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Winter break is almost here and I need an anime to binge. I was thinking Overlord 3 but from what I heard it's very lackluster compared to the first season. Please tell me what to watch.


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Ojamajo Doremi


I finished Overlord before winter break started whoops
this is a children's show.


File: 1543848325115.jpg (41.02 KB, 568x416, darling-in-the-franxx.jpg)

darling and the franxx


lain is good so is Madoka Magica


bang dream garupa pico


Offtopicposting in an offtopic thread

Where can I download/find more of the music you use on the site? The unlinked page is comf and the /chat/ page is bumpin

Also while it's not a show per se, you should watch Mezzo Forte
Alternatively if you have lots of time consider Legend of the Galactic Heroes, that stuff is a classic.
>P-pwease turn off your VPN anon-kun


The problem isn't getting the only the music, I can just joink it from the page source.
It's that it's hard to find the source of the music, and as a result more of it, as well as the entire tracks since most of the music on the site is looped.
Also it was my VPN


Ye, and/or where the full versions can be found.
There's a page that lists a chunk of the music but it doesn't list all of it.
>Find the 403 forbidden page
>>"You do not have access to the file requested. Maybe you mistyped a URL, or you are trying to look for secrets ;)"
Now I'm curious if there's hidden goodies anywhere.


theres a good chunk of it on youtube, if that helps.

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