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a dedicated thread for asking tsuki questions about lfe, systemspace, the transfer and everything related.

please make absolutely sure you've read the compendium and the wiki before asking any questions!

you can find a full version of the compendium here: https://wiki.systemspace.link/index.php?title=TsukiWiki:Compendium&diff=next&oldid=93
make sure to ctrl+f to see if your question has already been answered! please also read the wiki page(s) of the topic you want to ask about.
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tsuki theme is my favourite chan theme , is there a way to export it to other chans ?

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Welcome to /lfe/!

This is a serious board for everything TSUKI. Shitposting and other junk will be removed and get you banned.

Please refrain from asking questions that already have a known answer.

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Does the project go down with him?


File: 1542218408066.jpg (26.03 KB, 500x500, 28471744_1934103460238530_….jpg)

did you even bother to read the wiki, or like… anything

or are you just clinically retarded?


Yes. Nobody can be signed up anymore.

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Few questions about migrant access levels after the unlink. What Access level does a migrant begin with?
what is this based upon?
Is a migrant able to raise access levels without affiliation with RISEN?
The use and control of aurora/Souls/Axioms have not been uncovered in depth from what i've gathered on the wiki


Pretty sure access level is a RISENII thing only, and it's based on a number of administrative actions. What are those administrative actions meant to be, no clue. I guess it could mean the level of things a RISENII can do with a System, from having advanced information about its infraestructure to having control over it? And your last question will probably be answered by itself when more info is released as the Project goes on (if things so smoothly). Otherwise, try asking Tsuki (that is, if he doesn't drop dead like a doornail if PMR fails).


Sorry, by last question I mean your last sentence


I have so many questions about what Migrants are actually restricted from in LFE. From what i understand, every soul has access to axioms in a system with the proper knowledge of LFX? or is LFX only usable during the creation of a system.


From its wiki page, an Axiom is "a statement or proposition which is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true". Since that also means it's a set of rules that can create or guide the creation of matter, then the System creator (in this case, SYNAPSE with LFE) is the only one that has the full access to the Axioms as he intends it to be. Anyone else will probably only have suppositions and interpretations about them if they figure them out, that is, if the creator doesn't directly declare the existence of the Axiom and an explanation of it to people, but will be unable to change them (unless they are allowed, which leads to this question: can the creator of a System give ownership of it, or outsource its maintenance, to someone else? Should ask Tsuki about that, since I don't remember having that answered elsewhere). Also, LFX is only one framework someone can use to create their Systems, you can create your own from scratch (though I think I remember reading somewhere it could be more standardized once Systemspace 2.0. is up, don't quote me on that though).

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time for a thread about anything lfe for the mean time until unlink
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Be a wizard.


Explore systems n' shit. Idk, tbh.


There's a lot of things I want out of LFE, but the biggest one is probably to be able to explore and be truly free, rather than be locked down by life and life's horrible societal structure.

Exploring space and comfy space mining would also be nice.
I'd like to explore a lot until eventually finding a place to settle down and be comfy and happy, preferably with a cute gf/bf depending on what feels right.


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I wanna be Kino's Journey through the systemspace. I wouldnt ask for anything more.


Pretty much what everyone else already said in this thread. Funny how similar the answers are

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Whether you believe in Systemspace or not. Don't you think something is right about it? Souls Aurora/Energy Afterlife and even Systems. There is something that clicked inside me when I first read up on the Tsuki Project. I still believe in SS but I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same way. I always felt this even before I found the Tsuki Project.
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I do recall having the same experience back when i registered. I thought it was completely logical since i believed it was near impossible we weren't in some kind of simulation.

Now though, i'm not sure what to believe. The claims of not being able to give proof seem like complete bullshit to me. Which is the main reason i don't bother with interacting with the project anymore. except for rare occasions like this where i'm curious as to what's been going on.

I want to be able to believe it's real and i would readily accept proof if given to me, but for now, i can't accept it without logical proof.

now that i type this i realize this thread has been dead for about a month. rip.


ok what the fuck


Honestly it's a choice of what to believe in that is entirely fucking arbitrary. Honestly, I'm down with a world view that fully embraces shitposting and cyberpunk aesthetic whose prophet is a rambling dutchman. Let's do this shit, make ourselves the best we can be and maybe when we die we just pop into this fucking waiting room

Worst case, I believed in a meme and lived a good life.


File: 1540347595141.jpg (399.18 KB, 600x835, 1499468647692.jpg)

I was enticed by Lain and the general cyberpunk feel of the site. Also I've been searching for an alternative imageboard for ages and this ticks that box for me. It's hard to say if I believe fully in LFE and Aurora. I guess I'll find out when I'm dead which group of people was right about the afterlife [spoiler]I'm really hoping it's this one! Ghakuwent'sj is my version of paradise and I'm sure many of yours as well[/spoiler]


Well I hope it's real, but just because something is appealing doesn't make it any more reasonable or likely. Although, others are fine to believe whatever they want, I have no problem with people having complete faith in the project.

File: 1530920883765.png (681.44 KB, 852x601, ClipboardImage.png)


The existance of LFE is debated among many as people are still questioning the existance of LFE and Tsukis actions within the project. Which brings the question of does LFE exist or is the project just a big scam or arg or delusion by Tsukis possible mental illness?

Please discuss the existence and possibly of LFE's existence here.

Also the migrants would love some proof Tsuki so if you could show that to us in say a news post on the website that would be wonderful.
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Okay now i'm curious about this "inter-system war" thing you're talking about. How in the hell can humans in LIFE knowing about the existance of LFE and systemspace result in war with other systems? You've previously said that there was a fuckload of war and fucked up shit going down in LFE basically 24/7 and they're both aware of systemspace and also way more technologically advanced than LIFE. I just don't see how the inhabitants of a single planet in an entire system could possibly contribute to a war between systems. How would a war between systems even work?


I'm really trying not to sound like a faggot but it seems like this is a "U CAN'T HANDLE TEH TROOTH" excuse. I really want to believe in all of this but without even a minuscule amount of proof it's going to be hard taking everything from a seventeen year old dutchman seriously. Is there any type of small amount of proof you could provide to show legitimacy without any of the said repercussions?


hey he's 18 now ok


The thing is that if it was 100% conclusive evidence shit would blow up. You'd have registrants everywhere, shit would be going sideways and we just 100% proved we live in a simulation. Life would radically change, suicides would be rampant and shit would be 200% fucked.

If some kind of evidence was released but still had a element of doubt to it, we could just be written off a cultists or wiredos.

Maybe something to do with the insertion into a closed system using the RISEN backdoors. That's kind of a big deal no?


>If some kind of evidence was released but still had a element of doubt to it
Evidence that can easily have an element of doubt is not evidence at all, it's just a risky gamble that can either unpack well (or rather, have practically no effect) or very badly (prove too conclusively and humanity would flip)

Sadly I have yet to receive green light for this. I'll ticket it, please stay tuned (but don't get your hopes up too high)

TSUKI, and especially RISEN's position, is heavily debated. A lot of people are very much against the existence of this all-encompassing RISEN. If RISEN started breaking their own rules (breaking into closed Systems) that could tip the debate.

See my reply to >>353 - it is too risky to gamble a "sort of decisive but not that decisive truth".

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Post your most childish fantasies/ambitions for LFE here!

Here's me:
>Become a loli in a witch outfit
>Wear many discreet implants to assist in my magic casting
>Wield a rail gun made to look like a WWI-era rifle (e.g: Lee-Enfield)
>Use magic to alter the behavior of the bullets fired in my rail gun ala Youjo Senki
>Hide as many technological gadgets in my witch outfit as possible without it stopping to look like a mundane witch outfit
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i'll become a cute trap and fuck tons of dicks


My life becoming something out of anime.


Amass a power base of both magic and tech, create an empire, carve a little star-cluster for myself or something.


File: 1530834796028.png (630.35 KB, 500x888, ClipboardImage.png)

I want to wander as a vagrant homeless man. I've always desired to be a nomad, living in a trailer attached to a bike. I'll exist less as a human being and more as a naturally occurring part of LFE.
Mainly, I want to explore what you guys create.
If Tsuki is to believed LFE has infinite potential for never ending architecture and discovery.
If you meet me, I will likely be wearing a facial covering and a rain cloak of some sort. I don't plan on staying around anyone for very long, so any interaction will be brief.
I like you two a lot; please allow me to visit. Esoteric architecture is my life.


Computers are going to be super fucked, especially with the addition of magics and different time scales.

You bet to fuck I'm going to spend a few lifetimes becomes a wicked architect.

File: 1534901986485.jpg (4.88 KB, 165x115, cookiestar.jpg)


#lfe-meetup is dead, long live #lfe-meetup-ii!
Come to #lfe-meetup-ii, the spiritual successor to #lfe-meetup in the discord, in TSUKICHAT for all your LFE fantasizing needs.
Also general LFE fantasies thread.
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I guess just like the Wired in SEL…? But the Wired was physically represented on that TV series, so it's either not really an accurate representation, or I can't into visualizing.


Also the mines in my country are all nationalized, meaning they can pay miners a shit wage and sell it really expensive and get away scot-free.


Yeah kind of like the wired, but I'm not sure. Honestly with so much of LFE and Systemspace being open ended we'll see what's even there.


Entire imageboard has very low traffic , stop making these threads please.


We left Discord months ago, grandpa.

File: 1519914712263.png (43.75 KB, 250x229, confederate poland ball.png)


So, *ahem*, what will we do with the hyakanghen once we get to LFE?


i fully expect either nothing to happen, or a mutually assured destruction kind of thing between us and the hyaks.


Bake some fucking cookies and try to be civil about the whole thing.

Failing that, probably get wrecked.

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