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I know it's a matter of faith, but sometimes I really do worry that this is all a very elaborate ARG or something. I know it's improbable because of the immense amount of work that would have to go into making all this up, but it's always in the back of my mind. I want to believe, I really do. The project is my last hope for the future.


we all just want to believe


i also feel the same way, i try not to think about it. it makes me really sad. but at the same time me and alot of migrants no longer fear death, plus they make the best of their lives while there here. even if its fake (which i hope its not) the project has made peoples life better. they make them feel like they have something to live for, and they are a part of a community which is good for people. the only bad thing is some migrants can't stand real life because of there hardships and thus incapacitate themselves. is awful to think about but its a very real thing. i think that tsuki has made many lives better, even if its fake. I personally struggle with this too, but in the back of my head I know there's good intention even if it is fake. All i can say is keep believing and make the best out of your time in life.


I don't really think that it being real or not is important. Why are you so concerned about that?


i don't think it's an elaborate arg, if it is fake. if anything. tsukirep is fucking bonkers.


I have struggled with faith quite significantly throughout the project, especially when the site went down the first time and all.

I even unregistered for a time due to doubt of the project and it's intentions.

The project has helped me a lot though personally, and continues to help people to find hope even when there is nothing left to grab onto, so to speak.

Whether it's real or not, I'm glad this place is around and I don't want it to dissapear.


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this anon has the right idea.

i recently wrote an entire paper about the subjective human experience and how our worldview reflects onto our perception of our own external reality (of which we cannot even validate the truthfulness of). in other words, mere belief of something can twist your own perception to essentially mold the world in your eyes. it's not a question of whether or not it's true. it's a question of whether or not you want it to be. at least from a very perception-level philosophical viewpoint

I think what attracts most people to this belief system is the interesting conflict intricacy that philosophy vs technology brings. it brings a lot of new questions into the light to do with the nature of reality, our morals, the future of mankind, our sense of self, etc etc. all very interesting stuff to think about.


Exactly, also with another belief in something by more people can alter reality even further than just ones perspective as well.

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