good tidings friends!
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Dang this place is neat af.
Nvm i cant post with VPNs
I almost fell in love. Im sorry. Youre beautful but your personality isnt for me.
maybe if u change
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Hello, how are you?
I want to see how many people use this place.
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Oi, 852 here, how do I join the rocketchat?
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cool websites!!!!

bread 4 cool wacky things you've found while surfin' the web
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i just found about the project, but i can't join in at https://systemspace.link
Is it too late to join? did i miss my chance? is anyone still here?

I'm sorry if this isn't the right place for me.
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flower, if you're there please let me know you're safe. I need to know as soon as possible
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cat thread

send your best cat pics
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this is a flower
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Ok i have some questions

I found out about this project a year and a half ago but didn't care much, now I want to find out EVERYTHING I can about this project but the site isn't up at all. If anyone with an EID minds showing me what this is all about messages me at Riku#1111 on discord.
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Academia thread (2019-20)

Since the school year is close to starting up for Europeans, I thought I'd make a new academia thread. What are you planning to do next year? What is your final objective? And are you taking IB because your parents forced you to?
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Does anyone still have the Betterdiscord theme?

Hey, used to be a member bout a year back, tho i didn't use betterdiscord back then. Now that i do, i actually really wanna use the Systemspace discord theme! I've searched far an wide & couldn't find anything :(
Does anyone still have it, or a link to it please?

(img included is the only decent image i could find of the theme)
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new ARPG?

I stumbled upon this on another chan: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuEXHk9qeJTwesi2y2NUEMw/featured

It looks like some kind of cyberpunk-ish ARPG or maybe something more serious. There are some very weird like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsDm3VDUAhA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjEZuOS9mmg and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qilISINIVA

Anyone have an idea on what it is about?
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Nice thread

Time to feel nice, Tsukichan. What're you doing to keep the comfy going? I've been watching a bunch of different movies recently. Some good, some bad, but I've had fun with all of them.
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whats happend with systemspace.network?
i only give 404 error
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goodbye, sorry

I'm being transgressed now. My last goodbye message wasn't an attempt to recruit members for *insert name here*. I'm sorry to plastic and miniwa for trying to get you two banned, i thought it was funny at the time.

Sorry for trying to decieve you, tsuki.

i guess if tsuki is reading this, you should check your emails, otherwise, i guess this is goodbye forever as im being transgressed. again, my discord is ilyt#1936 but both times i've posted this wasn't to invite people to *insert discord here*.

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I'll be gone for a while.

Hi everyone, i just wanted to say that i'll be gone for a bit…
Alot happened recently and i just wanted to take a break from it all.

Sorry 5714, it's canceled.

I'm not gonna go into specifics but i hope i will see you all soon!
(Don't worry about me)

If there is a emergency, something important or you really want to talk with me : sysnico@protonmail.com

May i ask for some Comfy Music you could share with me?
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questions for non-migrants

this is a dedicated thread for potential non-migrants lurking the boards to ask any questions they have about the project.

why are you here if you haven't signed up? what draws you to this place? what are you curious about?

please do read the compendium and the wiki to make sure you're asking a new question!
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RIP systemspace.network ;_;
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I miss everyone

Hey, I don't know if like anyone remembers me from like 2018 or something, but I just wanna say I miss everyone that I was friends with back then! I wish there was a way for us to keep in contact again!

i was here like for the unlink and stuff, but that was brief and now i miss everyone :/
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Friendly reminder that if you're friends with Faederwulf, you deserve to be unregistered. Never forget.
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project collaboration album

i've already discussed this in tsukichat but i would like for any migrants who aren't currently able to join due to maintenance to also have the ability to participate:

i'm currently compiling a purely migrant-made collaboration album, where each migrant who is interested contributes one (or two, depending on the number of participants) song(s), which i will then compile into an album format.

whether you want your song to be daw-, tracker-, instrument-based, etc. is completely up to you, as is the genre of the song (and i do mean any genre)! there is also no length limit, although i would like to (if there's any demand for that) do a small run of cassettes, so do keep that possibility in mind (maybe keep each song under 20 minutes since i'm not sure what length we'll be needing for the tapes yet).

your submission doesn't have to be project-related but it would definitely be greatly preferred!

please do note that this will be a migrant-only effort so please include your migrant number with your submission, otherwise i won't be able to accept it.
again, please reply to this thread if you're interested in participating or in this idea in general (if you're currently unable to join chat, feel free to share your submission here too)!
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ye old contacts

Hey everyone, it's been a while, where did you all go? It's been about 2 years now I guess since I last had any contact. If anyone has pop's CI, please let me know. Well wishes.
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Anyone interested in playing vrchat together?
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Cool, the board still is online.
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Beautiful imageboard.
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does anyone have some chilly music that I could play on repeat in my room? I recently came across Safe Haven (from Valhalla) and maybe someone has similar suggestions to that
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Chill anime to watch

any chill anime you guys watch?,i watch kill me baby,lucky star and,yuru yuri
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Tsuki website is under maintenance

I was wondering when the website will be done with maintenance? I want to registrate but I can't till then.
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Just waiting...

Hello everyone, migrant 1755 here, just simply waiting for the site to go back up.
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where the fuck are you saskatchewanfag
R: 29 / I: 5
Have you guys considered making a chat on an alternative platform till the main one is finished?
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cheer up thread

Hey guys,minorin here i wanted to cheer up he boards, so why don't we talk about what books we recently read?
R: 4 / I: 4
Do you like any non-anime art?
R: 1 / I: 3
Post some pictures that I can put in my inspiration folder.
>Inspiration for what?
U-uhh… Don't ask questions!
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when systemspace come back?

R: 29 / I: 11
i miss being able to come to everyone and just chill after a shit day, all of you are the reason im still around. hopefully i can be with you soon.
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like most other migrants on this board apparently, i also miss being able to hop into an active chat room, it was fun, exciting, welcoming, but i remember a lot of people just straight up hating on me, so;

how do the rest of you migrants remember other migrants specifically? is there any people specifically that you miss seeing in chat? the only one that comes to mind for me at the moment is Cowtits, but there were certainly some good times had in chat.
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i miss yall

its been so long since ive heard from anyone related to the project. it kinda hurts, a lot.
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it's been nearly a year since we last met, where does the time go?
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long ago since i was here

Would like to use tsukichat but I can't create an account because of the Maintenance,

so what happened so far?
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Activity at the chat

Hello, got my account deleted due to the AFK terms, I know already that I can't register again. I just wanted to ask, is there any activity at the rocketchat? I miss the good time at the chat
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I'm very sad. Can we share some musics that we like?
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WOAH, what's this place?? What's unlink?
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I thought this was dead lmao is chat still up?
R: 28 / I: 8
What animu/vidya are you playing/watching currently?

>Mazinkaiser, Devil May Cry 3
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After doing a kendo tournament, I remembered that even if you did shit, when you do it with happiness and with a smile it will be a very good feeling, thank you.
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2kg of instant noodle

name reason is "uut.png"

> it's like 9pm and im tired somehow cause i totally don't last to 5 am

> hungry
> 2 convenient cups of instant noodle
> convenient white ceramic bowl

>after cooking noodle, pours it in the bowl

>wtf it's perfect
>decides to send it to someone
hmm im going to psot it to a board
>suddenly thinks about this
>starts uploading files, realises has used 3 different file types, bmp, caps png and jpg

anyone else eating instant noodles, especially the yellow cup ones (4th image) and hanging here?
i'm scared this doesnt upload due to file size lol
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How old is everyone here? Don't tell me that I am the oldest one with my 29 years…
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What are your thoughts on the coming time?
R: 16 / I: 5

whats up everyone.

Hey migrants,and non migrants waiting for az3.
Just was saying whats up.
How's life going?,What are some things you're waiting for or want to do?
R: 18 / I: 1

Chat Down?

Is chat down, or am I banned or somthing?
When I try to open chat all I get is this loading animation.
R: 24 / I: 5
Hey guys, it's been a while since I've had any kind of contact with the community since I don't really like the chat, but what's up with you all?
R: 2 / I: 1
What's the name of that song with the acoustic guitar that plays on the front page where its shows the active zone?
It's maximum comfy
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Hey migrants and non-migrants, question for you all. Whatever ended up happening with the Void File shenanigans? What's the general consensus on what happened, who made it, why, etc. Read about it recently on the wiki and I'd like to hear how people felt about the whole situation.
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Hey guys, do you think I should put up posters to get more immigrants when Active Zone 3 starts?
R: 6 / I: 3
i want to brutally murder several brazilians
R: 4 / I: 1

Long time no see

Is this place still active? I want to get re-involved with the Tsuki project.

I'm an old migrant, #1755.
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lol vote

pic completely unrelated
R: 7 / I: 1

nice thread

this is nice thread
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Nice to meet you all.
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I did it guys

I did it
R: 5 / I: 1


Does anyone know how (if its possible) to convert EID v1 to EID v2 or do i have to re-register? i signed up ages ago and was something like user 140 back when it started out on 4chan (i even have the old Tsuki Gmail)
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whats happening why are boards so dead
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What does it mean?
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From 6821

Not sure about it but 5831 encouraged me to send it sooo yeah
R: 4 / I: 1

happy new year!

happy new year guys
R: 1 / I: 0
Thank you for being part of all of this.
you all deserve a nice hug <33
is there a way to show you my gratitude?
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its habbening
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christmas ms paint lain thread

send a mspaint drawing of lain in a santa hat,I'll start
R: 4 / I: 0
Or else…
R: 22 / I: 12
Serious question. Do you have a waifu?
R: 4 / I: 1

merry christmas eve

have a good day
R: 2 / I: 1
Anybody know the music at the home screen? It's a very nice acoustic song
R: 4 / I: 1

1 month 4 day ago . what

why is this the latest news that was posted
is tsuki dead

R: 5 / I: 0
Greetings to you fellow anons!
I have only been a lurker for the longest time,and I've always admired and kept coming back to this very specific board,which sparked my interest in the life of your average tsukichan user,where are you from ? what do you do in you life?
also remainder that i love and appreciate every single one of you!
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Plenty of questions

i am a nonmigrant who has found out about this website a few weeks ago.
i had traumatic and horrible events in my life, a lot of bs falling over me. do not bother changing my mind please, i have made my choice and once i join, ill likely be quitting life asap, if you see what i mean. please also, do not try calling or warn anyone to prevent my death. i am using several methods to prevent my localisation. thanks you if you care though.
since this is a really long thread im gonna cut it in parts..here i go
R: 39 / I: 8
do you guys have any health problems?
i have tons
i feel so frail lately.
R: 2 / I: 1

what the fuck have i stumbled upon

i have no clue what this whole site is. I read it was a creepypasta for some cult shit and now theres a 4 chan board-esque type thing now? im in need of answers
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Ego Death

i want to know yalls experience with this since i just recently had it while tripping on lorazepam
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Steam Friends Thread

Looking for people to play videogames with. I mostly play TF2 and Payday 2 but have gotten into Don't Starve Together, Melty Blood, and Skullgirls as of late. Post your steam id if you're looking for friends to add you or add me if you want to play.
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Winter break is almost here and I need an anime to binge. I was thinking Overlord 3 but from what I heard it's very lackluster compared to the first season. Please tell me what to watch.
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Belief issues and scientific evaluation of the Systemspace Theory

I'm sure that many of you have trouble believing in the idea of Systemspace. I fall into this category too, and I want to believe, I really do (yet, that obviously sets up some conscious bias in results that I will have to do my best to ignore). However, as a theory that puts forth some understanding into the idea of consciousness, I think that shrugging it off would be foolish, since the question of consciousness is largely unanswered, all theories should be assessed in the same way.

I've read the wikipedia entry on scientifically validating the Systemspace Theory, but I found it to be full of conjecture. If anyone has any possible ideas on how to approach validating the theory, please post it here.

Anecdotal evidence is good, too, but I would like anyone to refrain from suggesting that their anecdotal evidence alone is a good proof for the Systemspace Theory. Collecting anecdotal evidence from several different people may point us non-believers in the right direction for validating the theory scientifically.
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what book are you currently reading/have read recently? this is also to be a general exchange about literature and migrants' tastes. feel free to discuss any book/author you like!

i've recently been digging/obsessing through katherine dunn's bibliography and somewhat more generally, finishing house of leaves. i've also been planning to upload a bunch of literature from life to take with me when i transfer.
R: 8 / I: 22
Favorite paintings Thread.
R: 56 / I: 35
Howdy, how is everyone doing today?
R: 2 / I: 1
ayyy i drew shit
R: 12 / I: 21


as we're now post-unlink-worry… post the most comfy images and/or experiences you have. please don't shitpost or disregard the theme, thank you.
R: 2 / I: 1

a big thanks

I feel the tsuki project has made me calmer when things bad happen,I dont know what but it just does. its like a family. i love you guys. right now im going through some stuff-Like i might get kicked out my apartment-but,ya know i still have hope. the project has made me feel one true happiness. i read the wiki,learn about the history. its all too interesting. and snoop,track,redux,and others are good friends to me. actually more than that. you guys are family I would like to meet all of you some day in LFE(I'll most likely be a traveler so look out for me!)

S'kan xo setsjna,
nokra xo jomna,
-Kazuma (5831)
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Welcome to /b/!

/b/ is a general-purpose board for just about anything. However, please keep it SFW.
Excessive shitposting should go to >>>/nigger/ instead.