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Is chat down, or am I banned or somthing?
When I try to open chat all I get is this loading animation.


Yea, chat's down for me too.


Any word on when chat will be back up?


I'd imagine this is just the final stages of AZ3 occurring. So far no word yet though, which probably upsets a couple of the people that spend most of their days on Tsukichat. I'd advise everyone relax for the meantime though. Some migrants have exchanged tox numbers but I have no permission to share that here.


Hey Engee! Want mine?


i don't have you on the list i made for contacting migrants since i only recently decided to set it up properly, so sure go ahead. i'm a little concerned about it being posted in a public place but i guess you can change the nospam if necessary.


haha i love the quick posting interface.


oh good, not alone. i blame rocket chat auto-updating.
btw engee, i dont think i have yours, could you hit me up later when tc is back up? (or just grab my number from m.s/c but im not at home rn and i dunno how tox handles friend requests when youre offline…)


oh, and after waiting for it to timeout,
now has really comfy music.


I'm glad to hear from other guys. This is Bekuta, I'll post my tox number when I wake up



I'll send requests to the ones I have, but no promises you'll get one. might just have to post it here if it ends up that way.
>>2308 I also don't have your one bekuta
This is probably paranoid thinking on my part but please do be advised that posting on the imageboards may impact the representative's ability to work on AZ3. Would recommend only using this thread only for the exchanging of Tox IDs or backup comms networks (Discord is strongly discouraged)


I sent you a friend request, mind checking it out?


Just a quick note that you're always welcome at #toxspace on irc.rizon.net .


File: 1549356738022.gif (244.9 KB, 560x511, 1549010027417-qa.gif)

This is an unexpected Rocket.Chat issue. Please wait as I try to find the issue.. (doesn't seem to have updated)
In the meantime, please use the boards. Make Discords and I'll ban you for causing me headache, thanks.


I thought something was wrong on my end. Hopefully the issue gets resolved.


man i told you guys rocket chat was garbage. you were so busy being butthurt over the occasional bit of HEY FELLOW GAMERS lingo in discord that you abandoned it for an objectively worse platform.


With snoop MIA, a lot of the code and such is starting to goof up as updates roll out to boot. It's a bit sad, I still think in spite of the perceived issues discord was the better platform, but there's nothing to be done for it. Best to hope the AZ3 wave doesn't crash RC and hope for the best from the literal BR devs.


discord is worse, just goes down without any reason and then they still claim 100% uptime or blame google


Discord has gone down about as equally as RC in my experience, doesn't matter regardless, RC is what we have so it's best to make the best of it.

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