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Did anyone else experience a sort of dizziness/faint feeling during the exact time of the unlink yesterday? Like, when you drink some beers and it gives you that initial "pump" but not enough to say that you are getting tipsy. What explanation can tsuki give to this specific phenomenon? I didn't find anything in the wiki


I felt dizzy at the time of unlink, and somewhat i dreamed how the LFE is supposed to be last night.


i felt after the unlink, so i lay in my bed for about 15 mins to recover myself.


Op here. I felt the exact same thing too. I felt kinda dizzy for a while and then very drowsy and sleepy after it.


Yeah I was getting ready to go do a parade but the slight dizziness almost made me refrain from going. Got over it, but yeah would like some clarity on whether this is normal


I felt it too OP, it's like a warm embrace. For the first time in a long time, I know everything is going to be okay.


acording to the wiki the unlink itself make the Aurora unestable and destructive meaning that it might be the reason. Maybe some people are sensitive to Aurora flow/changes.
I also felt it but with also a weird hapiness/good mood, like something carry away the bad mental things i was holding inside.


It was weird. Went for a walk and almost felt disoriented and faint like passing out was inevitable, was honestly getting ready to call someone. It almost felt like an acid flashback or something.


I was expecting some kind of reaction or something within me, but overall I felt more or less normal during the hours after the unlink. At most, I guess I was slightly disorientated the day after.

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