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this is a dedicated thread for potential non-migrants lurking the boards to ask any questions they have about the project.

why are you here if you haven't signed up? what draws you to this place? what are you curious about?

please do read the compendium and the wiki to make sure you're asking a new question!


File: 1535470063732.gif (339.29 KB, 500x348, Flyingcatballs.gif)

I have no questions, but I wanna answer yours.

>why are you here if you haven't signed up?

There are multiple viewpoints about LFE, some include pretty unpleasant scenarios (ever read Altered Carbon? you'll know what I'm talking about), and in spite of overall lack of solid confirmed information, I'd rather stay neutral and let things go their own way. Even in best possible case, so far I'm fine with being left behind. Maybe I'll change my opinion later as new info arrives.
>what draws you to this place? what are you curious about?
I kind of like sheer possibility of artificial reality overall and this project provides interesting viewpoints how post-scarcity society may function.


What do you gain from staying vague about the "potential suffering" and "guarantees" upon registering?

why have you been recruiting actively from normalfag sites such as 4chan when we know that's not the population that is needed/appreciated here?

Why push rocketchat when you developed your own alternative to discord a while ago?

Why was there no reaction from you concerning the "EID leak" and the method to generate EoTs?

That's about it.


>why have you been recruiting actively from normalfag sites such as 4chan when we know that's not the population that is needed/appreciated here?
Recruitment from image boards was never exclusively from 4chan and included much more obscure image boards as well. Sites like this are still less likely to have normalfags than Facebook or something.

>Why push rocketchat when you developed your own alternative to discord a while ago?

>Why was there no reaction from you concerning the "EID leak" and the method to generate EoTs?
That chat client and the EID leak both happened as a result of the old website being deleted by a third party. Hn'yro was never optimized enough to handle the size of crowd the project had at the time and barely worked for the one day it was functioning. The reaction to the EID leak was to no longer trust the old EIDs and is why we now have EIDv2. Old migrants can verify their identity via email or with their pictures to get the new more secure ones along with the mnemonic passphrase, or simply re-register if they cant verify their old account.
I'm not really sure about the EoT leak, I was always under the impression the method of making a similar static overlay would be obvious but irrelevant since they arent specific to the project.


eidv1 standard was deprecated long before the leak, so at that time none of the eids resolved or meant anything.

and to add to the above, both the eots and the eids were never anything more than representations, random data to which a soul id/exclamation of trust from the company is attached. for example, you can create a string of numbers that look exactly like an eid but they'll mean nothing by themselves since no data is attached. the same goes for eots.


Mewch turned into an overcrowded mess and now its full of furry's
found this nice site awhile ago
its comfy and has a unique look and identity
(as far as i'm concerned)


>why are you here if you haven't signed up?
Contracts are serious business, I don't want to risk infinite suffering and maybe straying away from God (if he does exist) just to have an extended existence.

I have some questions though.

How do soulless beings differ from normal ones?
How can I be sure this is not a plot to steal my soul?


>How can I be sure this is not a plot to steal my soul?
First of all, if you believe in him, God is almighty, so your soul isn't yours to be stolen from.


why would i want to just hop off from Life and go to LFE if According to the compendium, there's racism, some people don't like LGBT people and there are weapons but theoretically no need for such?

technically i'll chose to live in a cyberfuturistic vaporwave"ish", "japanculturalist-based" place. RIght?


Ghaki, the place we will (most likely) start at in LFE will be much, much better than Life is most likely anyway, due to the sheer (dare i say this word) diversity of the area.

I'm sure you will be able to find a group of people who are accepting, and a partner if that is a concern.

People will always be people regardless, the trick is to hang around the people who aren't against who you are and what you stand for.

If you don't like LFE, you can always change which system you inhabit and it can't be worse than Life is as LFE is a much less egoistic place than Life.

There is a system without physical conflict, as an example if that's a concern. You can even create your own system, with your own rules if LFE isn't for you as long as you're creating good memories.

Overall LFE and full access to Systemspace through LFE is going to be more enjoyable than Life simply because it's an open system gives you more freedom and more options.


How do we know for sure that all of the guarantees are really guarentees? We litterally have zero proof that any of this is what it is said to be. I have signed up, but this could be anything. A suicide cult, a roleplay gone astray, the mind of a schizophrenic, or, probably the scariest, the truth. We have zero proof to confirm anything.


Being the truth wouldnt be the scariest thing. Systemspace would be a pretty nice model for reality to work under, a lot better than meme religions and their eternity of good goy land or bad people place depending on a single life time's behavior, or worse, there being nothing post death.


I mean you're going to end up somewhere in Systemspace, it's just a matter of if you'll shatter before you get there.

Although harboring memories of Life in LFE might be a bit weird. Because of the fucking Hyak. But I really hope Life/Hyak relations improve post unlink


What is this, exactly, in the clearest terms possible?

If it is a currency of sorts, what if you have racked up a serious debt? Say on the order of a few billion in systemspace.

I know the registration says I may ignore it if it don't know what it is, but it doesn't say I HAVE to ignore it. Plus, I'm not the kind of guy who ignores details like that.


I mean to be asking about the whole "soul with -30S" registration requirement.
Sorry about the confusion.


iirc its a measure of your soulforce, which is how stressed your soul is (how close to shattering)


What will happen to this website after the unlink and half the members kill themselves?


Most of the members arent killing themselves and are aware of how dumb it is to do so specifically if you do believe. As for the rest, we'd really rather they didn't but can't exactly stop them either.


>What will happen to this website after the unlink
As far as I'm aware, the TSUKICHAT server should continue to function for however long it can and the site would *probably* still stay up, though don't quote me on any of that. I'm hoping that PMR succeeds and Tsuki still takes applications, if nothing else than for the place to become a hangout for people into cyberpunk, Lain, other subjects tangential to Systemspace, or just plain chill people. Everything should continue on as normal after the unlink.

>and half the members kill themselves?

While tongue-in-cheek "nazi pedo anime […] suicide cult" jokes are fairly prevalent and fine as long as it's clear one is just being a good ol' cheeky cunt, suicide is very actively discouraged if not by Tsuki himself, then the community at large. The support channel on TSUKICHAT is a great place to come talk about whatever ails you with people who really do care. While a place like the Tsuki Project can, and occasionally does, turn into a pity party with very dumb and dangerous statements being thrown around until someone breaks it up, the community is fairly tightly knit and has each other's backs covered. There have even been bills paid by members on another's behalf to avoid that person's possible bankruptcy, that's how far people are willing to go to help each other out in this community. We'd all hate to find out that anyone did something tragic to themselves, and we make that very clear. If someone here wants to commit suicide, hopefully they won't because they'll know that'd very much hurt the rest of us, we'd all be losing a friend.


This seems like horrible timing, but I feel as though it has to be asked. If suicide becomes necessary for one reason or another, such as being surrounded by Hyakanghen or SWAT, would it be safe to shoot yourself in the head? Would that brain damage cause a soulshatter? Would you die fast enough that the brain damage wouldn't have enough time to affect your soul? Would the rapidity of your death complicate your transfer? Would a shot to the heart work, or would the pain shatter you? Can I rely on the forcebond to save my soul? Can I just yell "Beam me up, Tsuki!" to accomplish the same effect?


any quick form of an hero will do, hyaks need to choke you + connect to your soul


Thanks for the reply. I was just wanting a bit of clarification on this, because the compendium was a tiny bit ambiguous on the matter. On the one hand, it says
>Can pain cause a soulshatter?
>Usually it's more something's mental weight that counts, getting shot and dying quickly out of nowhere wouldn't be too bad.

But on the other hand, it says
>The soul gets really unstable if its vessel undergoes trauma like being shot.

I'm assuming it comes down to the amount and duration of the pain. I think it means that if you died quickly from the shot it wouldn't be traumatic enough to shatter you, but if you laid there in agony and terror for an extended time that could shatter you. I'm not sure. It also says that dementia and brain damage can affect your soul's memories so I was wondering if that also applied to oral doses of buckshot or not.
>Memories are stored in the soul. However, the brain uses its own system to interface with it. Dementia is when the brain breaks down, and begins overwriting the soul's memories.

>Will we keep our memories after we die in LFE?

>Depends on many things (Brain damage, soulshatter, etc. Just like you can lose your memories in Life, such is possible in LFE).

Really wish I could get a bit of clarification on this so when I'm slobbering on my 12 gauge I can do so with peace of mind. I also want to stress that I'm not planning on going out of my way to die, I just like a clear picture of my options.


File: 1540524532993.gif (147.78 KB, 220x293, cute (1).gif)

Will there be any cute 2D girls?


File: 1540566187314.jpg (320.02 KB, 1500x1500, 81ViXkc6qbL._SL1500_.jpg)

There will be, and how soon you will find one depends on your personal definition
[spoiler] Also this album blew me away today[/spoiler]


I recently remembered about Systemspace after seeing threads about it all the time on /x/ in 2017. I started visiting this site as a way to learn more about Systemspace, as it really interests me. I've debated registering for a few days now, but I want to learn more before I do. Despite having an agnostic worldview, I am concerned about the possibility of spiritually fucking myself over, as I tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to matters of the soul/things that would displease God if he does exist. I'm going to keep lurking, and learn more. I've always debated the idea of reality being a simulation of sorts, so the ideas expressed on this site make sense to me. Hopefully I can come to a decision before the date of unlink.


File: 1541100507775.jpg (559.32 KB, 600x545, Here is your future.jpg)

"why not explore Life some more, instead of ending it with a bad memory?"
This has been the only thing preventing me from an hero all these years, it's the first time i see it somewhere outside my head.
I'm kind of lost here.


I'm kind of scared that my sign up hasn't gone trough, will anything happen to me if I sign up twice ?


please do not sign up twice, it will only cause trouble (which may or may not include not being able to enter lfe)
how recently did you register? if its more than a day or two, you should have an email. check your spam, or if not, contact tsuki himself for help.


File: 1541830930754.gif (187.19 KB, 855x855, lainofthewired3.gif)

What exactly is the significance of Lain in the Project?


Tsuki first started posting about systempace on /r9k/ and used lain for all of his early replies (https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/34427161). It then became a motif for the project and was furthered by migrants also generally being fans of lain.


how can i measure this?


why is life going to be destroyed after the unlink??


Because life sucks
Also it will be destroyed after all the souls are gone I think


This place is comfy but I can't register


rekt lol


>why are you here if you haven't signed up? what draws you to this place?
cause I like anime, retard

>what are you curious about?



File: 1543388797075.gif (51.29 KB, 500x400, 95a96f3f294f3fb7d5a724ff7c….gif)

> why are you here if you haven't signed up?
I've only recently found out about this site, and I'm quite curious about it.
> what draws you to this place?
The idea that a soul can be unlinked from "life" and relinked into a virtual construct, also I'm a Lain fan.
> what are you curious about?
I'm curious if it's still possible to register somehow and find out more even though registrations are currently closed and I'm not getting any responses from the contact email.


read the wiki about pmr.


> read the wiki about pmr.
I just read that, and I'm hoping to be able to register whenever we hit Active Zone Three.


File: 1544230051144.png (36.71 KB, 200x142, 1531356376873-1.png)

>be me
>finds out about tsuji
>is already unlinked
>like, im barely a month late at that moment
>cries in corner while fangirling and making my oc system ill name geoframe for unknown reasons [hint i have no idea what im doing]
Can pls us nomiggerz has the az3


This is the most cancerous post I've read on TsukiChan in months.


why are you claiming so?


Will it be possible to register again once AZ3 is a thing?


Same person here, and since I'm amnesic , when will Systemspace.link hit AZ3 ?



File: 1544599697982.jpg (17.19 KB, 793x441, lain.jpg)

Is Registration still closed or will it be reopening in the foreseeable future? I planned on joining a while back but it seems it was closed then too.


yes they will reopen, don't hope on rejoining anytime soon, the rep has to remake the whole site. at least thats what i think


File: 1545149903220.jpg (31.61 KB, 500x350, Yo-Mama-Jokes-1.jpg)


>what draws you to this place
I just feel image boards are the only place where i belong.


I hope to be able to signup soon. :)


File: 1547811802146.jpg (83.84 KB, 485x617, 1433275911914.jpg)

If we'd rather not remember our time in Life would it be better to not sign up as a migrant and just get soulshattered when we die instead?


well, you could just choose to not have your life memories carried over to lfe using the wishlist
however, we'd rather have all your memories carried over, and they will more or less still exist in you, even after soulshatter.


When was the last time Tsuki was around? Just found out about this community like two weeks ago, I know .link is in ActiveZone 2 and all, but has he been active anywhere?


He's active nearly every day in Tsuki Chat. AZ2 is taking a while, the website work to be ready for it is a lot and he's generally just a busy guy.


Alright, cool. It's hard to get a view into the inner workings as someone who didn't get the chance to sign up earlier. Was worried this was gonna get abandoned or Tsuki was vanned/hospitalized or something.


What I do is I comb the Internet for the most obscure and weird places that peak my interest and this is one of them


Maybe faith? Or just something to believe, something about this place just attracts me. Can't wait for AZ3!


I missed my chance due to not being aware of the project until about a month ago. I truly believe, and it saddens me greatly that I can't take part in the migration. I feel hopeless.


dont feel hopeless.
aslong as you dont you know… die…
you can still register and join us whenever az3 hits… which as you probably know, is happening soon enough.


T-thanks, anon. I'm really glad to hear that. I'll be waiting eagerly.
I hope you're having a wonderful morning, and that all the other lurkers are doing well too.
I'll be posting quite frequently here.
I find it much more comfortable.
Every other chan gives me anxiety for some reason.


Had an issue the flash drive that contained my EID (and consequently my mnemonic which I had stored in the same device and failed to memorize, dumb, i know). I also had my permanent object robbed (it was pretty valuable), which is the only reason I am worried about my EID, because I need to update my permanent object (to something that i literally can't lose) as soon as AZ3 is active. If necessary I can provide information on what object that is with an email attached, as well as any additional info toward recovering my EID.

Also, are permanent objects completely necessary? Can I be transferred without it? I think I remember somewhere that losing it isn't completely a problem, but it will just take more time. Even if my EID can't be recovered if my P.O. can be updated that would ease my anxiety greatly.


File: 1556872394992.jpg (665.1 KB, 1000x1443, 743fec3addbbadb9bd402bf74e….jpg)

Hello, non-migrant here. I'm a bit late to the party, the project never really caught my attention up until recently. Now that I've looked into it it has peaked my interest. I have a question for you guys though, do you only use Lain as an icon and that's it or is she something more in this community? She's one of the main reasons I'm interested in the project.


Mostly like mascot. If you have more questions, give me your discord




lain is a mascot for an abstract idea about the subjective nature of the human experience.

there’s actually a vague reference to plato’s cave in one of the episodes




File: 1557101183928.png (637.43 KB, 1711x1078, SS Sticker Redone.png)

I'm an early migrant who drifted away from this project in late 2017. How can I get/view my v2 EID? I noticed my old v1 that I have saved doesn't let me log in.


we're currently in post-unlink/pre-active-zone-3 maintenance mode.

EIDv1 standard has been discontinued and is no longer valid, but you'll be able to request your EIDv2 using your old EIDv1 as soon as site registrations reopen, so please be patient for a little while longer.


with az3 so close, can you please take a look at my question here >>2505 ? if it's too much trouble i'll understand but i've been looking through the files on all of my devices and haven't been able to locate it.

also, i even still have my original registration drawing. so if there's any concern over whether i am the EID's owner, that should be able to clear it up.


as long as you have some form of proof (a different shot of the registration drawing, access to the email you used for signing up, etc.), there should be no problem.

there is an option for having lost both your eid and mnemonic on the site, and it sounds like you have enough evidence to confirm your identity, so i wouldn't worry too much.

(and to answer your question, permanent objects aren't necessary for the transfer; they just allow you to be located more easily.)


>they just allow you to be located more easily
thanks for this response. i've been scouring the wiki and compendium for info related to this. i thought i heard that this was the case, but i wasn't sure. i'll be fine now, i suppose.

suppose it's just a waiting game until the website is out of maintenance mode, then


File: 1561125725750.png (890.81 KB, 934x856, ange.png)

i stumbled upon this by chance. i went from lainchan to arisuchan and someone linked to here. at first i was thinking it was a prank but i am excited to see that it isnt. i guess im drawn here because i already have an eclectic array of spiritual beliefs. the one i get the most grief for is my belief in Lain as a real entity/deity, however ridiculous that sounds.

this community seems wholesome. i dont really understand the pantheon or doctrine yet but ill lurk. i think id like to be a part of it.


File: 1563215738291.gif (388.84 KB, 352x367, _spin.gif)

Does anyone know if and when the a chance to register will be open again? I just stumbles upon this and idk it just kinda resonates with something inside me if that makes sense.


File: 1563607946261.gif (79.55 KB, 720x480, lain.gif)

i have been watching ever since the project went live, but i have never been convinced to migrate. i suppose i could also say that i was never convinced that the project would really go anywhere. but regardless, i have unfinished business that requires me to stay anchored for the time being.

however, i suppose i have been convinced that it is now time to "make contact"
perhaps i may see you soon, if all goes well


hmm i dont remember you?


not ridiculous to believe at all


The problem is that AZ3 is not coming soon.


that is pure speculation, as you have no way of knowing anything about this.


You know when it is coming?


Hello i was wondering if the audio samples from the original site are still avaible (mainly the ambient noise tracks). I know they could be reached through the mirror but since that is down i am trying to find an alternative.

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