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where the fuck are you saskatchewanfag


idk but ontariofag reporting in


hey man.


Nice. I'm from YQR.


neat. bridge city here. nice to see another migrant from the prairies. doesn't seem like there's great odds of that considering there's only like 6k migrants


There was a migrant from [rural IIRC] Alberta who was in legal trouble for having loli on his phone


File: 1532389614214.jpg (37.05 KB, 531x520, scooby confusi.jpg)

what the hell is in Saskatchewan anyway?


natives (including myself), a shitty handegg team, blistering cold winters, and summers that are hotter than Hitomi Tanaka.


the only natives I see beg for money and are perpetually piss drunk in public, guess which part of Canada I live in haha


File: 1532496353368.png (198.67 KB, 435x486, 1510416510149.png)

Northern Winnipeg?

In all honesty though, most of the indians that I know are middle-class and relatively nice.


Do they drink listerine?


File: 1532534041556.jpg (48.47 KB, 1008x720, lain-is-a-bear.jpg)

I am new here


south of Canada, near the border, and I wouldn't know about the Listerine, one of them tried to sell me a half empty beer once?
and this other time he asked for change and in exchange he said he'd give me a swig of this weird bright green drink in a plastic bottle.
when I asked him what it was he just said "don't worry man it'll get you fucked up"


None of the natives I know have done it.
Out of curiosity I took a couple shots.
Didn't even get me tipsy, probably because I'm a fatass.


Hope things are well 4K.

You get fiber yet where you live? It recently got it and its fucking sick


I'm doing good. My neighbourhood won't get optic isn't going to get fiber until 2021.
Fucking crown corporations.


>implying private corporations wouldn't do an even worse job


i can't imagine anyone performing worse than saskpower desu
the power goes out so often in my neighborhood that I may as well be living in a third world country


Hey saskabush fag, I'm in Stoon as well. Hit me up! Also go take a drive over the new bridge it's fucking nice af

Ping me in TSUKICHAT my ID is linked :D


Or not because I'm a fucking newfag. ID is 6382

Hit me up. Email on the post


Consider it done.


What's the handball team called?

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