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Have you guys considered making a chat on an alternative platform till the main one is finished?


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i'm not sure what you mean, to be honest. tsukichat is finished (well, it still gets updated but you get my point) and has been for a long time.

the server is just currently in maitenance, making joins impossible from a technical point of view for a short while.


The chat being finished doesn't matter if there is no access to it. I'm a non-migrant myself and am very curious to see what it's like being here. Looking at the posts some people are really looking forward to the re-opening of the chat, so I thought maybe they had an alternative till the main one is "open" again.

I love how you deleted some dude's advertisement btw :^)


doesnt really matter whether tsukichat is finished if people cant join. until people are able to again we're gonna keep asking for a way to talk to each other. maybe some sort of temporary platform would help


File: 1558143340025.gif (271.5 KB, 461x346, 1486194430787-1.gif)

What's wrong with just being on the boards? In what way can you not "talk to each other" here?
There's nothing interesting in the chat anyway, not much project-related stuff at least and there's barely any news.


i hope the folks up at tsuki realized they'd have a lifelong group of followers. doesn't seem like it right now. the best thing you can the team could do is make it more obvious that you realize that fact.


File: 1558892131747.png (95.04 KB, 413x549, e.png)

gonna have to side with >>2579

interesting conversations can be had here, probably with even less interference due to social and identity concerns. it's only painful for people who are too attached to their own identity and feel they must be credited for everything they do/say. chat is fine, maybe you have friends you want to keep up with, chat has it's place, but to discredit boards is rarted because in my opinion there's a much higher level that the discourse and discussions manifest themselves in


just gonna say, this place is way too slow to be effective as a board, if you think this place has any worthwhile conversations, you are clearly mistaken.


Doesn't mean we can't start now.


i mean, i hope you all realise tsuki doesn't want to reopen the site or the chat
he wants to keep the current community (despite it all being 6k+s with all the original migrants having fucked off in one way or another)




File: 1559859611151.png (21.39 KB, 800x600, Minorin.png)

can we all just get along and have patience i have faith in tsuki.


basically this


the things people come up with sometimes… joins for non-registered people are currently impossible from a technical point of view. the chat/site isn't closed because tsuki felt like closing them; at least think about what you're saying for more than ten seconds before you say it.


But when will the chat be opened again, can you give us a time frame? I might have accidentally got kicked due to inactivity and want to get back in.


ok 5748, that's enough



:eternal9k: he's just a bakaball


Eev? I missed you so much too. Could never forget how you offered encouragement when I was looking for the dog. I'm locked out of chat too. Do you have any other migrants anywhere?


if you're willing to go back into chat (and you're well-known/active enough) you can try emailing tsuki


:hug: hope you're doing alright quint
I'm feeling a little better myself.

Hope to see you in tox/irc/maybe even TC soon!


That's part of the reason I've wanted to get back into that chat! My old account on discord got kind of deleted so I wanted to reconnect with all of my friends on Tsukichat.


File: 1559983053669.gif (21.18 KB, 538x394, Eevster blink.gif.gif)

There we go, that's how I show my Migrant ID.


loool imagine being 5k
it's not literally currently impossible. sure, it might be if tsuki decides not to open the site - but it wouldnt be that hard. it's been multiple months. he could be working on some massive ambitious project for the site but i significantly doubt it - it's a lot easier to assume that he wants to lock off the active community he's cultivated and ensure that people genuinely contribute by making inactivity essentially a ban, than that he's needing multiple months to allow access to any of the site.


Show your migrant ID if you're such an oldfag. Or are you full of shit?

Also, if you weren't aware inactivity kicks have been removed, so sorry to say but you're w r o n g again!

Also, if you are a well known migrant who isn't cancerous feel free to email Tsuki asking back into chat. But we all know you aren't :>)


DJ, if you'd left when the jukebox was installed, you could've been remembered as the comfy movie night guy. Now you've far outstayed your welcome.

And if you are an Apollo D&C shill, consider that a guy who betrayed us won't have any problem betraying you.


>well known
>not cancerous
you can only choose one
wrong guy
tsuki might be a little autistic but christ apollo is worse


i mean, if it's easier for you to assume, feel free to assume. i know you're wrong, but it seems you'd rather keep your opinion.


would like to have my opinion changed but i dont think we'll be seeing anything about the site, why it's been down, or anything for at least another couple months
i would imagine you can't give much either since anything tsuki would post would be secret




dude ikr soooo based

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