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i've already discussed this in tsukichat but i would like for any migrants who aren't currently able to join due to maintenance to also have the ability to participate:

i'm currently compiling a purely migrant-made collaboration album, where each migrant who is interested contributes one (or two, depending on the number of participants) song(s), which i will then compile into an album format.

whether you want your song to be daw-, tracker-, instrument-based, etc. is completely up to you, as is the genre of the song (and i do mean any genre)! there is also no length limit, although i would like to (if there's any demand for that) do a small run of cassettes, so do keep that possibility in mind (maybe keep each song under 20 minutes since i'm not sure what length we'll be needing for the tapes yet).

your submission doesn't have to be project-related but it would definitely be greatly preferred!

please do note that this will be a migrant-only effort so please include your migrant number with your submission, otherwise i won't be able to accept it.
again, please reply to this thread if you're interested in participating or in this idea in general (if you're currently unable to join chat, feel free to share your submission here too)!


>small cassette run
brb buying a walkman


I have a melody and lyrics for it, so can anyone play piano and sing at the same time?


Also will you accept a recital of a scene from the play?


of course!
and recite in what way? you mean as a sort of spoken-word part overlayed on top of the music? sure! i mean, like i said, it's your song so feel free to do what you like.


I mean recite using the music you wrote last November as a background. (It's okay if you don't want to. I'll make and play my own music in that case.)
i miss you.


How can I get a cassette?


mm, well, the point is to create your own music. :^)
we miss you too! you should come back once chat is joinable again!

by asking me for a copy once the compilation is finished! they'll be free, don't worry.


I have a melody and lyrics. Too shy to actually record it though…
Do you have a length limit/floor?


you mean for each song? well, like i said in the original post, there's no real length limit, but given the fact that i'd like to release this as a cassette, maybe keep each song below 20 minutes just to be sure (as i'm not sure yet which length the tapes will need, it's best to play it safe).


Do I have to come up with the tune too? Or can I set it to the tune of an existing song?


well, i mean, that's kind of the point of a music album, no? unless you want to make it a cover of something else i suppose…


I mean a parody of an existing one.


well, i mean, it'd be much nicer if it was original content of course, as this will be first and foremost a project-based and -focused album and i'd like for it to have something unique and project-specific, so to speak. but i'm not limiting genres so i suppose if you really want to, go ahead…


heres my submission,had a feeling this would be a thing


saved! thank you very much!

how should i credit you for this on the album (i.e. artist name, if any - otherwise i can juse use your migrant number without a name if you prefer, it's your decision!), and do you have a song title for it yet?
(also, this is the first submission if it interests you to know!)


>>2408 the title name is "Arent we all nothing"
and you can put the artist as "Minorin"


Hey Sanya, would it be fine if the song was a cover?
I know the point is to make original music, but I have a (hopefully good) idea…


File: 1553385083281.png (112.49 KB, 288x300, 1485857594072.png)

sure, i suppose so!


Sounds fun! I'll have to write something.


Just out of interest, how many songs do you have already? I'd love to add a song, but I just can't play the piano like I used to.
no this does not mean i'm not adding a song. and yes i still miss you.


we have only three songs so far. so please do submit one if you can and feel like it!


here's my submission, an ambient track i made a month or so after i first registered to the project. it means a lot to me so i decided to use it.
artist: 4::718
track titile: 4::718


thank you!
however, please include your migrant number with your submission, because i won't be able to accept it otherwise (i'll be including them in the album, next to the artist names).


What do you mean by "project-based and -focused" and "unique and project-specific"? What's in your mind? Lyrics about the project?


lyrics aren't necessary at all. i mean something that makes this album be focused around and reminiscent of the project, be it in terms of atmosphere or recording process or something like the above submission where the person who made it connects it to this, etc. etc.

it doesn't have to be literal (i've only had instrumental submissions so far anyway) but i'd like this album to not be some generic internet compilation and instead be quite clearly a migrant-made collaboration; be that from atmosphere that reminds you of it or that you were thinking of lfe while recording it or things like that… that's just the ideal though so don't let yourself be limited by that too much.
(sorry for the monologue.)


No need to say sorry! That's what I wanted!

Any suggestions for how a shitty pianist and a shitty singer can contribute?


well, it's quite difficult for me to give specific (or any kind of) advice, as i would never call myself a 'real musician' (there's a reason i drown everything in reverb).

but, if it's any consolation, this album will, from the few submissions i do have, be very varied in terms of genres and separate styles. so don't worry too much. none of us are professionals, and professionalism is boring anyway.


title:Sounds from systemspace Hell.


I kinda want back into the chat but the eternal snoop has beaned my ass. Wish I could have heard about this sooner.


I don't know where you heard Snoop was eternal from. He's already been missing for like 7 months. If you were in the chat in the past and not permabanned you can try writing an email to Tsuki to get back in. Otherwise, you'll have to wait till AZ3.
Your post isn't really on topic for this thread though.


>I don't know where you heard Snoop was eternal from.
It's a reference to "the eternal jew"


How many songs have you got so far?


in total? four.


How many more do you need before you put the album out?


File: 1569687249902.png (108.29 KB, 346x346, mokouno.png)

i still have no set length or track-number limit or anything of the sort, but i want it to at least be album length. as it is now, it's still a long long way, so whether it gets finished/made at all entirely depends on more people contributing.


i might contribute something. hang in there

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