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File: 1531958324829.jpg (32.54 KB, 500x540, Yoosung_wave.jpg)


Hello, how are you?
I want to see how many people use this place.


File: 1531975333048.jpg (124.91 KB, 619x479, spike.jpg)

Pretty good! I'm about to watch more Cowboy Bebop.


File: 1532015005306.png (822.3 KB, 785x605, ClipboardImage.png)

hi friend, i'm doing pretty good, just registered and got accepted into the project.


I hope you are enjoying yourself my dude. I hope you're day has been good.
Neato! I'm glad you got into it and are doing well. I know it's late now so I hope you are sleeping well.


hello, and welcome, new friends!


File: 1532106797429.gif (8.95 KB, 273x300, 1337641963252.gif)

hello, now go back


Howdy howdy! Hope you're day was good.
Why? I like the idea of this place.




Hi. o/
Hope you had a good day.


Hello! I'm doing great today, and i hope you are too!


Sorry for responding so late! I hope your weekend was great.


I'm doing wonderful, thanks for asking.


I didn't want to make my own thread but, I haven't used this board in a while.
Everyone I have talked to from this project, thank you for putting up with me. Thank you to everyone that has shown love, compassion and care towards me. Thank you so much, I am really getting a better time in Life thanks to you all!


Lonely. No frens. Hope everyone else is doing good 👍


>not having schizoid personality disorder in current year


Wish I did, my dude. Wish I did.


I'm doing great, thanks for asking!


Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit.
I visit tsukichan daily, but it's probably the slowest chan in existence.


>I visit tsukichan daily, but it's probably the slowest chan in existence.
Oh ho ho hoooo nooooooo. There's some far far slower imageboards out there, trust me, I know.


Like finalchan?



Perfect seems to be about as active as this one though


File: 1535206937514.jpg (29.59 KB, 640x360, 1457724842318.jpg)

curled up in a blanket with cat and apple-cinnamon tea. it doesn't get much comfier.


About to watch Urusei, so pretty good!


Hello friend from heyuri


I do, waiting to be able to sign-up currently.


Same lol
Really starting to wish I found out about this whole thing earlier


im sad but im okay, been a long time since i came back here lol


it's not well advertised

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