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post your homepages. I just got done making this one and I think it looks pretty nice. I tried putting on some animated scanlines but they don't look nearly as good as they do here.


File: 1523737246278.png (636.38 KB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at ….png)

I do not have a homepage, but this is my desktop.


ACME. Nice.


are you actually using plan 9 or is it a port of acme?


It's 9front, I have it running on a VPS that I'm drawterm'd into. I do have plan9port installed on my main machine too.



Wish I could get into ricing but I also play vidya a lot and having to go through hoops to make games work is kinda annoying.
Comfy as hell.


You don't need linux to make a browser homepage. this is just something I just threw together in html to replace the default new tab page.

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