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I thought this was dead lmao is chat still up?


yeah uh, were not going anywhere…


>>2437 honestly thought it was just straight up dead, idk where i heard that tsucc got arrested or some shit but that was pretty much all i heard lmao


yeah uh, no clue who told you that (they're blatantly wrong), but tsuki is alive and well (well, the latter part is debatable, but hes here), and the project isnt going anywhere…
right now, were waiting on pmr active zone three… as you can see on you know the big letters on the website.
most info and project stuff currently is in the chat, but feel free to post on the boards, and we might say hi.


That you ana?


yes ;-;


>>2440 I didn't know that the project was still up and going I just thought it died off because of the website, hoping I can get to speak with you all soon I miss you guys ;-;

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