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Anyone interested in playing vrchat together?


Never tried it before. Is there anything to do besides voice chat with people? Do you have a vr headset?


Yeah. You can chat and make avatars and stuff. It’s actually pretty neat. Some people are diehard and sleep in it, I always wondered what that did to your head tho.

There are maps that are games too. I enjoy a Japanese study hall thing with the whole genki 1 and 2 books with quizzes and stuff in it


Oh and tbh I want more lain stuff since it’s like vr alt reality kinda. Might figure out how to port 3D models so I can make a lain avatar. I think getting a bunch of lainfag suicide cultists together in an alt reality would be cool


>genki 1 and 2 books
Are these textbooks?


Yup, they go over the basics of literacy in japanese. the world itself has every page printed out into an "object" that you can grab and move around with you and hiragana and katakana quizzes along with some other quizzes. no kanji tho which is expected since that would probably take a lot of time. you can change the clientside music, aesthetics, etc and make a public or private lobby if you wanna study alone. there's other neat maps like this too. execise worlds, meditation worlds, worlds where you literally just cut grass with a lawnmower. tho i recommend vr for the full experience.


Wow, I guess I didn't even need to sign up for Systemspace.

How much do headsets cost?


Headset aside, you'd need a good system to push VR as well, if yours is outdated it would be on the expensive side


I know nothing about VR, so sorry if I sound like a retard.

Does the headset cover your whole head like a motorcycle helmet? How many wires are there? Can it be run on a laptop or is a desktop required?


File: 1561134897206.jpg (206.38 KB, 1920x1080, indexheadset.jpg)

Pic related is the newest headset on the block, all headsets I've seen look similar in design. Cabling for the majority of current headsets is quite a lot however a wireless adapter exists for the Vive Headset allowing you more freedom and less likely chance of tripping or pulling on your headset, but that also restricts you to a desktop since you need to install a PCIE card into it. A newer standard is made that uses a USB-C to connect the entire headset to your computer that can be found on most new GPUs mid-range and higher I believe, and I've heard that the Valve Index has a USB-C adapter dongle. I'm not sure if you can get VR headsets to work on laptops, also the controllers for each headset (Oculus, Vive, Index, WMR) are different, with the Index being the most unique so far. Sorry if I'm not too much help, I'm writing it out from memory of what I've looked into.


I bought my rift S for about 400$, but I’m single with a decent job so I have a bit of money to spare. Good thing about the rift S is that it has inside-out tracking so there’s no need for external sensors for your play space.

Haven’t heard about this one but I bet it’s expensive.

They basically all look like the one that the other anon posted. With slight differences in aesthetic design, they’re all realistic and surprisingly light. You’ll need a desktop since it requires a decently beefy computer to render the game world twice (once for each eye) but most average modern PCs can handle it. You could also look into the oculus quest which is an all-in-one system but sacrifices in quality.


iirc, the Index is interchangable with Vive hardware, if you've got the Vive trackers you can use them on the Index, or the controllers. If you dont have any of them then yeah pretty expensive, full set is 1k. But both the Vive and Index were spearheaded by Valve, only it's Valve manufacturing the Index themselves instead of HTC


Do you feel pain in VR?


You don't


Awesome. Is there smell and taste?
Keep in mind I know absolutely nada about VR except shitty sci-fi I read as a kid.


just sight and hearing.

i am typing this in my oculus suite rn on a virtual keyboard by pointing


Yeah, what >>2692 said. We're currently really early when it comes to VR, I've heard our current hardware being called Gen 1. It would be a while before we reach true sci-fi levels of VR. But what we have now is still really impressive.


It all gets better from now. At least I hope it does.


Certainly, I recall seeing a company or group creating gloves that would allow you to "feel" the shape of the object, the glove looked something out of a exoskeleton, I think it had small rotor and wires that connect to the finger joints of the glove, and whenever you would grab an object in vr it would use the motor to pull back your fingers, emulating the feeling of the shape of the object. The demo even had a VR spider move around the wearers hand, and the guy noted that he can feel where the spider is stepping on his hand in VR.

We'd get simulation of physical feelings first, before moving towards other senses.


I get really incensed when I talk about "the five senses." There are many more! Temperature, hunger, pain, etc. Take any one of these out and you'd be living in an incomplete word.


I mean, when others talk about the 5 senses, in case that wasn't clear.


Oh most certainly, but theres only so much we would be able to simulate with VR as it develops, unless it's something that can put us in a dream state, we would only be able to find ways to simulate the five senses


Sure pop me a steam friend invite my names Minorin and i have a lain profile pic


I hope Inception never comes true. For most of us dreams are our only refuge from real life and preserve of privacy.


I was thinking more along the lines of plugging your brain into a machine and putting you in a sort of dreamstate


Right. I read a book called "the eye of minds" about that.

It's shitty YA fiction, don't read it if you haven't.


File: 1561436549587.gif (203.04 KB, 639x299, 1432925575303.gif)

I don't like the idea of revealing Steam names and identities. How about we just decide on a day/time and just pick a public VRChat world to join?


Do I need the VR headset to join or can I watch without one?


You can play in VRChat without a headset, you can pick objects up too, but your body movement would be normal idle/walk/etc animations.


Anything I need to download? Can a laptop handle it?


You just need Steam, the game itself is free so you can install it and check how your laptop handles it


that's a good idea. idk how many people are here that are able to participate

gotta decide on a world and a time. this weekend would work for me, but i'd prefer it if it was later at night and i think probably most of us would.

might work on porting a lain 3d model into an avatar, if i do, i'll make sure to share it here so we can all wear it or something

the world should probably be something that has little to no players so we can all get one instance. after that, we can portal to the different worlds we want to go to and stay (mostly) together. setting up an anonymous chatroom to keep track of where we currently are would be a good idea as well.

you can play just fine without one, might not be quite as entertaining though


I got legs and torso tracking for vive, it would arrive soon. Don't even play vrchat yet, impulse buy of a rad thing. Does anyone have any experience with it? Can you use it properly even?


VRChat is one of the few games that supports full body tracking. As long as your avatar has proportions matching yours it works great, but if you use an anime girl model like so many guys do it feels like your legs are stilts.


File: 1562898182959.gif (901.82 KB, 500x750, 1432602435900.gif)

>33 replies and no one trying to actually meet in vrchat
alright fine. i'll post a world invite link in this thread on saturday june 27 at 3pm eastern time. click on it and say hi to other migrants in another reality


Well, I'm sorry I'll have to miss it. I don't really feel like getting up at 3.


I just downloaded it last night, actually. I need some outside contact soon before I head off to college in August. It's been lonely as hecc these past two years without you guys.

Snoop is still a turbonigger.



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