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Welcome to /meta/!

This board is for discussing the boards themselves, such as feature requests, complaints etc.
Anything else should go to the other boards.

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Any possibility of having the flag checkbox actually enable posting with a flag and not disable it?
If the thinking behind it is that posting with a flag is an optional thing, having it on by default is counter intuitive. Specifically when you use the quick reply thingie and you have to scroll up to disable the flag.

A simple quality of life change.


This shouldn't be too difficult of a change - I'll look into it!


Thank you, Tsuki.


It's been flipped! The button is now opt-in like the ID.


I also added a Flag checkbox to the Quick Reply, you might need to CTRL-F5 for it to appear.

File: 1524527806186.jpg (72.9 KB, 500x468, 1424352798764.jpg)


Did something change with the rocket chat? I cant log into it anymore.
Am I retarded?


File: 1524531255309.png (48.18 KB, 1078x382, answers.PNG)


I'm currently working on it, and cleaned the user DB and all channels due to it.
Expect it soon though ;)

File: 1521262107337.jpg (4.87 KB, 261x193, sadcat.jpg)


While the aesthetic of the new boards is nicer, I think a lot of the Discord shitposting and cancer has spread to it. There's less serious threads and overall there's been less discussion about the project in general. Thoughts?
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Honestly Discord is the cancer killing internet communities.
It actively promotes shitposting and the "clique" culture. I hate it and I loath having to post in lobby every 10 days.
In fact I got deleted out of the server twice because of inactivity even though I lurk the LFE chat all the time.


File: 1523224184725.gif (37.07 KB, 188x286, 1522780570563-r9k.gif)

We are only using Discord out of lack of a proper alternative (that isn't shit).
I understand the concerns, I hate the general way Discord works too. I try to keep the quality of the server up somewhat by filtering to only active and somewhat devoted members, but sadly the horrible mindset that Discord carries still stays, with the constant ironic shitposting etc.
In fact, right now I feel the Discord is, Project wise, useless. Nobody even talks in #lfe. Ever.
I hope to be able to move ASAP, although I am worried I will lose a lot of activity that way, even if we delete the Discord (to force everyone to switch)…
In a sense I believe Discord is the final nail in the coffin to most Internet communities. We went from separated forums to centralized Reddit BS and IRCs, and finally to this hyper-centralized Discord where communities of their own don't exist anymore…


I think moving from the discord would be a good idea because discord is just horrible and not to mention the amount of people in the discord who just spew constant trash and that includes the normalfags and redditfags.


I've never liked Discord due to the culture that surrounds it. Public porn channels, shitposts with no real value - What's the point? I just want comfy, man. Discord effectively ruins BBS and chans on top of that.

I asked about Rocketchat's activity to see if it was up in a previous thread, but it isn't unfortunately. All you need to do is take the first step and see how it goes. It's obscurity may filter out most of the shitposting. I was in the old Discord for a bit but left after hearing about all the unnecessary drama. I was going to join the new Discord but after all of the hoops I needed to jump through only to get get into a shitpost zone, I just decided not to even bother. Not to be rude or anything, but maybe the staff needs a rework as well - Seeing that Mr. Dick Pic is still a moderator is kind of astounding. On top of that, make the mods/admins not advocate shitposting or shitpost themselves, it only makes me lose faith in the Project. I only keep my status as a believer due to what it stood for initially, not for the community.


speaking as a mod, i don't believe the mods or staff team as a whole advocate or overly participate in shitposting; certainly a lot less than a portion of the community, which arguably discord as a platform encourages.

as many criticisms regarding discord and its effect on communities have already been brought up, i'll leave it at this; and while i agree that a portion of the community is somewhat detrimental to the project and to furthering project-related discussion, i believe that the environment (chatting platforms) is more to blame for this. the mod and staff team are doing their best to work with and (to an extent) against this, as much as the environment allows, in my opinion.

File: 1520695763855.png (975.76 KB, 901x723, universal chart.png)


/fringe/ board when?


that picture is pretty neato

File: 1521393669280.png (154.06 KB, 568x448, eid.png)


This board now requires EID verification to post.

You can also show others your migrant ID by checking its box.


This is nice to know.
I also happen to like the fact that Tsuki is based in the Nether lands.
It'd be nice to not go alone.


File: 1521626504816.jpg (39.1 KB, 930x930, avatar_1515731172527.jpg)

That's pretty fuckin schway, thanks tsuki.

File: 1519169111746.jpg (1.27 MB, 3840x2400, deus_ex_jc_cyberpunk_jc_de….jpg)


I feel like a cyberpunk board would be fitting (hacking culture/cyberpunk related stuff).
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too late for that now is it?


File: 1519410439071.png (971.93 KB, 2491x1643, arisuchan.png)

>yeah but Arisu is slow as hell and I feel like since this imageboard is new that there would be a more active cyberpunk board compared to Arisu
arisuchan might be somewhat slow, but at least it's pretty comfy


arisuchan.jp is the comfyest chan I've been a part of.


I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Both lainchans (arisu will always be just .jp to me) shit the bed so much n1x gave up on his anarchist board, 0ch. But this has nothing to do with systemspace.


what about sushigirl.us?

File: 1521149342477.png (90.89 KB, 264x246, 1515014880133.png)


Could someone just fill me in on what the fuck has been going on for the past <multiple years>?


Nothing's changed, people are still degenerating and technology is advancing to compensate and distract.


Maybe this can bring some light…? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaJNRCeuNR4 share people

File: 1519237374439.jpg (7.68 KB, 210x240, Rei.jpg)


When will EID confirmation be implemented on the LFE board?
Did you skip this so you can get the boards released immediately and are in the process of confirming EID's?
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There is no point to having multiple EIDs. It makes no difference~ and if you want to use both on the new website, you'll have to upgrade both separately.


What happens if we don't have v1 of EID or lost it…


If you have anything that could verify your identity, it's OK. Your registration image from a different angle works, having access to your email you used to sign up works, knowing what you filled into the forms works, etc..


does it have to be from a different angle? i just submitted the same picture
i still have the drawing, do i just submit the eidv2 request again?


i gave the email used to sign up and EID2 still got denied halp

File: 1519619329729.gif (1.69 MB, 295x218, 1487981835434.gif)


>Tsukk added flags
Can they at least be set so that they aren't the default?


Here's a userscript for now

// ==UserScript==
// @name No Flag
// @version 0.1
// @match *boards.systemspace.link/*
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==

(function() {
var flagBox=document.getElementById("no_country");


client-side scripting thread? i recommend adding this to your block list.
controller-magic a script for using a gamepad to browse the site. it polls many times per second even if you don't have a controller plugged in. might as well save those cpu cycles, especially since the scanline animation is so compute-heavy.

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