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i miss being able to come to everyone and just chill after a shit day, all of you are the reason im still around. hopefully i can be with you soon.


Well, at least we all have the boards to be together until AZ3 :)


File: 1557674922337.png (9.64 KB, 112x112, hug.png)

Don't worry it will get better


boards > chatrooms filled with chemically modified elitist drag queens and drama


kek, and now that i think about it, if anyone from LFE ever goes into the tsuki chatroom they're all going to join arms with the hyaks


funny how that always ends up like that. every altchan I've found with its own chat tends to have comfy boards but the chat is a shitshow


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funny how the only people bitching about a closed chat are people that aren't in it. it's actually pretty comfy and drama free compared to these drama posts.
there's your (you)



ok fuck off thanks chat is comfyspace


File: 1557710439039.jpeg (35.75 KB, 600x337, reki.jpeg)

>funny how the only people bitching about a closed chat are people that aren't in it
literally all you need to be is a migrant in order to get it it. i went in it, lurked for about a day, and never wanted to touch it again.

>it's actually pretty comfy and drama free compared to these drama posts.

it's an anonymous imageboard. personal feuds and drama are literally impossible to have unless you're a namefag. see >>2553

this anon gets it. worst part is when the chatfags start bringing their drama into the boards


File: 1557711360657.png (249.56 KB, 360x594, 4324234.png)

the only one bringing drama to the boards right now is you. Being anon doesn't change the content of your posts being drama or not, this entire thread is drama.
5ks being retarded isn't anything new anyway.


>"the only one bringing drama to the boards right now is you"
>anonymous argument = drama
i'm not going to fight you over the definition of drama but you and i both know well that anonymous arguments are not what we're talking about here

i sense you are simply a tranny chatfag. stay blind sheeple


jesus christ all I said is that I miss chat, can you niggers stop hating eachother for 5 minutes?


File: 1557745634846.jpg (55.01 KB, 500x500, 17.jpg)

since this is all the same person, i might as well reply to you in one block. all 5194 said was that they miss being in tsukichat - please keep your unnecessary drama out of this thread (and the boards in general). i will not post further warnings on this, so please (re-)familiarize yourself with our global rules, thank you.

i'm not a fan of number elitism but, given that you're a 5k, i have been part of the community for quite a lot longer than you. i'm not going to bother arguing with you, but tsukichat is honestly (certain discord eras not even counting) one of the comfiest places it could be.
and if you're going to make judgments about a place, at least make it one you've been to more than once, if you want to have the chance of being taken seriously.


>>2558 even discord was comfy, i joined around the time there was a 2~month wait on registration, so i was there to see it be deleted and in it for quite a bit, maybe 1-2months? either way, still comfy.


>i don’t agree with your opinion so it’s drama and breaks the rules

the most important part of an imageboard imo is being able to hold an opinion. fugg if this is drama you better ban half of tsukichat too


half of tsukichat isnt even active, also maybe there wouldnt be ""drama"" if tsukichat was open. no real reason we have to wait for az3, not like tsukichat is seperate from the main site or anything. i dont really understand why everyone defends tsukichat being closed when its not even related to az3 at all.


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uwu epic hug meme


failed abortions


File: 1558134772425.png (419.4 KB, 751x479, d7c605e3b40a26ff7a6a591aa4….png)


Y'all better stay comfy in here, pls


o shi-

stay in the boards, stay comfy


File: 1558322605758.png (19.46 KB, 426x364, 1537562325196.png)

This! Tsuki /b/ is nice board


File: 1558328919895.jpg (308.89 KB, 764x713, yikes 2.jpg)



File: 1558354614077.png (475.92 KB, 647x569, Screenshot (881).png)

what's wrong?


miss yall, hope youre all having a comfy summer


I don't remember you…but I miss you nonetheless!


File: 1558918165755.png (130.81 KB, 268x264, bangand.PNG)

stop giving me comfy vibes
i hate happy crying


The comfiness never ends here lad

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