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Greetings to you fellow anons!
I have only been a lurker for the longest time,and I've always admired and kept coming back to this very specific board,which sparked my interest in the life of your average tsukichan user,where are you from ? what do you do in you life?
also remainder that i love and appreciate every single one of you!


Any specific reason why you moved?
I live in morocco (a third world country in north africa) and i am considering moving to Canada or the usa if i save enough money for a college tuition there.
also no reason to beat yourself over for watch animu its fine


Yeah the college costs in the us / canada are a bit high most people take up loans for that,also i am not really into wapanese cringe comps but you can introduce me to them


i tbh thought it was something new shit i am unaware of lol


Why so many deleted posts?
Anyway I'm just an ordinary guy trying to make it through winter break without doing work.


Good luck anon

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