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What kind of system will you head to? I personally want to try a fantasy one then make a perma switch to a scifi cyberpunk one.


A space exploration sim. A bit like freelancer where you own your ship and you just chill in space trading between systems or looking for new worlds or helping out fresh colonies or whatever.
Honestly anything with space is fine, as long as its not going down the 40k route.


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>having to choose between fantasy and sci-fi
>not choosing both
For me, this is it.


I'll probably stay in LFE for a while, learning the basics of Systemspace as such, before exploring various systems before finally settling on whichever system I find most enjoyable to be a home - probably a relatively peaceful, magic based system, but I can see myself spending time in many open systems.

I will probably spend a fair amount of time designing my own system eventually as well.

I'll be sticking with open systems as I don't want to end up stuck in any way.


I think I'll go to a scifi system where I can live on cool space stations.


Good idea.
I have always wanted to explore space.


So, a bit like EVE?
Check this get.


Whichever system catches my eye.

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