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Hi there, benpigchu here.
Honestly I'm not active in the community, because it's hard for me to get into some community that have like 100 messages per second. So I choose to stay away from the chat and just wait in the normal days, and only appear when something important happens (like the unlink).
I'm very happy that AZ2 stage is reached last year. Some month after that the site entered the "maintenance mode". I have some real life things to do so I only occasionally check the site, but it seems the "maintenance" is a bit long so I did some digging in wiki and boards, and I find that this is for upcoming AZ3 stage, which is very good.
I 'm not here to request for rejoin the chat. I just want to know if there a timetable for AZ3? If there is not a "AZ3 will comes someday", is there a "AZ3 definitely won't comes before someday"?


I feel you. "Be patient" is all I or anyone except Tsuki can say. Although I disagree I can see where the guys who say Tsuki is intentionally locking people out are coming from.

So yeah, nobody knows when AZ3 is happening, and even some people in the community have complained about how long it's lasted. Just remember that if Tsuki doesn't open this soon he won't have any donations to keep the project going, so there's that.

You can email Tsuki asking to rejoin if you like. If you have any questions you know where to find me.
Careful dude, if I could find you with your username tons of other people can too.


I get it, so let my wait for another months, until the AZ3 or another post here……
Even if I do not fill in the email field they can easily find that email address by simply search the name and click some links in the search result.


Good to hear. And I'm sorry that it's taking so long.

No I mean using a username you use on another site at all. And if you did block me, I did find accounts you use on other sites. If you don't want me sending you stuff, then tell me so.

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