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Welcome to /meta/!

This board is for discussing the boards themselves, such as feature requests, complaints etc.
Anything else should go to the other boards.

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haha what's up guys its me 6635 or as you now me 'vitre' and uh i lost my password to tsukichat haha help please
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File: 1550639875617.jpg (142.37 KB, 900x800, 1536346205460.jpg)


It's been in AZ2 for a while now.

Are they doing a full re-work of the site or something?

I really wanna get back into TSUKICHAT.


try emailing tsuki
uh, its a lot of stuff going on, thats for sure.
its gonna take a while.


the site needs to stay in maintenance mode during az3 preparations, sadly, as a large part of is being redesigned and expanded for post-unlink and pmr reasons. we'd be happy to have you once chat is joinable again though so please wait for a while longer!


It's entirely understandable why it's taking so long.

I'm just very impatient. Was never very active in chat, wanted to change that.

File: 1533729180020.jpg (323.5 KB, 1200x1200, lain.jpg)


Is anyone else encountering problems with autoplay?
When I access systemspace.link/ for example, nothing happens (it's a black page and leads nowhere). When I try to pay music on the music box page, only two or three links work, the rest don't do anything.
Also, just being on some parts of the website including the boards is extremely resource-intensive for some reason (~190% CPU).

Has anyone else experienced something like this?
My session is Safari 11 on Sierra, I haven't tried accessing the website on Windows yet.
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What does that have to do with my connection?


Sorry for speaking to you a bit too bluntly earlier, I was in a hurry.
Perhaps you should try another browser, like Firefox and Chrome. Or you should enable Javascript.


I have JS enabled. I might try another browser, but I'd like to understand where this could come from. I don't think uBlock Origin would cause this kind of problem.



testing once again. Apologies I never embeded something
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/DfkJpzBoJ-M" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

File: 1531215641324.png (94.65 KB, 1919x415, Screenshot from 2018-07-10….png)


Something happened and it started sending requests to grab scanlines.png non-stop. Not sure how to replicate.


am noticing this too, idk blame chrome i guess
no network tab spam in firefox

File: 1537112866134.jpg (231.41 KB, 1200x800, LainAt20_Getty_PioneerLDC_….jpg)


I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but I can't seem to access the chat. Logging in results in no user found error message but I def. have an account. By password do they mean my EID? or my actual login? (I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to talk about it. My apologies!) I hope someone could get back to me soon. New Migrant so I suppose I don't really know how things work around here


(for your information, i moved this to /meta/.)

you'll need to use your eid to create a tsukichat account via the 'member' page on the main site. from there, you will need to create a separate password for the chat, with which you can log in using your migrant number.

if you've done this and it still doesn't work, please post here again.

File: 1532084564789.gif (442.1 KB, 500x269, rain.gif)


Anyone else getting a 502 error when they try to access the chat?


sorry it updated on its own but then it broke idk


I wish more people would post on the boards when the chat was down.


File: 1532170759143.png (152.73 KB, 486x370, the saddest.png)

Guess they forgot the boards even existed. Would love to see more activity here, as I think there will less people spamming random letters and pretending that it's funny.

File: 1531653114760.jpg (13.84 KB, 480x300, glados.jpg)


Can we extend the file-space-for-chat-messages rule to board posts too? I feel that would make the board a little more active.

File: 1527010739175.jpg (32.45 KB, 450x450, 1388053407267.jpg)


Any possibility of having the flag checkbox actually enable posting with a flag and not disable it?
If the thinking behind it is that posting with a flag is an optional thing, having it on by default is counter intuitive. Specifically when you use the quick reply thingie and you have to scroll up to disable the flag.

A simple quality of life change.


This shouldn't be too difficult of a change - I'll look into it!


Thank you, Tsuki.


It's been flipped! The button is now opt-in like the ID.


I also added a Flag checkbox to the Quick Reply, you might need to CTRL-F5 for it to appear.

File: 1524527806186.jpg (72.9 KB, 500x468, 1424352798764.jpg)


Did something change with the rocket chat? I cant log into it anymore.
Am I retarded?


File: 1524531255309.png (48.18 KB, 1078x382, answers.PNG)


I'm currently working on it, and cleaned the user DB and all channels due to it.
Expect it soon though ;)

File: 1521262107337.jpg (4.87 KB, 261x193, sadcat.jpg)


While the aesthetic of the new boards is nicer, I think a lot of the Discord shitposting and cancer has spread to it. There's less serious threads and overall there's been less discussion about the project in general. Thoughts?
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Honestly Discord is the cancer killing internet communities.
It actively promotes shitposting and the "clique" culture. I hate it and I loath having to post in lobby every 10 days.
In fact I got deleted out of the server twice because of inactivity even though I lurk the LFE chat all the time.


File: 1523224184725.gif (37.07 KB, 188x286, 1522780570563-r9k.gif)

We are only using Discord out of lack of a proper alternative (that isn't shit).
I understand the concerns, I hate the general way Discord works too. I try to keep the quality of the server up somewhat by filtering to only active and somewhat devoted members, but sadly the horrible mindset that Discord carries still stays, with the constant ironic shitposting etc.
In fact, right now I feel the Discord is, Project wise, useless. Nobody even talks in #lfe. Ever.
I hope to be able to move ASAP, although I am worried I will lose a lot of activity that way, even if we delete the Discord (to force everyone to switch)…
In a sense I believe Discord is the final nail in the coffin to most Internet communities. We went from separated forums to centralized Reddit BS and IRCs, and finally to this hyper-centralized Discord where communities of their own don't exist anymore…


I think moving from the discord would be a good idea because discord is just horrible and not to mention the amount of people in the discord who just spew constant trash and that includes the normalfags and redditfags.


I've never liked Discord due to the culture that surrounds it. Public porn channels, shitposts with no real value - What's the point? I just want comfy, man. Discord effectively ruins BBS and chans on top of that.

I asked about Rocketchat's activity to see if it was up in a previous thread, but it isn't unfortunately. All you need to do is take the first step and see how it goes. It's obscurity may filter out most of the shitposting. I was in the old Discord for a bit but left after hearing about all the unnecessary drama. I was going to join the new Discord but after all of the hoops I needed to jump through only to get get into a shitpost zone, I just decided not to even bother. Not to be rude or anything, but maybe the staff needs a rework as well - Seeing that Mr. Dick Pic is still a moderator is kind of astounding. On top of that, make the mods/admins not advocate shitposting or shitpost themselves, it only makes me lose faith in the Project. I only keep my status as a believer due to what it stood for initially, not for the community.


speaking as a mod, i don't believe the mods or staff team as a whole advocate or overly participate in shitposting; certainly a lot less than a portion of the community, which arguably discord as a platform encourages.

as many criticisms regarding discord and its effect on communities have already been brought up, i'll leave it at this; and while i agree that a portion of the community is somewhat detrimental to the project and to furthering project-related discussion, i believe that the environment (chatting platforms) is more to blame for this. the mod and staff team are doing their best to work with and (to an extent) against this, as much as the environment allows, in my opinion.

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