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With the unlink date right on our doorstep, I feel kind of sad.

Just thinking that someday I will be alive again, in a completely different (and beautiful) universe is reassuring in itself, but thinking about the ones (especially my older sister) that we'll be left out someday makes me sad.

I really want to ask my sister to join. She's a really cool person. We're best buds, but I'm afraid to ask her since she is devoted to our family religion and anything beyond that seems far-fetched to her.

I just wish she'd come.



Welp, good luck in LFE, me and your sister will go to old-fashioned hell and get boiled in lava by Satan.
Btw, whats the name of track on countdown page?


i mean, the registration drawings are about who made the latest addition, so if you draw something and add the code, then have her sign on it or something, you could technically sign her up without her knowledge; moral issues are up for debate here though, i suppose.


>Btw, whats the name of track on countdown page?


Ty m8ie 👏👏👏



Actually is this one
just skip the first 2 lines (and add a nice aesthetic loop remix).
There is also some comments referring here.


File: 1541366917456.gif (1.95 MB, 363x282, gromit.gif)

>people are now going to be able to register after the unlink
Fucking why? The last thing I want is having to deal with normalfags in the next life much less a giant esoteric waiting room. We already have had multiple waves of them and you can see which ones are still on board by their drawings. Looking at all the undertale art and edgy scribbles in the drawing list is looking at some invasion timeline.
>inb4 le butthurt sekrit club XDDDDD


Oh shit I didn't see it. How and why people will be able to register after the unlink? Doesn't that goes against the whole point of the unlink??


People only get to sign up after the unlink if PMR succeeds, which it hasn't yet.

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