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Cool, the board still is online.


whoops, forgot to put my number as viewable.


the project is now a husk of its former self

did tsuki lose interest in us? i can't blame them if so.

so much for being a carefree monk


i can assure you that that is not the case! the project is still very much on course and pmr's active zone 3 is still very actively being worked towards. sadly, both registrations for the project and joins to the chat are impossible from a technical point of view during this maintenance period, but please be patient! we're not going anywhere.


Glad to hear that you guys are still around! I miss the community and hope to get back into it as soon as things are back in the swing.


damage control


>we're not going anywhere
Poor choice of words. I still believe, but this is almost as bad as when I finally decided to stop being shy and join the chat only to be greeted with old man ass on my birthday. If I'm still here after that I guess nothing can make me leave. This still sucks.


Why shit. You guys are still working on this stuff?>


yes, of course.


admittedly poor choice of words on my part, which i didn't notice until you pointed it out so my apologies. however, please refer to the part where i said that both the project and active zone 3 are very actively being worked on.



see above


jump off a bridge


yikes, cant wait till sanya deletes this


or i guess sanya could not do her job the one time she actually should delete something instead of deleting the most mundane things


dj, have you still not understood that i only delete posts that break our global rules?


idk who that is


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