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a dedicated thread for asking tsuki questions about lfe, systemspace, the transfer and everything related.

please make absolutely sure you've read the compendium and the wiki before asking any questions!

you can find a full version of the compendium here: https://wiki.systemspace.link/index.php?title=TsukiWiki:Compendium&diff=next&oldid=93
make sure to ctrl+f to see if your question has already been answered! please also read the wiki page(s) of the topic you want to ask about.
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tsuki answered this in the chat; i'm reposting it here for completion's sake.

'There's some debate over this. Most people believe it is an amalgamation of different languages, which at some point was standardized into what it is now. Many others, however, believe that it was simply "imported" so to say from outside Systemspace. The answer is (to the public) unknown.'

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We need your help.
We would like you to translate the Systemspace Compendium into Japanese. If you do so, we will grant you free file space.
>What if someone called dibs on it already?
Never fear! You can still help validating/proofreading it.
Here is the compendium:
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It's now possible to translate the Wiki quite easily, by logging in, going to any page, then clicking "Translate this page"!

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Welcome to /lfe/!

This is a serious board for everything TSUKI. Shitposting and other junk will be removed and get you banned.

Please refrain from asking questions that already have a known answer.

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Whether you believe in Systemspace or not. Don't you think something is right about it? Souls Aurora/Energy Afterlife and even Systems. There is something that clicked inside me when I first read up on the Tsuki Project. I still believe in SS but I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same way. I always felt this even before I found the Tsuki Project.
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>that's also why i got a tattoo of the project logo
Prove it.


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old photo, from when i first got it.




What kind of dreams?


since you asked…
my first experience was a really vivid dream (i rarely ever remember dreams) of moving from what i believe now was the waiting room through a layer of, for lack of a better word, 'pop-up'-like messages telling me about moving through separate 'systems' though i didn't know they were called systems as such, i'm just using this because i don't have a word to describe it. i 'saw' or rather, understood the concept of systems within larger systemspace, though i had no idea back that they had names like that or even what they were but, again, i have no words to describe it.

the second dream involved an intricate interconnecting skyscraper-like place that resembled to a weird degree what tsuki would later describe takatonghi to be, all while someone (?) was telling me about the concept of systems, again without names, which mirrored the first dream.

both of these were in 2013. sorry for the monologue.

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#lfe-meetup is dead, long live #lfe-meetup-ii!
Come to #lfe-meetup-ii, the spiritual successor to #lfe-meetup in the discord, in TSUKICHAT for all your LFE fantasizing needs.
Also general LFE fantasies thread.

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The existance of LFE is debated among many as people are still questioning the existance of LFE and Tsukis actions within the project. Which brings the question of does LFE exist or is the project just a big scam or arg or delusion by Tsukis possible mental illness?

Please discuss the existence and possibly of LFE's existence here.

Also the migrants would love some proof Tsuki so if you could show that to us in say a news post on the website that would be wonderful.
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I think it exists.
When you sign up for an insurance policy they don't care if you believe they will pay you back. But when you're hurt, they do. That is what a human in their position would do.


Can you please point out any kind of source for the protocol, A rules, and K lines, for us to read?


Okay now i'm curious about this "inter-system war" thing you're talking about. How in the hell can humans in LIFE knowing about the existance of LFE and systemspace result in war with other systems? You've previously said that there was a fuckload of war and fucked up shit going down in LFE basically 24/7 and they're both aware of systemspace and also way more technologically advanced than LIFE. I just don't see how the inhabitants of a single planet in an entire system could possibly contribute to a war between systems. How would a war between systems even work?


I'm really trying not to sound like a faggot but it seems like this is a "U CAN'T HANDLE TEH TROOTH" excuse. I really want to believe in all of this but without even a minuscule amount of proof it's going to be hard taking everything from a seventeen year old dutchman seriously. Is there any type of small amount of proof you could provide to show legitimacy without any of the said repercussions?


hey he's 18 now ok

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Hello all,

nice to meet you. I am a newly registered migrant.

I'd like to share a recurrent theme in my dreams. It first appeared maybe 8 years ago? And I remember having these maybe 3-4 times since then (I am bad at remembering my dreams though).

It involved entering a door, invisible to the others, being a gateway to another world and a place where the newcomers could learn the basics of the universe. I could also meet up there with acquaintances I met in LIFE (using Tsuki's terminology) and go to the new world. It bears a striking resemblance to the "waiting room" but also contradicts it - I think you get why, if not I will expand on it. I have some notes I wrote shortly after waking up but they are a mess and are not written in English.

I write about this because it is one of the few "worlds" I continuously experience in my dreams since my childhood. The worlds that are far more consistent than usual settings of my dreams; the dreams about them are also considerably more vivid.

Anyway, I can't say that I either believe in Tsuki Project or in some form of "truth" being shown in my dreams - one could say I am an agnostic. Tsuki Project is a very interesting idea to consider and I hope to have a quality talk about it but it's as far from convincing as LIFE's religions - I don't really believe in believing with no proof.

By the way, there is one thing I wonder about - if LIFE is buggy, is it possible that there are another people/organisations which know how to transfer people from LIFE unbeknownst to RISEN?

Sorry for this post being messy. I don't know much about the project yet but I hope to learn and contribute.


I also dream about interacting with systemspace. Even before I found out about the Tsuki project, I had many dreams about talking to other souls from other "worlds." idk im not 100% a believer but the things stated on the site seem to make intrinsic sense to me.

Welcome to the project btw, happy to have you here.

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I have been having dreams for years, always taking me to this world futuristic, but also modern. For the longest time I was different people, living a different life each time I slept. Sometimes peaceful, sometimes lives with a decent amount of bloodshed. As I got older my mind (I guess) settled on a person. When I go to this place he is a detective. Trying to find out information on various different things. I became obsessed with world, wanting to flesh out the world…So I started writing about the universe, everything about it. I even started making it a tabletop RPG. I was going to name it SystemSpace…looking the name up on google led me here. Which feels exactly like the world I have visited almost my whole life. I am not sure if I should embrace this or be disturbed by the discovery. but it feels welcoming to say the least to find others who have had dreams similar.

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I've had dreams for years now of this fantasy world / adventure and I feel like sometimes I'm the same person, but othertimes im some simpler person. The world is super "fleshed out" and the detail is amazing. Is there any connections between system space and dreams?

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If any of you havent seen the news post the survey can be found here: https://systemspace.link/survey/geps.php

I'm posting just to urge you all to put some serious thought into each and every question and the significance it has to every migrant and the project as a whole, not just your personal experience. Be open about any concerns you have for the project, the community, or the representative and seriously consider what problems we share as a community and why that is before making your decisions.
I know there are many that dont believe in the project anymore and even some that want to ruin it for others that might still have a vote, and I dont know how many of you will end up reading this, but I still urge you to keep in mind this may be a very serious thing and the project may very well be real. This is probably the only chance we will get to send a serious message to the project staff or to request actual proof the project is real, please don't take it lightly. Thank you.
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File: 1530920171090.png (212.14 KB, 802x354, ClipboardImage.png)

It would be nice to see some proof so then people can actually know that this LFE place actually exists so if tsukirep can somehow obtain said proof of lfe it would be very helpful .

However the tsuki project has this shutdown statement of any proof going as "This is a experiment on human doubt" Or said by tsukirep "im not allowed to provide proof" which means that the existance of this LFE place to us the migrants is simply a gamble because we the migrants don't really know if it truly exists or not. Who knows what could happen to us after death , maybe we go to a LFE or some form of heaven or maybe we don't go anywhere at all and just decay into the ground and simply not existing anymore.

Either way the migrants have it in the dark here where they either believe it blindly or they have doubts on the projects existance.


Not really a gamble if there isn't anything at risk. If it isn't real, then we still just die and nothing happens.


I already filled it, and I put some of my thoughts on the annendum. But now maybe I'll reset it after put some more thought.
More members don't mean that the boards will get more activity. IMO, the boards had more activity when we had less members that we have now.


I forgot, there's not a deadline to fill the survey, right?


I filled it out and left a message for TsukiRep I want him to see. In a way I feel TsukiRep is questioning things. Whether he wants to stay here with us or go to LFE. I really hope things go well for TsukiRep and the Project.

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