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ITT: we plan to found the
Systemspace R E P U B L I C
What position would you take in the government?
Attorney-General for me.


Don't know if I would be in government tbh i don't know a good role for myself I'm pretty useless lol

Can I work in the hug business?


>tfw you're a monarchist


File: 1542247322323.png (676.61 KB, 2657x1427, bg.png)

I really think the Tsuki Project is a perfect fit for a technocracy. It's not just thematic; it also provides an incentive to learn, build, and discover all we can before we proceed into LFE.




Amen! Maybe we can work on a penal code together?


I want to have a legislative seat either as an independent or for a party


Join the National Liberal Party of Systemspace with me, brother.

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