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File: 1519262967529.jpg (401.17 KB, 1194x824, __burn_and_nagai_gojitsuda….jpg)


do you guys have any health problems?
i have tons
i feel so frail lately.


I've been coughing profusely thanks to a flu but it's never going to be as bad as gastro
what kinds of health problems do you have OP?


aaa I've had the flu too. Its not too bad.

ive also havent been able to eat which is really bad :(( not even sandwiches i can stomach down anymore


What do you think that's about? That's happened to me when I've been depressed before. Something like that, maybe?


I'm vegan so I'm immune to non-mental health problems. I'm still retarded though unfortunately.


My right arm has been bothering me. My wrist clicks and hurts, my thumb and forearm go numb, my shoulder and neck (on the right side) pain and make sounds like you are mashing cabbage or something.
I imagine its because thats my mouse arm, and because I am in front of a desktop PC about 16 hours per day, for about 15 years in a row.


I'm a fat nigga with awful eczema, currently saving up for DNP or clen desu~


Been coughing a lot. My back has been hurting. When i walk i can hear my spine cracking/creaking. I'm not 100% sure what's wrong with me.


My wrists have hurt for almost a year now, I can't really type for long period of time. Because my job was that of a programmer I am now unemployed. I will crumble because of this petty disease.


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i've been pretty lightheaded constantly and my stomachs been feeling weird lately. probably just the weather


File: 1520390140352.png (324.53 KB, 941x1021, 1367108404.png)

Pretty sure I've irreversibly fucked up my short term memory due to poor sleep that has been a constant the past year. I also got depersonalization but it gets to me in very intense spikes to the point where I don't know if I am myself in my own physical body, fun shit. Had the stomach flu a few days ago.


anon i only wish that this pass and you can be happy and have a great life on LFE with good memories from Life


only problem i have are emotional problems that anyone has, no physical health problems, only being a morbid and not eating right


Hey anon, tell me about your life in Brazil and how come you encountered this place


Tell me about your life in Russia and how come you encountered this place.


Due to heavy pot abuse, I think I've lost some IQ points during in the past few months, I can't concentrate on anything or maintain meaningful conversation with people. My mind is now just a big void and I've totally lost my decision making abilities.


File: 1520418992314.png (680.51 KB, 1280x800, tmp_26028-1USlt91872968720.png)

College student, living with parents.
Occasional work in times of need, but mostly I simply dump my time into PC or sleep. Latter is better though, because I never see any dreams.
Minor issues with health such as underweight, teeth, etc. but nothing standing out.
I have 1 real friend IRL who's kind of cyborg like me too (but waaay more successful with people and relationships), he likes to draw psychedelic shit and overall very open for weird topics to discuss. I told him about this project, but I dont insist on registering.
Second real fried lives in Iran, he's more of a social recluse but he has plenty of experience with computers (I have near zero because no real reason to be interested in, but I'm kind of known as guy who's good with 'puters and shit around college)
He had a lot of issues with his surroundings because of their religion, he says I'm the only guy who never thought that he's some kind of stupid, and we understand each other perfectly. because islam. He really hates it, and mostly he does satanism, which has also pretty cool background, kinda like this project. I told him too, but he'd rather stay with Satan, lol. I dont mind.
As you see, my friends have more interesting lives then I do.
>come you encountered this place
Gay9k of 4ch. Now its your turn too, mr Chang.


Ninth grader going to an international school.
Life's pretty cool I guess.
Have actual friends in class, they're nice to me and all that.
I encountered this place through lainchan.jp.


physically i'm pretty okay aside from my piss poor hygiene, but mentally? i've got god awful anxiety. i can't even stand in line at a grocery store without feeling like i'm gonna die.

delusions and hallucinations keep bothering me, too. i hope i can get rid of them in LFE.


I seriously hope you guys don't do this.


>implying you've even left middle school


I'm a bit on the skinnyfat side, but other than that, I'm in alright health. Not gonna be at death's door anytime soon.


>was 100kg, fat
>lost all the weight with a friend's help, 80kg of surprisingly lean mean machine, gettin mired by 3DPD, feel like a god
>oh no autistic bad feels again
>cope with food
>probably back to 110kg

Other than that my immune system is prime material. Out of all the people I know, I've never so much as gotten a cold.


File: 1521496743898.jpg (272.27 KB, 1221x1398, 1518494205998.jpg)

Was picked for an army draft last year. After going through the medical evaluation I was found physically and psychologically unfit for service.


you think if i lurk here more i will also be evaluated unfit for service? my country has compulsory military service and i really don't feel much like going.


File: 1521654140316.png (917 KB, 800x798, 1518956599171.png)

Nah, that comes from a screwed up life and earning 350 euros per month from work in IT.


I have scoliosis, unfortunately. :/


>240 pounds
> Have Aspergers
> Have depression
> no friends



File: 1530980703048.jpg (37.59 KB, 500x500, honk.jpg)

I have TMJ disorder and tinnitus, really fucks up my day. Although the tinnitus has been getting quieter over the years, I can only hear it at night now. I also fucked up my shoulder by overstretching it. I was bending some pipe and I pulled to hard, felt like my shoulder came out of its socket. Happened 4 weeks ago and the pain comes when I put my arms over my head or try to pull something.
Coupled with my retarded anxiety, I get all sweaty and stomach aches just by thinking of something that I have to do or interact with other people.
These past 2 years I've had no direction in life and I no longer have the passion for anything.
Also acne.


File: 1530986561553.jpg (194.76 KB, 800x798, 1414637267597.jpg)

My psyche says im a schizo but i dont really buy it.


File: 1530995626168.jpg (45.62 KB, 500x667, trainstationlain.jpg)

> I also got depersonalization but it gets to me in very intense spikes to the point where I don't know if I am myself in my own physical body, fun shit.

yikes friend, i've had large episodes of depersonalization ever since i first smoked weed a few years ago. i understand, it sucks but not in the way it seems like it should. really highlights how subjective we are, and how easily perception and reality can be molded and altered. always makes me feel really existential all the time. even just thinking about it fills me with dread.

it seems like a lot of people here have issues like these. i wonder what soulshatter is like.


hey mate ive got the same thing. heres a helpful video. I find listening to this really dampens my t, worked last night.


I have some similar issues as other posters here. Moderate depression, inconsistent sleep, memory problems, constant pain, lack of motivation, anxiety… they all come and go in a way and never get too overly serious (usually), but I have a hard time with things in life that the "average" person doesn't.
I'm 30 now, and it's only gotten slightly better over the years in some ways, but the physical problems have gotten worse.


I've been sick with a sinus infection for the last two months. Raising my anxiety to the highest it has ever been. I feel like in todays age we are too exposed to the point where we think we have cancer because our assholes are burning from last nights Taco Bell.


If I stopped cigarettes and beer it would be pretty much perfect.


Started self medicating benzos for what felt like temporal lobe seizures. Had an MRI scan done and it showed a 'white splotch' in my right temporal lobe.

I'm waiting on useless doctors, ordering clonazepam from the internet. it's a mess


I don't have any relevant physical problems. Most of them are psychological, I have Asperger syndrome and depression.


I feel your pain.


File: 1544959786490.jpg (69.26 KB, 500x700, tumblr_nid3ot3on61sgmh0uo1….jpg)

I have ADHD and possibly depression feels bad man.

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