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Hey guys, it's been a while since I've had any kind of contact with the community since I don't really like the chat, but what's up with you all?


Not much, exisiting as usual.
But how are ya?


File: 1548606753334.jpg (172.53 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_nzb3nnROKH1v0pigno1….jpg)

Wagecuckin' as always


I turned 18 yesterday… I don't feel mature at all! But the age to buy alcohol is 18 here, unlike in the US where its 21, so I got that going at least!


I turned 16 on Saturday, but my birthday party was yesterday. Here being 16 gets you no special privileges at all, so just fuck my shit up I guess.


I was 16-ish when I first found this… Place?
I'm 19 now :D


File: 1548723650026.jpg (49.39 KB, 400x400, !oh!.jpg)

been living my best life


it's almost a month that's under maintenance, I want to go back to tsuki chat so badly


oh wow, you have been here for a while. (iv only been here for a about a year at most, and a good bit of it was lurking)
same, fucking kill me.
Lets hope AZ3 comes soon, its been a little quite in chat ;_;


File: 1548769755775.png (143.63 KB, 600x600, 3595_xJAp0NVC.png)

>oh wow, you have been here for a while. (iv only been here for a about a year at most, and a good bit of it was lurking)
I'm kind of standalone bystander. Community grew way too alien in comparison to how it all began. I'm not registered either
>same, fucking kill me
Same goes for me. I just dont want to do it myself though, secretly hope for an accident on mg workplace to blow my head off


I was 14 when I found this place. Does it all get better or worse after 16?


It does. You get cooler stuff to work with, but generally it sucks.


Better until about 18, then it depends on what you do with your life. For the sort of people who browse obscure image boards, generally existential dread gets worse as you get older.


Oh, well. If you're 15 and under and reading this, it does get better after 15.


File: 1548908818953.jpg (129.54 KB, 654x410, c2af18154d12d1f4e2e909a84f….jpg)

I'm almost 20, and surprise! it doesnt get better.
This poster explained it perfectly. >>2281


This half or full? Which board?


File: 1548948246197.jpg (142.49 KB, 736x1015, d23821b95eadb21c33563325cc….jpg)

Not sure if I understood you properly.


26 here, it can get better and did for me. stay strong migrants.


wow nice ID


Half is 4, full is 8


Full. Screencap from random thread. It explains my worldview perfectly.


Well, since I started my vacation from uni, I've been doing the things I wanted to do (nothing special really, just playing games, catching up with some manga, etc). Also I've been out of the project due to being busy with RL issues.
IMO, that depends on what kind of life you have at that point. For me, my life didn't get particulary better but didn't get particulary worse. Maybe I have started to have nostalgia for my younger selft at that point, I don't remember well.


wow lots of underage nu-fags here


Stay jelly old hag, I knew this place since r9cuck.


31 here - it does get better, but do yourself a massive favor and don't get suckered too hard into thought patterns like >>2283.

Ennui is the mind killer. No good will come of constant exposure to this line of thinking.

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