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whats happening why are boards so dead


who knows?


we arent dead we're just tired


It's not so bad.


guess it's related to the main page going in "maintenance"



Its not just the boards, the chat is also quite.

im also thinking thats whats up.
But it could also be that after unlink we have generated a lot less interest.


registrations have not re-opened yet, post-unlink, so there has been no way to 'generate interest' as of now (though, out of curiosity, what would generating interest mean in this context?). i suspect things will stay quiet for a while, until we enter az3.


Before unlink, we had a 'big scary & exciting' count down timer that attracted a lot of people due to the 'spooky cult' aspect.


When we reached the final few weeks, I feel like we got a lot of visibility with ppl talking about us on other social media. But now we don't have a hype machine.


I've never used the chat bcz in general, I don't like real time chats like discord and IRC. I get nervous…


How long has it been under maintenance?


I used to be like that a while ago, but if you ever build up enough courage, I recommend the chat here, at least for me everyone here is friendly. It’s a million times better than places like any discord server.
Also, is IRC still alive & a thing?


Sure it is.

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