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I haven't been active on the site for several months. I'm going through another serious bout of depression, and I remembered this place. I'm afraid the community is dead. I just need some reassurance that I can still look forward to the end of the project, and that others are looking forward to it alongside me.


We're here migrant. A lot of us are just shitposting in Tsuki Chat all day. Feel free to join us if you're lonely: https://chat.systemspace.link

Also the project might not have an "end" now if PMR works.


Hey man, we're here for you. For what it's worth the guys over at lainchan kind of have the same problem. Dead boards but a surprisingly active chatroom. As >>1625 said, come shitpost <3


stop advertising crap diarheaa piss ass fuck
come to tsukicaht we have

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