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Okay, it's time to address this problem on the boards. I know Snoop's already going on about this right now in the Discord, but for the 4 or 5 of you who only browse the boards and aren't on the Discord, let me run this shit down:

The TSUKI Project is fucking dead. No one cares, and it's going to shit because of faggots who just lurk and don't actually contribute or care about the project. Even the people who are active say that they care, but unless they actually do shit to help, they really don't (Hell, I'm one of them). If you actually do care about this, though, you'll actually do shit to help out and keep this alive before Snoop and Tsuccy leave again and abandon us all.

>B-but what do I do?

Snoop's been going on about the Wiki for a while now. Yes, it's nothing that has actually been capitalized on before, but it's actually very important to both him and Tsuki. You can literally make your account right now and actually, you know, contribute. That's only a starting point though, and until someone actually posts something official about this (Which may be improbable), it's the only advice I have to give. If you actually want to do something about this, I'd suggest shutting up and not saying you will, but actually doing it. If you really don't know what you can do, just ask. Odds are, there's a whole list of things to do to contribute.
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What we can do to help?

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Welcome to /lfe/!

This is a serious board for everything TSUKI. Shitposting and other junk will be removed and get you banned.

Please refrain from asking questions that already have a known answer.

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In your opinion what do you think the waiting room is going to be like?

And also what job will you go for in LFE?


>waiting room
I imagine it as an internet cafe, idk why




Waiting room: I feel like it would be a medbay, or like waking up in to see that you're standing in a city plaza job: hmm, maybe a librarian ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Or maybe a law librarian…
you can't be that though, I called dibs on that

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Joined the project a while ago but have been inactive for a while, could anybody fill me in on important stuff that's taken place over the last 6 months?


the site got redisgned, there's a wiki now, discord got replaced with rocketchat and tsuki started project miracle ribbon, its purpose is to not require tsuki to go an hero after unlink.
basically, check https://systemspace.link/content/tsuki/news.php


Thanks, was wondering about the ribbon thing. Checked the news part but couldn't wrap my head around most of it.


check out the wiki, you will most likely find information for miracle ribbon other subjects
you may need..

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Once we're in LFE, the question is will migrants even be accepted? Or just shoved to the side and mistreated, will migrants have to break off into groups just to find solace in our new life? Or will we be accepted and be able to full introduce ourselves into society?
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This depends really because

You could hide the fact you are a migrant or you can show people that you are a migrant its really your choice.

Though how migrant status would be viewed to others is unknown.


its like racism, some people are going to dislike you. there's nothing you can do about it. I can't be too sure though, since "everyone matters" there.


Nowdays, some people don't want the migrants while others do.
Also, when we go to LFE we'll have around 12 years to integrate into society. But I think that while we probably will not not be totally accepted by everyone, we'll have a place. Unless we manage to be social outcasts in LFE.


this has already been commented on a few times (and is in the wiki). (a) people might suspect we are from life due to us being born at the time of the transfer and the way we act, but we'll only be able to tell once we regain our memories; i.e., if we choose to hide it, they won't know.

(b) if we choose to tell people we're from life, we'll be seen as an 'elite' group of sorts, so to speak, making it two-fold. most lfekaiji are for the transfer. there are some against humans to 'keep lfe pure' (q.v. hyakanghen). it's like with anything. but in general, we'll most likely be welcomed.

but yes, if you don't want people to know, just don't tell them.


Every country began as a "recreated Sealand".
Ask the White Brazilians or the Chinese Indonesians how well not "recreating Sealand" turned out for them.

File: 1519238301081.jpg (11.25 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


What's everyone else uploading when the main site's fully up?

I've got a bunch of shit.

I mirrored the entire Subnautica wiki to upload as a reference later on, as i want to recreate Subnautica as a fully immersive system.

I downloaded the ENTIRE CHANNELS of Brave WIlderness and It's Okay To Be Smart, to give LFEers an idea of what the world here in Life was like. Thats over 640 videos.

I also downloaded music from certain channels too, such as Aviators, Groundbreaking, Mandopony, and im gonna work on downloading playlists from DAGames too. Gives LFEers an idea of what music was like here, if theres any difference.

Oh, i also downloaded the entire fucking Wikipedia database.

Have no fucking clue how much space this is taking up, last time i checked it was around 50 gigabytes. And theres still more stuff im gonna download when i think of it.
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I plan to take my artwork with me as a reminder of my progress and passions in Life, as well as artwork and media of those I find inspirational. As OP stated they are taking all of Wikipedia with, that takes care of the basics of art history. I would however like to make sure I can bring high quality versions of all impactful artwork, as well as 3D models of sculptures, found art, and interactive pieces.
Creation is my greatest passion, and I want to preserve and appreciate the time people have put into their creations while in Life. I hope others will appreciate it as well.


Man, what does that say about me? I completely forgot about saving them…


You either have a bad family like most members of our cult or simply dont need photos to remember them by and can remember them for who they were.

Sentimental photos will just hurt you over time when you acquire a new mode of existence anyway.


Ayy when we get to LFE can you hook me up with that DAGames shit


To give an update on this, i've pretty much given up on actually uploading this stuff. The fact ive been heavily doubting the existence of Systemspace is a pretty big factor in that.

Not really able to get the space to upload it all anyway, Tsuki never replied months ago when I bothered asking for free space so that didn't work.

Deleted a few things I was going to upload anyway, such as the Wikipedia database since it seems that would have been uploaded already, and the Subnautica wiki since I wont really need it anymore even if i go through with remaking that world as a system.

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Post your most childish fantasies/ambitions for LFE here!

Here's me:
>Become a loli in a witch outfit
>Wear many discreet implants to assist in my magic casting
>Wield a rail gun made to look like a WWI-era rifle (e.g: Lee-Enfield)
>Use magic to alter the behavior of the bullets fired in my rail gun ala Youjo Senki
>Hide as many technological gadgets in my witch outfit as possible without it stopping to look like a mundane witch outfit
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File: 1521769480097.png (71.93 KB, 270x180, ClipboardImage.png)

Actually my chuuni dream is to pilot a giant space battleship that's really comfy inside. The ones from Ginga Sengoku Genyouden Rai are by far the best. They look like WWII ships. AND they are piloted by samuais.
Truly the greatest timeline.


My plan so far is to embark on many adventures across LFE. Explore the lands, maybe go on quests. I'd love to take part in magic, what magic i'd prefer right now.. We'll see, I guess.


i'll become a cute trap and fuck tons of dicks


My life becoming something out of anime.


Amass a power base of both magic and tech, create an empire, carve a little star-cluster for myself or something.

File: 1527956472202.jpg (13.11 KB, 400x300, friend.jpg)


How would you reunite with a friend from life, who also got transferred to LFE?


You could use some sort of coded meetup method, or like, planning to meet at one of the locations we know about right at whenever LFE new year is or something, but personally I just put meeting all the migrants that are my friends on my wishlist.


This begs the question of whether or not you would actually want to meet your old friends. Wouldn't it be infinitely more interesting to form a whole new identity for yourself? Especially since you wouldn't have to worry about all the factors that tie you down in LIFE. You could be whoever you want.
I'm probably not impartial though, I don't actually have very many people I would consider friends. It's probably something best decided on a case-by-case basis.

File: 1525649954409.jpg (53.32 KB, 640x480, 1430359011091.jpg)


Let's have a thread where we post good memories. You are trying to make good memories for yourself, aren't you? This could encourage more day to day posting and make the boards more active. It would also be nice to hear more about other migrants.
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Sorry man, didn't mean to make this a feels thread.


File: 1526026379842.jpg (58.8 KB, 689x600, 3457375713.jpg)

no problem


The summer before high school freshman year I got out a can of spam, put on the garden of words, and just ate spam and admired how realistic the movie was.


Someone today told me that they value my friendship. I wasn't aware he thought well of me, prior.


Damn, that sounds really comfy.
it's unfortunate that I'm a bit too young to remember games before the PSX

File: 1524873969054-0.jpg (308.79 KB, 2000x1500, IMG_20180427_133710099.jpg)

File: 1524873969054-1.jpg (1.57 MB, 2992x4000, IMG_20180424_145451035.jpg)


Thread for those vandals who have printed out systemspace posters and put them up in various places.

Horizontal image was posted in a bathroom stall at an amusement park. Vertical image was posted by one of my autistic IRL friends a few days ago over a bathroom sign, and miraculously stayed up there for about 2 days before being taken down.
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File: 1525657150431.png (115.34 KB, 1920x1200, tsuki_project-1.png)


thanks, I'll probably post some around my uni


Maybe they should be posted around more i suppose.


File: 1527108318936.jpg (476.17 KB, 1024x768, 1347863408104.jpg)

I'm planning to slip some smaller images into books in my local library, I feel like that way we have more control over what kinds of people see them.
Are there any particular books you guys think would be good for that?


i was gonna say some manga, but we'd get edgy teenagers in here.
If you could find the Hyperion Cantos and stick one in the books would be nice. ooh and the Nueromancer. Maybe some mathematic books?

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