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name reason is "uut.png"

> it's like 9pm and im tired somehow cause i totally don't last to 5 am

> hungry
> 2 convenient cups of instant noodle
> convenient white ceramic bowl

>after cooking noodle, pours it in the bowl

>wtf it's perfect
>decides to send it to someone
hmm im going to psot it to a board
>suddenly thinks about this
>starts uploading files, realises has used 3 different file types, bmp, caps png and jpg

anyone else eating instant noodles, especially the yellow cup ones (4th image) and hanging here?
i'm scared this doesnt upload due to file size lol


File: 1551403344739.jpg (49.03 KB, 770x887, 1479283614966027.jpg)

>not making makeshift okonomiyaki out of 1$-tier noodles/pasta after boiling it with soy sauce + sugar
Lmaoing at you're life nigger



oh no,you have found an even cheaper option
you have checkmate'd me there
shall i do that next time'th

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