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im so lonely and i dont know what to do


oof. :hug:

Not much I can do beyond giving you a virtual hug, I'm afraid but I hope it's something?


im gonna hug you in LFE


I’m gonna hug all of you in LFE!


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It's all good 2959!

I'll be your friend!

Allen <3


I've barely had any social interactions in over 5 years. It doesn't get better. You'll possibly start to develop more schizophrenic symptoms as well.


Ok we can know each other


First, we're all here for you, fren. I'd give ya a hug if I could.

This is gonna sound hella corny, but think about volunteering for some sort of charity that seems even remotely interesting. A buddy of mine has a face only his mother could love, yet he went as far as finding a gf that way. Even if you don't find a gf, you'll;
>find some nice people who will eventually start asking you out places and form a group of friends if you're not either irredeemably autistic or an irredeemable asshole, and tolerances to both those things tend to be high among those people as is
>do something objectively good-natured and benevolent, which is a huge mental health booster
>the work being done will likely have set goals the group will want to meet; again, having a goal to work towards to, especially with others, is a huge mental health booster
>there's bound to be ample downtime with plenty of fun
>you'll probably learn some sort of useful skill
Charities will take anyone who wants to volunteer, but there are other options; for example I volunteer for one of my university's public outreach programs, and every year I spend a whole week being in front of the public (mostly entire schools bused into the campus) talking to them about a given science subject (seismology in my case) in as fun yet informative manner possible. It is by far the best week of my year; trying to get kids hyped for science for 8 hours on end for 6 days straight is draining, but honestly feels very rewarding.

Basically, sign up to anything that has people grouping together to do something nice for the sake of being nice. If you can't form bonds with a group of people like that, your problems might run a bit deeper than just finding people to meet.


Which university are you going to?


if i was able to go to LFE now… i'd hug you there

i regret being transgressed tbh


Why though?


i made a huge mistake and helped an anti-ss group.


oh my, what have you done


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no pity for the retard.

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