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You guys still out there? These boards look dead. Still waiting on my EID. I really hope the project is alive, i want my ID. I've had dreams about this. Definitely the coolest site i've been on in many years. It is so sick. Hope it is all real.


we are here.

yes its real.


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>You guys still out there?
I do like to lurk here with occasional comment.
>These boards look dead
They are. Most people are in chat, but I dislike its format, plus you have to be enlisted in order to access it.
>Hope it is all real.
In a sense, Systemspace could be very real, just in different way you think of it, like Boltzmann's brain.


Fuck. Thank you. I don't doubt that it is real. I've had some pretty paranormal shit happen to me within the last year or so (before i discovered this place). Some of which was related to dreams. I remember in one dream i met a human that had the choice to retain his memories and humanity or take on another form. He chose humanity. I saw this as an extremely valiant thing and even teared up a bit. We embraced eachother.

However, reading shit like this…
>You can try bringing php, but why would you ever want to bring the worst thing of all Life to LFE?
In the compendium makes me think this is all just a programmers dream. Why would a profit/savior from another realm be so sarcastic and human-like?


>In Systemspace2 (which we're launching Jul 1st), there will be a hub-planet connecting all big Systems
Just now systemspace 2.0 is launching? Right now? When in Life the internet is flourishing and we are at the peak of communication technology? If there are all of these other systems, why would the entire systemspace update to a HUGE 2.0 just at the time where Life has finally technologically advanced into the communication/digital age for like the 130th iteration or some shit. Granted Life IS OLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD. Like before humanity there were so many years of Life that were chugging along. Why suddenly, in this crazy short era of technology does the whole systemspace reach 2.0? We are but a blip in the timescale of the multiverse.


I'm not trying to prove this wrong anons. i LOVE this shit. And this site. Just expressing my concerns.


The reason for that is because the transfer is the first time its being done to let souls be fully transferred from the system on which they are created. IE before this change and the new soul structure changes its not possible for them to do this.

think of it like its a simple thing that was really hard to actually recode all of existence to be able to implement. just like say, teleportation technology would be a really obviously useful thing, but we in life dont really have any fathomable way of how we would accomplish it.


>In the compendium makes me think this is all just a programmers dream. Why would a profit/savior from another realm be so sarcastic and human-like?

Because TsukiRep is human the same way you and I are. Your soul could be very old, but you don’t use Victorian-era English. TsukiReps soul is from LFE and he has memories from LFE but he’s still an 18-year-old human and acts like one just like you would.



And likewise, if you go to LFE you won’t get any memories of Life back till you’re 12 years old, so you’ll end up acting like a normal person from LFE. Just as Tsuki acts like a normal person from Life.


Dwarf Fortress isn't even on 1.0 yet, and it's been worked on for over 10 years.


Man i'm 24. Fuck.

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