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It's only 30 more days until happiness.
It's too bad my birthday is 17 days after the countdown.
I love you guys.


Its not till happiness retard, nothing happens in life besides new people born not having souls and maybe tsuki killing himself. If PMR works the waiting room lasts until he dies. Killing yourself and expecting to go directly to LFE and expecting LFE to be a paradise and not just a different life is stupid. improve yourself in Life to prepare for LFE. You're young and stupid. fuck you.


no fuck you. i'm going to enjoy the last few weeks of this miserable life and prepare to better my new life in LFE.
The waiting rooms are going to be quite large.


i am gay


Dunt wrry my dude, I truly believe LFE is going to be way better than this current shithole. Who can deny a place where you can create your own desirable world is inferior to this uncontrollable moral coil?


May god be with you all.


Do what you want.


For some, the unlink is the only hope they can get.

Don't make others feel like shit and bash people based on their (perceived) age or wish to exit upon the unlink date. You have no idea what they are going through and even if you did, you are far too ignorant to understand. Fuck off.

For some, the waiting room may be a better place than Life.
Most people know about PMR already. A lot of people are using the timer as a way to keep going at least until it ends, don't put people down because of that.

While I hope OP chooses to live, it's their choice and you shouldn't invalidate it.

I wish you luck anon, regardless of what your choices are after the unlink date. Do your best to enjoy life and create as many good memories as you can, and if you feel you need to exit, so be it. While I don't encourage you to do so, I completely understand why you feel that way.

The problem with Life is that there is almost no freedom, if you're in a fucked up situation there is pretty much nothing you can do you might as well be doomed.

The best "help" people will give you is to tell you to just "stop being depressed" or "work on it" or some other garbage. What if that isn't good enough and you've tried everything and can't seem to manage? What if there are no other options? Some people will never understand.

Your mental illnesses and other soul-based problems will carry on over to LFE, however it gives us the option to have true freedom, and find better ways to help ourselves and have good memories so we can heal our souls. LFE society is very different, and we will have much, much more support over there than we do here, now.

Nobody's saying LFE is a utopia, but it's a paradise compared to the prison we call Life.


My birthday's 4 days after the countdown.

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