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what exactly are you trying to say with this?
bans are never placed lightly and if one is placed for anti-project affiliations, rest assured that it's been placed for a reason.

(i would also like to point out that, speaking as a staff member, a lot of the people talking about the reasons and backgrounds for their bans in this thread are straight-up lying about them.)


I was banned as well, I wasn't ever given a reason either, and wasn't apart of anything like that. It's very odd and I would like an explaination. I'm #2226.


And I've never been against it and always a firm believer right? I dont understand why I was ousted. Really makes me sad and leave a hole in my life yeah? Sad times


i checked and your ban included an elaborate ban reason which, i hope, is sufficient explanation regarding the reasons for it.

it also details under which conditions you're allowed to appeal your ban. in all past occurences, automatic bans like this were lifted immediately once these conditions were met, so please do consider doing so once az3 allows for appealing of bans again!


Can we speak over discord or something? I dont like message board for talking like this however I do believe it was in error.


i don't have a discord account but you're very welcome to email me about this for further clarification (i included it in this post).


I dont see it :c


Also what happened to kneesox


there is an email field which can be optionally filled out and will include your email with the post (try to hover over and/or click my name).

sox decided to leave the community for personal reasons.


ok sent

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