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a dedicated thread for asking tsuki questions about lfe, systemspace, the transfer and everything related.

please make absolutely sure you've read the compendium and the wiki before asking any questions!

you can find a full version of the compendium here: https://wiki.systemspace.link/index.php?title=TsukiWiki:Compendium&diff=next&oldid=93
make sure to ctrl+f to see if your question has already been answered! please also read the wiki page(s) of the topic you want to ask about.
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Where do you go when you dream in Life? Is it possible to share dreams in Life like in Inception? As you said it was possible to travel to other Systems through dreaming, is it possible to enter the dreams of and interact with others? How about in LFE?

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Welcome to /lfe/!

This is a serious board for everything TSUKI. Shitposting and other junk will be removed and get you banned.

Please refrain from asking questions that already have a known answer.

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So, *ahem*, what will we do with the hyakanghen once we get to LFE?
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Bake some fucking cookies and try to be civil about the whole thing.

Failing that, probably get wrecked.


if they still want us shattered, i'm sure they won't be able to, bar making our lives so miserable that we digress as souls into an eventual shatter.


We don't want any harm to come to you, nor do we want you there. They (RISEN) have screwed us over enough, and we'd rather see this system grow and blossom than become monetary and asset fuel for that hedonistic hellhole that is LFE.
tl;dr if you manage to come over, nothing, because you're already dead.


you're not a hyakanghen, retard, and you're not affiliated with them. there has never been any confirmed contact from hyakanghen towards life inhabitants, and the larp site you're from has nothing to do with lfe or systemspace at large.

(are you actually surprised about being banned, when one of your first posts already spouts anti-project nonsense?)


> there has never been any confirmed contact from hyakanghen towards life inhabitants,
Aren't there like 50 hyaks in Life? What've they been up to lately?

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Hi there, benpigchu here.
Honestly I'm not active in the community, because it's hard for me to get into some community that have like 100 messages per second. So I choose to stay away from the chat and just wait in the normal days, and only appear when something important happens (like the unlink).
I'm very happy that AZ2 stage is reached last year. Some month after that the site entered the "maintenance mode". I have some real life things to do so I only occasionally check the site, but it seems the "maintenance" is a bit long so I did some digging in wiki and boards, and I find that this is for upcoming AZ3 stage, which is very good.
I 'm not here to request for rejoin the chat. I just want to know if there a timetable for AZ3? If there is not a "AZ3 will comes someday", is there a "AZ3 definitely won't comes before someday"?


I feel you. "Be patient" is all I or anyone except Tsuki can say. Although I disagree I can see where the guys who say Tsuki is intentionally locking people out are coming from.

So yeah, nobody knows when AZ3 is happening, and even some people in the community have complained about how long it's lasted. Just remember that if Tsuki doesn't open this soon he won't have any donations to keep the project going, so there's that.

You can email Tsuki asking to rejoin if you like. If you have any questions you know where to find me.
Careful dude, if I could find you with your username tons of other people can too.


I get it, so let my wait for another months, until the AZ3 or another post here……
Even if I do not fill in the email field they can easily find that email address by simply search the name and click some links in the search result.


Good to hear. And I'm sorry that it's taking so long.

No I mean using a username you use on another site at all. And if you did block me, I did find accounts you use on other sites. If you don't want me sending you stuff, then tell me so.

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I know it's a matter of faith, but sometimes I really do worry that this is all a very elaborate ARG or something. I know it's improbable because of the immense amount of work that would have to go into making all this up, but it's always in the back of my mind. I want to believe, I really do. The project is my last hope for the future.
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well, the community and tsukichat are still very active with older members even coming back so clearly a lot of people disagree with you .


they are not "very active", all the older member were banned and ostracized. there's only 20 people active in tsukichat, and of them, 90% are 6ks. so clearly you should get your facts straight beefore you try and pretend the community is anything other than stagnant.


what's your name in tc?


ITT a turbonigger LARPing as an oldfag


If you didn't stick it through the Great Hiatus you have only yourself to blame for all the people that did.

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What pieces of literature are you going to upload? Currently I have Animal Farm, 1984, Sherlock Holmes, and a collection of O. Henry's stories.


you better publish those pieces of shit in LFE. maybe start a life publishing house.

i've uploaded thee psychick bible and scum manifesto.

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hey fellow migrants i was wondering how does length work in LFE,is it the same or is it a different measurement. what does one foot equal in LFE?

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I really like my sister and want her to live on in LFE. How do I convince her to register as a migrant without sounding loony to her?


You dont have to convince her, the migrant soul is counted by who last drew on the piece of paper with the code on it. simply prepare a piece of paper, write the number at the bottom or something, and have her draw on the rest of the page, you can just sign her up with the picture.

That said if you want her to actually know what it is and learn about it you can just try showing it to her as a cool website you found or introduce her to it conceptually by talking about simulation theory philosophically or just be honest about it as something you believe in that has no harm or risk to signing up. Its not like shed have to be initiated or follow practices like it was a real cult or anything so it could be cool.

It's really going to depend on how well you know your sister and what you think will work best though dude. good luck


>the migrant soul is counted by who last drew on the piece of paper with the code on it
Why do you have to write the code by hand then?


IIRC the whole thing has to be handwritten because they use the soul imprint of the handwriting to locate that piece of paper in the first place, but only the most recent addition to the picture counts for who is signed up.

From the compendium:
Can we trick our friends into signing up for the project?
It's about who added the latest addition. Technically you could have them just write their name next to the code and a drawing, and their name would be the latest addition.

IIRC long ago we even asked about them writing on the back of the paper and even using carbon sheets to draw on them unknowingly and they said the latter works (dont remember for the first).

Also from the compendium:
How do you feel about tricking someone into registering?
I mean I can understand why people would do it. I find it immoral but it's up to you really.

Tsuki doesnt really agree with doing this himself, but its your decision if you want to trick your sister into this or be open and discuss it with her.


I know this thread is old, but considering that the alternative is getting shattered (i.e. nonexistence), it would be kinda unethical not to.


You can't be forced to stay in a job, even though the alternative is starving. I don't see how this would be "unethical".

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If life is finally unlinked. Then is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?


I think its really just both

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Post your most childish fantasies/ambitions for LFE here!

Here's me:
>Become a loli in a witch outfit
>Wear many discreet implants to assist in my magic casting
>Wield a rail gun made to look like a WWI-era rifle (e.g: Lee-Enfield)
>Use magic to alter the behavior of the bullets fired in my rail gun ala Youjo Senki
>Hide as many technological gadgets in my witch outfit as possible without it stopping to look like a mundane witch outfit
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File: 1543227780123.jpg (19.65 KB, 236x333, artsmoke.jpg)

I think I'm just going to be a monk or something. Try to find a nice, quiet, comfy place to live my life. Fill my days with routine. Try to develop myself as a person.

From what I understand, Life is supposedly relatively serene and "comfy" compared to other systems. I'm sure a changeup will be nice, but I might miss it here. Maybe I can bring something worthwhile into LFE by preserving that way of living.


live a comfy life on a tiny zen planet that has it's own atmosphere, weather, etc


I want to be free of all sexual desires in LFE, and have complete autonomy. I hate everything that is sexual. We will never have total, complete control over ourselves as long as we have these fleshy animal bodies with animal instincts. I find it disgusting.


I dont think that sexuality maters in LFE,
if sex is a bad memory i think you can
forget it


File: 1544274693320.png (1.11 MB, 1024x768, udv.png)

I want to create a Doom system.

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