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This is it, boys.

We're finally here.


It's been an honor


damn son


We're here for sure. It's been a pleasure waiting. Will see you all in LFE. Unlink in T-4




See you in LFE sooner or later, lads


Everything is out of our hands now. PMR is Active. 7000 souls are praying for you Tsuki.


Thank goodness. It feels like a load has been lifted.


Anyone feeling faint or disoriented?


The beginning of a new era, see you in the waiting room guys.


see you all in lfe <3 thank you for the opportunity my friends!


I'm a little bit scared. I registered a year ago, and since then I have lost my migrant ID, my drawing, and everything that proves I have registered. Once I die, will I still be registered even if I cannot remember these pieces of information?


>>1872 did you even lost your EID?


Goddamn, we finally got here, to this very moment.


Don't worry, registering is enough.

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