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Welcome to /lfe/!

This is a serious board for everything TSUKI. Shitposting and other junk will be removed and get you banned.

Please refrain from asking questions that already have a known answer.

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Post your most childish fantasies/ambitions for LFE here!

Here's me:
>Become a loli in a witch outfit
>Wear many discreet implants to assist in my magic casting
>Wield a rail gun made to look like a WWI-era rifle (e.g: Lee-Enfield)
>Use magic to alter the behavior of the bullets fired in my rail gun ala Youjo Senki
>Hide as many technological gadgets in my witch outfit as possible without it stopping to look like a mundane witch outfit
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File: 1521178801261.jpg (177.17 KB, 1920x1080, psycommu.jpg)

I want to pilot robit through space


I'd honestly prefer flying a sleek fighter over a mech.

Not that I have something against mechs, just that I find fighters to be cooler.


Fuck all the migrant lolis in LFE. That is all.

File: 1521396866232.jpg (Spoiler Image, 577.98 KB, 1920x806, gen.jpg)


ever since i saw this scene of William Shatner chopping wood, oblivious to humanity as I know it, i've sort of wondered if a future like this is possible for me.

however i'm nowhere close to having a mountain home of my own (the planet's only getting more and more populated by human beings). that said, i'm apprehensive about the possibility of, rather than having my isolated niche, being whelmed by people i don't want anywhere near me.

this movie gets some bad reviews, but i always enjoyed it in a mystical way. figured i'd open up with my thoughts to see if others felt the same.

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This board now requires EID verification to post.

You can also show others your migrant ID by checking its box.

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Just like the last thread before it systemspace deleted itself.
>What are your plans for locating fellow migrants when you turn 12?
also, don't complain cause this is the only cyberpunk image I have
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That's still going to be a IRL meeting, just in LFE.
Or do you mean meeting on some website like this one?


File: 1520684701182.png (25.63 KB, 260x304, oldthread.png)

the former, since this thread is based on pic related.
and yeah I guess looking at some of the discord channels makes me feel somewhat disgusted that I have to share my afterlife with some of these people, that's if it's real though.


Somebody should make a website in LFE as soon as we get there. I'm pretty sure that most of us who want to meet each other will find the site fairly easy.

Also, out of pure curiosity, what kind of people are in the server? I don't use Discord.


everyone is really gay


File: 1520770925093.jpg (31.62 KB, 599x495, XjQSZo1.jpg)


>systemspace discord


Seems about right.

File: 1519238301081.jpg (11.25 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


What's everyone else uploading when the main site's fully up?

I've got a bunch of shit.

I mirrored the entire Subnautica wiki to upload as a reference later on, as i want to recreate Subnautica as a fully immersive system.

I downloaded the ENTIRE CHANNELS of Brave WIlderness and It's Okay To Be Smart, to give LFEers an idea of what the world here in Life was like. Thats over 640 videos.

I also downloaded music from certain channels too, such as Aviators, Groundbreaking, Mandopony, and im gonna work on downloading playlists from DAGames too. Gives LFEers an idea of what music was like here, if theres any difference.

Oh, i also downloaded the entire fucking Wikipedia database.

Have no fucking clue how much space this is taking up, last time i checked it was around 50 gigabytes. And theres still more stuff im gonna download when i think of it.
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Doesn't it max at 10gb


There's actually no limit on this. It's just that you can only get 10GB each purchase, so you can just buy 10GB over and over again to get infinite space if you have the money.


File: 1520445319978.jpg (357.44 KB, 896x455, But it do.jpg)

If I had the abilities, I'd transfer the entirety of the /k/ board from 4chan. All worlds deserve to bear witness to the magic of insane military enthusiasts.



Use a program to mirror whatever page/site /k/ is archived to, then upload the files after getting enough space to hold them all.


I'm sending the novels I've written and that I'm working on, as well as a handful of other books in .epub format that have influenced me throughout my life.

File: 1520617807245.jpg (11.06 KB, 336x441, thinking man.jpg)


According to the wiki, multiple EIDs may exist for a single soul.

Is there an upper limit to a


Is there an upper limit to how many EIDs may exist for a single soul?

Forgive my formatting; I'm new to imageboards.


I'm willing to bet the only thing it would do is slow down RISEN's attempts to transfer everyone, like going through and clicking thousands of links in a list but multiple of them lead to the same page rather than unique pages.

File: 1519168013702.jpg (104.91 KB, 551x551, cirno.jpg)


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File: 1519169042693.png (217.4 KB, 381x301, 2018-02-16_21-43-05.png)


File: 1519169267944.png (10.81 KB, 441x495, lithekid.png)


I am honoured


9front is a distribution of a operating system called plan9 which was made to be the re-unix of unix. 9front also comes with better driver support then plan9 and also a bunch of fun things that you can play around with like a doom sourceport preinstalled or mothra which has support for only basic html but it seems to actually work with modern ssl tls through witchcraft.



Qoute from website below to get the following reference above.

At some point, Cirno became associated with 9front. Details are sketchy.


• girl
• has magical powers
• associated with 9
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Wow I can't english today


best memed os

File: 1520278391883.gif (66.17 KB, 699x800, lainwin3.gif)


Any migrants had any interesting dreams with regard to the project?

I've had but one - waking up on the other side in what looked like a darkened lab environment, going through orientation. A female lab assistant (can't remember anything but her voice) was going through my registration, talking about memories that will get re-added to me.. and I was also told in no uncertain terms to keep my status as a migrant on the down-low "at least for the time being" to avoid running into any Hyaks.

Was pretty short, but interesting.


Even before I registered (about a year before TSUKI project even existed) I had a dream in which I was shot and killed. After a couple moments of blackness and being in the death-void, I saw some numbers and letters written on a board in front of me for a few seconds before I found myself in the kitchen of my home, but I was younger—perhaps 12 years old?

Anyways, after I found the TSUKI project I've wondered about that dream.

If I remember correctly, there was a migrant who had a dream when they were five in which a woman told them about the nature of the universe, and about Systemspace. Someone directed that person to the Hyak teachings, but I don't know who or where that person is now.


i had already 3 dreams one before the "re-open".
i dreamed that we were 5-6k i cant remember the number
the 2ndo about an unfinished project(with the page remodelation but it had more futuristic and vertical desing)
and the 3th was yesterday about the estructure of LFE it self composed of 7 layers or 9 i think,
with HERl being standing in the very last layer before LFE, directing migrants and internauts with tips and clues to reach the LFE from here.
i also had about 2 or 3 before the page shutdown. I might write all dreams later, some of are becoming relevant and almost prophetic since most thing dreamed are happening. in other areas i have premonitions too and they give me about 1 day of anticipation before the actual events. I guess something is calling me here to do something more and more intensely.

File: 1519178603913.jpeg (342.93 KB, 2000x1125, short-hair.jpeg)


LFE Chat Client for Linux at lfe.lerax.me (probably you will get libreadline6 error, just symlink it if you are a true LFE migrant)


If you are having problems with readline only make a simples link with your own lib of readline that gonna work fine, the IRC Client can be updated in the future, but we are not seeing too much people using it


Hello manoel!

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