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i was kicked from chat for inactivity and i wanted to tell you guys that i miss you


hey uguu, i was wondering what happened to you. if you want to get back you can email tsuki i think.


i'm not sure if that's the case, as sanya said in >>2860


What Sanya said is true, but it probably doesn't hurt to try.


Oh man I miss you so much. Come back my Polish bro.


I think people that were already in chat before the closure (and that were notable enough) might have a chance at being able to email tsuki to allow them back in, so you might want to try.


this is totally doable, some people without account came back, just try and email tsuki and he will probably help you


poles are faggots


Takes one to know one.


is possible to chat with you guys without an account?


The chat is migrant only unfortuantely, you'll have to wait 'till az3 if you want to register and chat with us.


Ok i will wait az3. I hope it will come soon

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