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its been so long since ive heard from anyone related to the project. it kinda hurts, a lot.


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you're welcome to (re-)join tsukichat once az3 hits and we're joinable again.


Outside of people having made prior connections within the project's multiple message systems, staying in touch with the community has become harder then ever. Tsuki doesn't seem to even make an appearance on these boards these days either. I'm hoping the rocketchat and registration opens back up soon, otherwise the whole project will become more and more obscure and hidden as time goes on. More and more people will continue to move away from each other and this project if the inactivity continues. This is coming from a non-migrant for the record.


Why are you a non-migrant?


When will this be? It's already been several months.


I'm afraid you're right. During the Great Hiatus the Discord was open to non-migrants and played a big part in keeping the community together. Now it's all a stagnant pool.


i wouldn't say that at all. overall, atmosphere has greatly improved ever since we became migrant-only. (not to mention, you're not currently part of tsukichat, so i don't think you can really judge its activity to the point of calling it a 'stagnant pool'.)

there is no eta for obvious reasons, but please be patient for a little while longer!

of course it's currently harder to stay in touch with the community, as the server and therefore tsukichat have to be kept in maintenance mode until we reach az3.

once registrations reopen (and yes, they will), please do consider registering though, as a not-insignificant part of the community seems to favor the chat over the boards, which means there will usually be a lot more activity there.

(and as a side note, i wonder if the few people that complain about tsuki's lack of activity within the community have ever stopped to consider how much pressure project miracle ribbon (not to mention the project as a whole) actually entails, and that maybe a large reason for him not being here as much is because he's working on getting us ready to move into az3 safely?)


I'm not complaining about how inactive Tsuki is. I never did. Nobody is right now.

I'm sure we can't be the only ones asking the question of when AZ3 will come. I'm sure people in LFE are pissed about having to wait months for Systemspace 2.0.

And it's an inapplicable comparison. From April to November new people were joining all the time. Now people are leaving left and right and no new people are entering to replace them.

as an aside happy first anniversary of the chat!


Came across the project at the end of December, so I'm just unlucky on coming across it late. The only slice of the community someone like me gets to experience are the slow boards here and the wiki, and I imagine that will be a turn off to a lot of people stumbling across the project now. Obviously this is more of an issue of me being impatient, but it is hard to tell what's going on internally when I really don't get to see anything but the outer reaches.

For all I could know this project could be in it's dying period with Tsuki losing interest for whatever reason. Obviously I mostly doubt that, but sometimes I do wonder if tomorrow I may die in some unfortunate accident, so not having registered does weigh somewhat on my mind. Of course I'm not trying to be dramatic or anything, but the waiting period that we are going through is definitely a net loss, outside of maybe strengthening the resolve of some people on the chat. I mostly just wanted to get my piece out there though, don't mind me.


For the record, by no means was I attacking Tsuki's work ethic or dedication in my previous post. I'm just talking about this as an outsider looking in. You being a mod on here means you are somewhat playing PR for this whole project outside chat, and I've seen many communities in my days waiting on something that people in more official roles swear was still coming or moving along in which that wasn't true. This isn't an attack on you either, because you are in a complicated position as well. Just someone like me is stuck in the blind faith loop that the project will return to normal operations in the future(which I sure hope it does) based of what the somewhat PR guy or gal is saying.


This. I'm not mad at anyone, just disagreeing with the course of action that Tsuki has chosen to take. If he could open RC to non-migrants now, allow old migrants to return, and ask the companies or derive by himself a definite time by which he will probably be done, the project would get a big "shot in the arm". Right now a lot of prospective migrants are being turned away because they have no chance to interact with the community or find out when they can come back to register. The people who stick it out until AZ3 is in are all going to flood into the chat after they register, and will no doubt cause a lot of complaints about "newfags" as always. There is no one coming to replace the many who have left (which I know by the stats page.)

Just my two cents.


If there's no ETA on when AZ3 is going to happen, and it could thus be more months away, Is there any reason for the chat to stay closed until that point? I understand registration features and migrant account features being down during AZ2 is unavoidable, but I don't see why that means keeping Tsuki Chat closed.


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There is no definitive answer, but the whole project has always suffered throught personal biases and emotional conflicts. Keep it in mind.


Non-migrant here.
Another unlucky one who's never heard of it until recently.
Looking forward to joining you all soon.
Better late than never.
From my minimal lurking I've done so far, you all seem to be wonderful people.


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worst time to join. doubt in the project. AZ3 has been in the work for much too long, absolutely nothing is being communicated. and trannies. see >>2467


who gives a shit though? it's not like criticizing the mod team or tsuki will get you banned.

oh wait

you can keep telling us that "no eta it's coming soon" but until you or tsuki or anyone on the mod team actually starts communicating and giving us some pertinent info on the status of AZ3 people will continue to lose faith and leave


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>who gives a shit though? it's not like criticizing the mod team or tsuki will get you banned. oh wait
There's a difference between causing drama (against the rules) and giving helpful advice as to how to improve the experience (highly encouraged). Banned people who come up with this argument tend to be banned for righteous reasons, as they are unable to reflect on their actions.

>you can keep telling us that "no eta it's coming soon" but until you or tsuki or anyone on the mod team actually starts communicating and giving us some pertinent info on the status of AZ3 people will continue to lose faith and leave

Please understand. While we would love to be able to give ETAs, it is currently impossible. TSUKI would much rather take their time to ensure all goes smoothly, than ensure a select impatient few get their daily dose of activity.


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it's good to see you're actually still here

>There's a difference between causing drama (against the rules)

i don't think your policy has done a very good job

>TSUKI would much rather take their time to ensure all goes smoothly, than ensure a select impatient few get their daily dose of activity.

having a thriving community will help the project achieve its goal of getting migrants registered. the last thing i want to see is the community fizzle, its health is beneficial to me not only for personal reasons but also for reasons that should apply to TSUKI's agenda as a whole

as someone who isn't really the chatroom type it's entirely impossible for me to get any updates. from the outside looking in, it appears as if the whole project just went dark for a while. i guess you're here, so it clearly hasn't, but i wasn't really sure of that for a few months now. even a little newsletter with limited info that says "i am here and it is being worked on" would do wonders


I do think that having the news section / a minimized one with updates on AZ progress would be a great idea for those outside of TSUKICHAT.


1000 times this. It's not a necessity but it would be greatly appreciated.


>>2504 a news section would be fucking fantastic, anything to keep migrants somewhat occupied, or even so non-migrants can know that the project is still active. literally anything.



I second what these people said and add that anything that keeps both migrants and non-migrants together/in touch would be more than helpful for this community.

As a non-migrant, it's wonderful to see people like >>2497 appear and give some news, but this slow ass board is just going to make everyone lose it's faith and leave.

I've been sticking around and lurking for some months now but I don't think everyone that passes by will do the same.


this, i feel like its obvious its more than a "select impatient few" that want some kind of update since the only community center is locked out. it feels like there is an active effort to exclude and stagnate the community. its more than just a matter of patience. the longer this goes on the more damage is irrevocably inflicted on the community, and the hostility at a mere mention of thinking about the community at large and not just those in tsukichat is very off-putting. any kind of outreach to the majority of migrants who are not in tsukichat would be very much appreciated, instead of the ignoring and outright rebuking of completely legitimate and reasonable concerns.


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Tsuki it's understandable why you cant take new migrant sign ups due to AZ2 preventing the inter-system communications required to do them, but the website staying closed and in maintenance on top of current migrants not having access to the chat is a completely life-side issue that falls entirely on you getting around to updating the site. I realize your life is a bit hectic and you're dealing with stuff that makes it difficult, but you still have a responsibility to the community you lead to do so and not leave your followers in the dark. You can't give an ETA on when AZ3 will come since that's on TSUKI staff, but you are definitely capable of at least working towards having an ETA on the site being available again. It's not like you couldn't at least put up a temporary home page with the rest of the page link removed that at least explains what AZ2/AZ3 even means and why you can't give an ETA to avoid all the unrest that's been visible on the boards over the past few weeks.


As I understand it chat privileges are restricted to migrants only. Since registration is closed, there is no way to access chat. Please be patient as once AZ3 hits it will likely be possible to register for the project and use TsukiChat.


There are plenty of migrants that are already registered (including yourself) that could be part of the chat if the chat wasn't closed. The only thing that's impossible right now is the sign up of new migrants and editing of your registration info (wishlist and such).
There are not currently any technical or project related reasons for signups to the chat for current migrants to be closed, and you being able to post as your number on the board shows that you can in fact verify your migrant status even without AZ3 having happened yet. The chat is only closed because Tsuki doesn't want to deal with us.


"because Tsuki doesn't want to deal with us." yeah pretty much, its kind of ridiculous. theres no reason tsukichat should be closed to migrants, its just tsuki actively kneecapping the community and then ignoring it

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