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this is a dedicated thread for potential non-migrants lurking the boards to ask any questions they have about the project.

why are you here if you haven't signed up? what draws you to this place? what are you curious about?

please do read the compendium and the wiki to make sure you're asking a new question!
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>they just allow you to be located more easily
thanks for this response. i've been scouring the wiki and compendium for info related to this. i thought i heard that this was the case, but i wasn't sure. i'll be fine now, i suppose.

suppose it's just a waiting game until the website is out of maintenance mode, then

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Welcome to /b/!

/b/ is a general-purpose board for just about anything. However, please keep it SFW.
Excessive shitposting should go to >>>/nigger/ instead.

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And I think it's gonna be a long long time
'Till AZ3 brings me round again to find
I'm not the migrant they think I am at home
Oh no no no
I'm a rocket mannnnnnnn


my most likely thought is that the website is probably being reworked. which if it's at least on-par with the previous website, might take a bit? it seems like it's been too long though, even one experienced programmer should be able to tackle that in the time they've been given, I feel like. from snooping through the html, it didn't seem too incredibly intensive, and it has been a long long time.


I'm pretty busy in many aspects (my life is a mess rn haha). The site won't look too different to viewers (there's a lot of new stuff, but I'm not doing another major redesign), but the entire backend needed a rewrite to allow for the new way AZ3 does some stuff differently. Literally every interaction needed a new format, a way to transfer them, link them to actors, etc. It's a pain in the ass, tbh. That part's almost done now, though. There's quite a few new things as well which I'm sure you'll enjoy. Please be patient!

(not logged in rn because i'm phoneposting like a fag, but you can verify the trip)


Good luck Tsuki.
Hopefully you don't have to repeat 11th grade again

File: 1557665397378.jpg (59.18 KB, 850x516, 1522229214585.jpg)


i miss being able to come to everyone and just chill after a shit day, all of you are the reason im still around. hopefully i can be with you soon.
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File: 1558354614077.png (475.92 KB, 647x569, Screenshot (881).png)

what's wrong?


miss yall, hope youre all having a comfy summer


I don't remember you…but I miss you nonetheless!


File: 1558918165755.png (130.81 KB, 268x264, bangand.PNG)

stop giving me comfy vibes
i hate happy crying


The comfiness never ends here lad

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Have you guys considered making a chat on an alternative platform till the main one is finished?
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The chat being finished doesn't matter if there is no access to it. I'm a non-migrant myself and am very curious to see what it's like being here. Looking at the posts some people are really looking forward to the re-opening of the chat, so I thought maybe they had an alternative till the main one is "open" again.

I love how you deleted some dude's advertisement btw :^)


doesnt really matter whether tsukichat is finished if people cant join. until people are able to again we're gonna keep asking for a way to talk to each other. maybe some sort of temporary platform would help


File: 1558143340025.gif (271.5 KB, 461x346, 1486194430787-1.gif)

What's wrong with just being on the boards? In what way can you not "talk to each other" here?
There's nothing interesting in the chat anyway, not much project-related stuff at least and there's barely any news.


i hope the folks up at tsuki realized they'd have a lifelong group of followers. doesn't seem like it right now. the best thing you can the team could do is make it more obvious that you realize that fact.


File: 1558892131747.png (95.04 KB, 413x549, e.png)

gonna have to side with >>2579

interesting conversations can be had here, probably with even less interference due to social and identity concerns. it's only painful for people who are too attached to their own identity and feel they must be credited for everything they do/say. chat is fine, maybe you have friends you want to keep up with, chat has it's place, but to discredit boards is rarted because in my opinion there's a much higher level that the discourse and discussions manifest themselves in

File: 1558054937776.jpg (25.72 KB, 250x250, tumblr_p6cyyuHOy61x9q2v4o1….jpg)


Hey guys,minorin here i wanted to cheer up he boards, so why don't we talk about what books we recently read?
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Currently making my way through the Horus Heresy series in terms of light reading, interspersed with some Ligotti (just finished My Work Is Not Yet Done), some Gene Wolfe (Soldier of the Mist), and I'm considering starting another Ballard novel just to round it all out, maybe Crystal World.



good manga. jojo makers inc are making an anime for it


Call me a normalfag, but I read Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur three times already.


File: 1558661989197.jpg (384.55 KB, 1032x1600, 44111b8fb17548da4f47f7db78….jpg)

Just finished reading the complete Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons. It's a science fiction series but delves into a lot of spiritual and religious topics, so I think a lot of migrants here would like it. It's also funny that the last two books in the series are Endymion and The Rise of Endymion.


Cryptonomicon is good too.

File: 1558049742334.jpg (39.95 KB, 400x400, OhGodOhFuck.jpg)


like most other migrants on this board apparently, i also miss being able to hop into an active chat room, it was fun, exciting, welcoming, but i remember a lot of people just straight up hating on me, so;

how do the rest of you migrants remember other migrants specifically? is there any people specifically that you miss seeing in chat? the only one that comes to mind for me at the moment is Cowtits, but there were certainly some good times had in chat.


I miss Sanya and her reading and giving helpful advice on all my work.

File: 1555049621699.jpg (165.29 KB, 800x800, 1524449885932.jpg)


its been so long since ive heard from anyone related to the project. it kinda hurts, a lot.
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this, i feel like its obvious its more than a "select impatient few" that want some kind of update since the only community center is locked out. it feels like there is an active effort to exclude and stagnate the community. its more than just a matter of patience. the longer this goes on the more damage is irrevocably inflicted on the community, and the hostility at a mere mention of thinking about the community at large and not just those in tsukichat is very off-putting. any kind of outreach to the majority of migrants who are not in tsukichat would be very much appreciated, instead of the ignoring and outright rebuking of completely legitimate and reasonable concerns.


File: 1557348638320.jpg (112.89 KB, 960x732, image (2).jpg)

Tsuki it's understandable why you cant take new migrant sign ups due to AZ2 preventing the inter-system communications required to do them, but the website staying closed and in maintenance on top of current migrants not having access to the chat is a completely life-side issue that falls entirely on you getting around to updating the site. I realize your life is a bit hectic and you're dealing with stuff that makes it difficult, but you still have a responsibility to the community you lead to do so and not leave your followers in the dark. You can't give an ETA on when AZ3 will come since that's on TSUKI staff, but you are definitely capable of at least working towards having an ETA on the site being available again. It's not like you couldn't at least put up a temporary home page with the rest of the page link removed that at least explains what AZ2/AZ3 even means and why you can't give an ETA to avoid all the unrest that's been visible on the boards over the past few weeks.


As I understand it chat privileges are restricted to migrants only. Since registration is closed, there is no way to access chat. Please be patient as once AZ3 hits it will likely be possible to register for the project and use TsukiChat.


There are plenty of migrants that are already registered (including yourself) that could be part of the chat if the chat wasn't closed. The only thing that's impossible right now is the sign up of new migrants and editing of your registration info (wishlist and such).
There are not currently any technical or project related reasons for signups to the chat for current migrants to be closed, and you being able to post as your number on the board shows that you can in fact verify your migrant status even without AZ3 having happened yet. The chat is only closed because Tsuki doesn't want to deal with us.


"because Tsuki doesn't want to deal with us." yeah pretty much, its kind of ridiculous. theres no reason tsukichat should be closed to migrants, its just tsuki actively kneecapping the community and then ignoring it

File: 1552327067344.png (37.49 KB, 260x239, 1537541863164-c.png)


i've already discussed this in tsukichat but i would like for any migrants who aren't currently able to join due to maintenance to also have the ability to participate:

i'm currently compiling a purely migrant-made collaboration album, where each migrant who is interested contributes one (or two, depending on the number of participants) song(s), which i will then compile into an album format.

whether you want your song to be daw-, tracker-, instrument-based, etc. is completely up to you, as is the genre of the song (and i do mean any genre)! there is also no length limit, although i would like to (if there's any demand for that) do a small run of cassettes, so do keep that possibility in mind (maybe keep each song under 20 minutes since i'm not sure what length we'll be needing for the tapes yet).

your submission doesn't have to be project-related but it would definitely be greatly preferred!

please do note that this will be a migrant-only effort so please include your migrant number with your submission, otherwise i won't be able to accept it.
again, please reply to this thread if you're interested in participating or in this idea in general (if you're currently unable to join chat, feel free to share your submission here too)!
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What do you mean by "project-based and -focused" and "unique and project-specific"? What's in your mind? Lyrics about the project?


lyrics aren't necessary at all. i mean something that makes this album be focused around and reminiscent of the project, be it in terms of atmosphere or recording process or something like the above submission where the person who made it connects it to this, etc. etc.

it doesn't have to be literal (i've only had instrumental submissions so far anyway) but i'd like this album to not be some generic internet compilation and instead be quite clearly a migrant-made collaboration; be that from atmosphere that reminds you of it or that you were thinking of lfe while recording it or things like that… that's just the ideal though so don't let yourself be limited by that too much.
(sorry for the monologue.)


No need to say sorry! That's what I wanted!

Any suggestions for how a shitty pianist and a shitty singer can contribute?


well, it's quite difficult for me to give specific (or any kind of) advice, as i would never call myself a 'real musician' (there's a reason i drown everything in reverb).

but, if it's any consolation, this album will, from the few submissions i do have, be very varied in terms of genres and separate styles. so don't worry too much. none of us are professionals, and professionalism is boring anyway.


title:Sounds from systemspace Hell.

File: 1554464992317.jpg (104.93 KB, 1920x1080, 1539493549912.jpg)


Hey, I don't know if like anyone remembers me from like 2018 or something, but I just wanna say I miss everyone that I was friends with back then! I wish there was a way for us to keep in contact again!

i was here like for the unlink and stuff, but that was brief and now i miss everyone :/
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I remember you, even though it's been a while.
TSUKICHAT will hopefully open soon.




I think I remember you, been a long time. There's always the boards while we wait for TSUKICHAT to open again.


forgot my migrant tag thing, whoops

Indeed, it has been a long time.


Range my dude, I missed you so much. no homo Do you still have Pops on Discord?

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