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I'm going to be playing some Sound Voltex until 3AM or so. Then I'll get some food and either go watch some anime or read manga with some background music, depends on what I feel like to do.

That's my usual planning really, but since you asked here's my response.


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Sounds nice. Never heard of Sound Voltex, looked it up and it seems pretty cool.


is SDVX the only otoge you play/are you familiar with others? in chat we have quite a few others who have knowledge of rhythm gaming

>Lobotomy Corporation
>shitposts about Lobotomy Corporation
>Art Style: Orbient OST
>DQN quality pages
>nothing atm
>water, I guess

also that sounds real comfy


can some one help me with this board that im not used to plz


When will be possible to SignUp to TsukiProject? Or maybe is possible in other ways


Due to technical limitations and preperations for Active Zone 3 it's currently not possible to sign up. Please be patient, as you'll be welcome to join once AZ3 becomes active.


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Why are you replying to this thread? That isn't the topic for this thread, and there are plenty of threads about signing up.


Because no one Will notice me if i post on old threads


The board home page shows all posts by most recent. As does a channel for the users in the chat. Your posts are always visible regardless of thread.


But i cant post because Im not registered


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you think i didnt tryed, nerd


is this bait? try learning to spell properly before posting please.


i just typed the wrong letter. are you guys all morrons here?


The only moron I see here is (You).


Ok just think what you want


Sorry for being late! Besides SDVX I play anything I can get my hands or feet on. Near my house there's an arcade with an old Dance Revolution booth.

In PC I play Osu! when I'm kinda bored, and on mobile I got Cytus 2 when it was for free.

As in knowledge I know many of the rythm games out there, but I'm in EU so I can't play many sadly. I'm planning on making a DIY controller for the clones that came out of chunithm.


Hey guys! It's Friday night over here, so let's get this party started!


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Comfy friday night time. What'chu doing to keep comfy, anon?


Well it's Saturday now. Not really doing much of anything, might consider going out for a bike ride in a bit.


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Ok guys it's 3:20 pm on Friday. Should I:
(1) work on my homework cause I have a metric shitton?
(2) go home?
(3) go out for a bike ride?
Your call migrants


would probably be a good idea to do your homework if you haven't done it already.

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