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Okay, it's time to address this problem on the boards. I know Snoop's already going on about this right now in the Discord, but for the 4 or 5 of you who only browse the boards and aren't on the Discord, let me run this shit down:

The TSUKI Project is fucking dead. No one cares, and it's going to shit because of faggots who just lurk and don't actually contribute or care about the project. Even the people who are active say that they care, but unless they actually do shit to help, they really don't (Hell, I'm one of them). If you actually do care about this, though, you'll actually do shit to help out and keep this alive before Snoop and Tsuccy leave again and abandon us all.

>B-but what do I do?

Snoop's been going on about the Wiki for a while now. Yes, it's nothing that has actually been capitalized on before, but it's actually very important to both him and Tsuki. You can literally make your account right now and actually, you know, contribute. That's only a starting point though, and until someone actually posts something official about this (Which may be improbable), it's the only advice I have to give. If you actually want to do something about this, I'd suggest shutting up and not saying you will, but actually doing it. If you really don't know what you can do, just ask. Odds are, there's a whole list of things to do to contribute.


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Inevitable in retrospect.
I'd offer to help but I have a full plate myself.
I think the momentum took a serious hit over the past month or so, any suggestions on how to fix it?


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Have to agree, I partly blame it on the fact that the shitty atmosphere discord has and the mentality of that "oh yeah I'd contribute but someone else already did", and when you get swamped with those kinds of people you'll get jack shit in contributions other than the same few. That's my opinion.


Of course we are dead.
That is why someone needs to rat us off to the media again so we can have some more drama.


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Well said. I really do want people to contribute more, frankly that sort of involvement has taken a big hit over the downtime. I just hope it's not too late. If anyone has any ideas on how to give the Project back some momentum, please please please do tell..

I feel this is a general thing that came with having a Discord. Discord's userbase is well… lazy. They can (and do) sit in up to 100 servers, and never participate in any. In a sense, I feel Discord is yet another nail in the coffin for smaller communities.
Furthermore, the ease of use Discord gives is, although enjoyable, bad for the userbase. Every cunt can make a Discord and join the server in a minute. Quality control is rather low.
Combine those with Discord staff's horrible support and I really want to leave Discord. The main issues with that however are the obvious ones - which alternative to use, and how to deal with the expected large activity hit.
We've got a Rocket.CHAT test up at https://chat.systemspace.link/, but people won't use it unless required, as it's obviously more clunky.

On one hand, it would spark a lot of activity, which is a very good thing, but on the other hand, those people will be of low quality and not contribute. On the other hand, while it may be a grabbag, a large demographic also brings with it a larger chance of good people.


That was just a meme reply. In all honesty, though, I think our current slow and steady growth is the best.


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So why don't you post a list of jobs that need doing where everyone can see and let people pick from them.


>which alternative to use, and how to deal with the expected large activity hit.

afaik IRC is lightweight and comfy, plus its format actually allows for serious discussion. I believe starting an unofficial channel has been attempted in the old boards, but i think it hit at most 4-5 users. Still i think it is a possible alternative.


Anything is a viable alternative to Discord.


Anything? Not really, discord is shit but it's still the middleman, I'd rather use it than facebook. Rocket chat so far is still better.


Honestly I think that this is just the end of the project. It's sad that things will end like this but I don't really see what we could do to keep it alive. Sure, we can try and artificially stimulate it as much as we want but long-term that's not going to sustain an entire community. People are going to get bored and drop it unless there is some new and exciting development in the narrative. Otherwise there is nothing left to do except to wait for the timer to hit zero.


a portion of the non-believing part of the community was always likely to get disinterested at some point between the opening of the gates and waiting for the unlink, because of being disappointed at what they see as a lack of development in the "narrative". sadly, this comes along with people who see this as merely a community.

the project is still very much on course.


>merely a community
But that's what it is


I'm sorry but how is the project anything more than a community gathered around a narrative? I get that it's a sort-of religion for some people but the community aspect of it, which is a large part of it, is fizzling out. The project may be "on course" but people are getting disinterested and soon enough even the most devoted among us will lose interest in the project. By the time the timer reaches zero the only people left watching are going to be Snoop and Tsuki.


i will never lose faith in the project. and i know i'm not alone in this. the faithful will remain through everything. many of us believe in this one hundred percent.

the rest of the community around the project will always be as alive as its members make it.


Hear hear!


"When it gets cold you know the pines will survive" - Confucius


Part of the issue I see with the "community being dead" is that people who are not believers in the project are seeing this lull in excitement as a sign that things have gone wrong or that TsukiRep has abandoned the project. Given the nature of the process of unlinking, I'm sure that if there are any developments before the timer clicks off, they'll be negative.
Anyone who's like "well we gotta wait 200 days, I'm bored, zzzz" isn't a true believer anyway. The goal of this project should be to get true believer migrants to LFE first and foremost, not to grow some kind of clubhouse here.


i'm too newfag to help, I still don't have much of a idea what all this is.


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Does the community aspect of this project really matter? If the main purpose of the project is the transfering of our souls, does the state of the community matter? Of course you could say it'd expand recruitment, but is that necessary at this point? We have more than enough people and advertising on 8ch did almost nothing so what else can we do?. Also, would the companies over at System Space really allow Tsucc to abandon the project? Feels like they have too much riding on this, just to let the Key neglect his duties. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if the community is ded. As long as the people that signed up get transferred, then the project is a success.


The project can probably go on without the community.
But due to myself being part of it (somewhat), it still holds an amount of importance for me.


Just like we were saved, others deserve to be.


I just want to see what happens, and if it takes 185 days to happen, sobeit.


The goal of RISEN is to "create as many good memories for users as possible." So although the main purpose of the project may be to transfer souls to lfe we should still strive to make as many good memories as we can while we're still in life. Whether or not people believe in the project does not matter since the only thing we're gonna be doing is waiting for the timer to run out. But, while we're waiting, why not try and have some fun with each other?


What we can do to help?

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