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I dreamt today, seeing what may happen and what has happened.
I awoke today, afraid of what the future holds.
I felt today, fearful of losing what I've held so close.
I ate today, concerned for what may keep me going.
I drank today, unhappy with what the world holds for solemn men.
I loved today, wanting to never let go of what little I have.
I went today, looking for some adventure in this mundane world.
I returned today, having found adventure and been unable to take the first step.
I wept today, having realized what I've done.
And what I haven't done.
And what I will do.
And what I won't do.
And what I'm doing.
And what I'm not doing.
What am I doing?
I slept today.


Focus on the moment and just do whatever you feel like. I've seen more people who regret not doing things they wanted to do than people who regret doing things they have already done.


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Eh, I wish I also could access weed this easily in this shithole…



I thought vodka land was a shithole because everything is easily accessible in it.

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