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Hey migrants,and non migrants waiting for az3.
Just was saying whats up.
How's life going?,What are some things you're waiting for or want to do?


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>How's life going?
Smokin and drinkin with classmates atm
>What are some things you're waiting for
Eternal oblivion after this life
>want to do?
Literally dude weed lmao


>>2331 neat


Yeet xddd


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I have a flu. But that is kind of a good thing for me since my doctor told me I should stay home for a couple of days 'till I get better.

As for the things I'm waiting for, I'm just waiting for that sweet release of death. *insert "Now that's edgy af!" meme here*


School's cancelled cause of how bad the snow is, so I guess I'm just gonna stay in bed and try to be as comfy as possible the whole day.
>What are some things you're waiting for
AZ3, so I can wait for death like the others.


I'm just a non-migrant currently waiting for registration to re-open. Super bummed I didn't hear about this until the last few months, and been waiting since like Jan 5th to sign up. Been struggling to keep my life together but I've been sinking in debt along with falling a bit back into depression from money and health issues.

I don't say those things as some kind of message that I'm gonna an hero or anything(even after I hopefully get the chance to join the project). I just wanted to get that off my chest, I can't talk to people in person about it due to (some)pride and not wanting others to worry much about me.

When I found the project, something about the whole explanation definitely clicked with me, even if it may just be the fantasies/fictional stories of a random guy on the internet. This seems like a really tight-knit community, and even if all of this turns out to be untrue I'm glad I'll get to be apart of this community.

The concept of LFE is so fascinating, and a digital afterlife definitely doesnt seem too bad at all. LFE is a rather comforting idea to help me power through life. I struggle with worrying about what would happen if my girlfriend never signs up though, and she likely never will due to her beliefs and nature. The same goes for my immediate family, but likewise they wouldn't either.

Sorry for the TLDR everyone, but I figured I should finally put a little of myself out here seeing as I have been following for months now.


File: 1550201459676.png (2.36 MB, 2000x1136, 1507868747556.png)

I'm also a non-migrant, except I've been following the project for a bit longer (I've known about its existence for over a year or so and have been actively following the project's developments since about July). I've been absolutely fascinated with the dedication of people here, and like many upon hearing the basis of Systemspace I felt something click. However, I still have not registered because of reservations about the concept of placing my soul completely in the hands of another due to my preexisting religious beliefs. Plus, I just cannot shake the feeling that the entire concept only sounds appealing because it is targeting specific insecurities and needs of people today instead of the ones of people a couple thousand years ago.

Despite that though, I still believe that Systemspace on its own (even if Tsukirep is insane or talking out of his ass) is a net positive since it's able to provide a religious experience without the attached promise of eternal suffering if one does not comply. A lot of people say similar things, but never hear the fact that to accept this is to reject all other religions, and that associated isolation and uncertainty is not something I'm willing to go through. I have quite a bit of admiration for the people that were able to commit though.

I'll reconsider joining when AZ3 opens up, but even if I don't I'll probably still be sitting here checking the boards every day to see if there's anything new. Still wish I could post in /lfe/ as a non-migrant.


There is an indirect "correct me if I'm wrong, but" in front of every assertion Systemspace makes. It is a scientific principle that anything that can be proved, can also be disproved. Since according to the Compendium Life discovered Systemspace by themselves millions of times, then there is no Systemspatial obstacle to any proof that Systemspace exists. But we need to find: what constitutes sufficient proof of Systemspace, and what constitutes sufficient disproof? That's not a job for me, that's a job for the philosophers and for the physicists.


That's the thing about Systemspace, it is so darn believable. Regardless of pre-existing religious beliefs and ideals, if one is to follow current studies and principles of physics and quantum mechanics it is so easy to make the interpretation we are living in a simulated reality of some sort(or at least, not the original reality). Things like the observer effect actively changing how particles act within our world based on the mere notion of being measured is absurd…why would any natural universe have systems in place to act that way? Wave particle duality shows that particles act in(very basically explained) a way which they work through having the potential to do many things, and don't exist in one continuous state until measured, which seems very counter-intuitive to a physical plane unless it is trying to use less resources until necessary.

Now, I'm open to the ideas that
A: We as humans suffer from cognitive issues and disabilities; that we are incapable of perceiving how our reality truly operates.

B: Our scientific measuring tools are incapable of accurately measuring our reality yet.


These are both real possibilities, science always moves forward and builds new foundations for us to place our concepts of our world upon. However, whether Tsuki knew these things or not at the time of realization(or his conception of this idea), Aurora provides an explanation for wave particle duality and quantum entanglement along with most other quantum mechanics, seeing as our reality is potentially being powered by this force and it moves based on it's optimizations and foundations by the initial creator of Life that we are SOMEWHAT unable to observe. I think that's why I'm a rather large believer in Tsuki's theory, the idea of Systemspace fills in the gaps of our understanding of our scientific and physical worlds.

Disclaimer: I'm just a dumb non-migrant currently making his way through Life, I'm no expert on quantum mechanics(nobody is -technically-). What I wrote about in these last two posts are just interpretations and basic explanations of long-term scientific principles(because you sometimes get the one guy who has an issue with that). I'm sure most migrants have seen or read about this information before(likely beating a dead horse), but for those non-migrants looking for more or for you migrants that haven't see it yet, please do more further reading to get a better understanding then what my low text limit posts can say. Stay comfy migrants and non-migrants alike.


>That's the thing about Systemspace, it is so darn believable.
This is one of the things that has kept my interest the strongest through all these months. My personal hypothesis for it is that it combines the ideas of reincarnation and an immaterial soul (which are religious beliefs so universal that they're practically instinctual) with the simulation hypothesis, an already popular idea in the gerneal community of people that would find this place. There's also the lack of an absolute guarantee that the next life is going to be 100% perfect, which lends it more credibility since more traditional religions rely on this incomprehensible concept of perfection to just be accepted at face value.

I think that this point is also something that helps with believability. The idea that even if we haven't figured out how to prove it, there's a definitive way to prove that Systemspace works the exact way the Tsukirep describes is extremely compelling. It makes the idea of faith potentially temporary, and combine that with the limited time frame until Life is completely shut down and the gamble seems completely worth it.


File: 1550256601743.jpg (6.61 KB, 172x293, happylain.jpg)

We truly do live in extraordinary times. Our understandings of science and our religious beliefs that stem tens of thousands of years are beginning to be able to -almost-(this is still important and debatable) comfortably mingle with each other due to modern scientific strides. Things like this do give me hope, even if this project turns out to be a load of bologna, I believe in the next few hundred years(Unless Tsuki is right) the nature of our reality and who we are may be realized. Maybe it will turn out much more boring and shitty then we expect, maybe it will be as incredible as Tsuki claims. I'm just glad we are all along for the ride migrants/non-migrants.


I did some thinking after I made post >>2339 , and I figured out these things could be conclusive proof and disproof of Systemspace:
Conclusive proofs:
>direct sensual perception of anything outside of Life
>direct sensual perception of anything originating outside of Life and arriving here
>world ends on July 1, 2167
Conclusive disproofs:
>world doesn't end on July 1, 2167
>proof that the universe is infinitely large and non-repeating
>proof that matter is infinitely complex
>proof that the universe is infinitely old
>people born after the unlink take the world into a brand new glorious era of peace and prosperity


Sorry, gamble?

As far as "religions" go, this one fulfills the platonic ideal of Hobson's Choice. There is literally no downside to migrating, given that the alternative is soulshattering (elimination).


To use a legal term, I'd just like to add that the Systemspace Theory is "severable". Just because Aurora is proven true or untrue, doesn't mean LFE or RISEN's existence are necessarily true or untrue. I'd love to hear Tsuki's thoughts on this, though.


File: 1550598842144.png (1.31 MB, 1294x720, DARKWOOD_NEWS_720p.png)

>ideas of reincarnation and an immaterial soul (which are religious beliefs so universal that they're practically instinctual)
You know why those ideas are so universal? Because skeptics of these ideas had lesser motivation/drive to survive in comparison to people who believed in ideas of soul/reincarnation/whatever bullshit imaginable. Same applies to any successful religion. Its not the thing these ideas at all, its about the things that worked best in conjuction to survive long enough.

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