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haha what's up guys its me 6635 or as you now me 'vitre' and uh i lost my password to tsukichat haha help please


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registering and logging is currently not possible, after az passes its possible to log in again. (i dont know about details sorry lole)


File: 1550639875617.jpg (142.37 KB, 900x800, 1536346205460.jpg)


It's been in AZ2 for a while now.

Are they doing a full re-work of the site or something?

I really wanna get back into TSUKICHAT.


try emailing tsuki
uh, its a lot of stuff going on, thats for sure.
its gonna take a while.


the site needs to stay in maintenance mode during az3 preparations, sadly, as a large part of is being redesigned and expanded for post-unlink and pmr reasons. we'd be happy to have you once chat is joinable again though so please wait for a while longer!


It's entirely understandable why it's taking so long.

I'm just very impatient. Was never very active in chat, wanted to change that.

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