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So long story short. I'm dating a lovely girl from Japan called ** and I live in the UK working a shitty retail job. I think it's fair to say that I love her an awful lot. This is easily the hardest thing I've ever done. What do I do? How do I cope? I can only afford to see her twice a year and we'll both start Uni soon. I'm at a complete loss and it's tearing me up inside.

Any words of advice? Encouragement? Experiences? Anything will help honestly. I'm only 18 so this has been a wild ride for me. Travelling to Japan alone and sustaining myself and saving to see her at the same time is difficult for sure. I'm unsure how to continue.

Pic related, It's me and her. Since i met up with her my life has felt entirely empty because that was the happiest I've ever been and feel as though I ever could be. Once again. At a loss. Help?


idk if she's able to travel but how about you two save money and meet up somewhere where you can both afford?


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My advice,
Cut your losses and drop the yellow fever to find a woman who can provide more emotional, physical, and economic feedback in your life. Nippon may be your wet dream, but the current situation you say you're in right now is gonna make you broke and hollow.

Your life is barely starting, don't be afraid to cut ends in search for alternatives.

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