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I found out about this project a year and a half ago but didn't care much, now I want to find out EVERYTHING I can about this project but the site isn't up at all. If anyone with an EID minds showing me what this is all about messages me at Riku#1111 on discord.


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im not a fan of shitcord (sorry /g/ got to me) but I dont mind answering some questions for you here ^-^


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First, I know the archive site is systemspace.network but I heard systemspace.link had redesigned itself but its closed now. Second what is beyond this screen https://systemspace.link/member/auth.php once you input your EID. Next, is it coming back?


File: 1565233901057.jpg (48.2 KB, 591x605, 1529697573154.jpg)

>what is beyond this screen https://systemspace.link/member/auth.php once you input your EID
Right now, we can't access anything beyond the login screen, though before the unlink we could set our belief status, and add stuff to our filebox. For now, logging in just allows us to stream and chat on tsukicast, and show our migrant number on the boards.
As for the site, I dont have any screencaps of the site as it was before unlink, and I can't speak for anyone else. The site should be back once AZ3 hits, and that'll happen when it happens.


File: 1565234936669.png (12.98 KB, 435x456, lain.png)

So what does the chat actually look like beyond login and? Filebox?


whats AZ3


File: 1565235683981.jpg (48.47 KB, 1008x720, lain-is-a-bear.jpg)

The filebox let us store files to bring into LFE.
Tsukichat is just a chat for migrants.
AZ3 is the acronym for Active Zone Three, part of Project Miracle Ribbon.
Included the wiki links because it's just easier for me to link them than to type everything out, plus I don't want to get anything wrong in my explanation.


AZ3 is definitely happening, right? Also upon searching some stuff I found this random site thats using systemspace css, it appears to be a https://lolisafe.moe/ instance https://not-a.live, so i guess some random user revived filebox?


File: 1565236142461.png (141.58 KB, 920x936, chat.png)


Here is screen cap of the chat, its against the rules for me to post the content of the chat so I had to blur out most of it and show an empty channel.

but this is what it looks like (with Sanya's H'nyro theme)


This stuff is not project related to my knowledge


File: 1565236422208.jpg (105.79 KB, 948x882, DadxgNWVAAAIoik.jpg)

>AZ3 is definitely happening, right?
Yes, but migrants dont know anymore about AZ3 than anyone else. For the time being, we just have to wait for it to happen, or for any news regarding it.
>I found this random site thats using systemspace css, it appears to be a https://lolisafe.moe/ instance https://not-a.live, so i guess some random user revived filebox
systemspace.link is the only official site, and any files uploaded anywhere else will not be available in LFE.


Just a fan of the project most likely made that site, I wish my original version one EID worked, I really want to get into tsukichat


did you contact Tsuki?
If you still have the slip for your reg image you could prob do something about it.


I have no idea HOW to contact Tsuki


Tbh I dont remember but I think it was tsuki@systemspace.link uhh I'll ask him and get back to you if u want?


but it should be the one I said.
if its not ill correct my self in a day or so :^)


I already emailed him a while ago but never got a response, can you ask him?


What was your migrant number?


3928 I believe


I sent a message, hopefully he gets back soon ^^


Thanks so much :)


no problem!


yo i haven't been near the project in ages, i was just wondering how you get into the tsukichat? i'm a migrant, i just haven't been on since the discord died


I'm sorry but you'll have to wait until the site is opened. This is probably the strongest proof the project isn't a scam: a scammer would make sure to have a minimum amount of contact with their mark.


I would also advise not getting too invested with waiting for AZ3/the site's return, as from the looks of it it isn't happening anytime soon. I haven't seen any visible signs of progress for a while and Tsuki himself said that he can't provide an ETA. So you might as well just stop paying attention for the time being and have it arrive as a surprise.

There's also this RSS feed that you can subscribe to and I'm sure there will be an announcement for when it eventually happens:


File: 1565421430023.jpg (32.25 KB, 640x739, 1565220666082.jpg)

Tbh I feel a bit responsible for how sluggish shit is, my work on the new chat (YC) is slow at best. -_-

But ya id do what 2482 said, set a reminder for like 3 months to check on AZ3.
As for ppl who are migrants with eid's and everything and wanting to get into chat, I don't remember if its possible or not but it may be a good to ask Tsuki about it.


File: 1565441084919.png (353.97 KB, 800x600, warninglain.png)

i don't get why people don't understand that the most important progress is rarely ever visible. there exists such a thing as backend, and work on it is often more pressing and time-consuming than anything that would end up being visible to you.


I don't get why people don't understand that people draw conclusions from what they can observe. If progress has been going on for eight months, then it is reasonable to predict it will go on for a lot more.


No disagreement from me. I personally don't see how the progress of a backend could be visible either.

But as I have said, I have not seen any visible signs of progress for a long time, and by that I mean even just things like Tsuki mentioning anything regarding it. (There was indeed an instance of him doing that when it was relevant to our conversation, but that was months ago, and that conversation was even in private) He may be unable to do even just that for reasons and I will not blame him for it, but in any case I wouldn't get my hopes up about it happening anytime soon., and to repeat myself again I advise that no one else does as well, lest you get impatient and start spamming the boards about it.

That also reminds me. During the older (post hiatus) site's development, Tsuki did actually from time to time say things like "the new site is now something% complete!", that could've been him shitposting but they kind of aligned with the site's opening and certain other events so I doubt that. Now, I'm not asking for a percentage, or honestly, anything right now. All I'm saying is, I (and probably most people here) have not seen anything indicating that the site is going to return soon, and thus have no reason to believe that it is the case.


File: 1565500818016.png (5.47 MB, 1730x2392, 37242_waifu2x_art_noise1_s….png)

Dw I understand, man progress can look slow on the surface of things. Even when lots of work is being done. Tsuki can take all the time he needs

also to clear up a possible misinterpretation of my post, I do not claim to be in any way effecting the release date. I was more saying that I just a have a feeling of dread and responsible for it, its not rational but w.e

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