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I love you all lads.
I can't take the pain of my grandmother suffering and eventually dying whilst being rejected by women and my family. The more life goes on, the more we suffer and the more we have time to dwell on what we did wrong - how much better everyone else's life is and how shit ours is. Ijust want to die in my sleep without any pain.


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You start to enjoy being alone when it's been decades of loneliness. It's funny but the brain finds a way of being happy even through the most dire of situations. I'm living proof of that. You can keep trying with women but I would honestly tell you to give up and just enjoy life. It's not worth it to pursue them anymore. I'm not even sure if it ever was to be honest. If you're born unattractive or are shy or both, you will go through one of the most humiliating and grueling process known to man. The grass isn't that much greener on the other side OP. No matter what the normalfags tell you.


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>You start to enjoy being alone when it's been decades of loneliness
Jokes on you, I started enjoying being alone after I acquired a job.
Working in loud environment for 12hrs a day made me treasure time I spend at my dark room with only night outside. I live to go back home after shift and sit with my PC. I wish I could be here undisturbed for eternity, but everyday I have to work, not for anything, not even for disposable income, but for bare survival, because if you dont work here, you either join a gang, go to prison, join army which is danger of gang but with payoff of prison, or go homeless and kys, NEETbux is just a joke here.


Being asociaal is comfy.


Spotted the herring eater


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I love you too.

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