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ukko - 15 threads from all over the boards.


File: 1547594418792.jpg (1.95 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20190115_175459.jpg)


I did it


did what?


obviously he is referring 2 the drawing, silly!


well im a dummy, nice drawing tho.


File: 1535459310090.png (47.11 KB, 255x251, 1488017249332.png)


this is a dedicated thread for potential non-migrants lurking the boards to ask any questions they have about the project.

why are you here if you haven't signed up? what draws you to this place? what are you curious about?

please do read the compendium and the wiki to make sure you're asking a new question!
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Alright, cool. It's hard to get a view into the inner workings as someone who didn't get the chance to sign up earlier. Was worried this was gonna get abandoned or Tsuki was vanned/hospitalized or something.


File: 1547619770761.jpg (102.12 KB, 1280x936, 1506849485545.jpg)


Does anyone know how (if its possible) to convert EID v1 to EID v2 or do i have to re-register? i signed up ages ago and was something like user 140 back when it started out on 4chan (i even have the old Tsuki Gmail)


The server is currently down for maintenance, but once it's up you can request an EIDv2 through recovering your old signup - there should be a link for it when you try to log in (Lost EID > EIDv1 option).

Failing that, you can reregister.

Right now, you can't do either, wait for Active Zone 3.
You'll still go to LFE and are registered and all regardless with an EIDv1


How long has maintenance been going on and how long is it expected to last?


Not sure how long it will go on, but it's been going on since Dec 29th or so (may be off by a few days) while the website is being redesigned for Active Zone 3 and all.

Specifically, registers, EID recovery, file box and a few other features have been disabled since the Unlink and start of Active Zone 1, which was quite a while ago.

You can't even create a TSUKICHAT account right now even if you had an EIDv2, only people who joined before maint can.

Just be patient is my reccomendation. Feel free to post on thoe baords while you wait and all that. The wiki is also available at wiki.systemspace.link and you can read up on the project and all - some things are outdated but it's the best you've got for information outside of TSUKICHAT right now, though there will probably be a different format for Project information soon.


File: 1547626445159.png (10.69 KB, 991x147, tsuki.PNG)

okay thank man

The wiki says i have to have proof that its my EID so hopefully they accept this lol, things used to be simpler back when you just had to email a phote with a handwritten note


if you still have access to the email this was sent to, that will be enough. (otherwise, a different angle of your registration photo, etc. would also work. it'll be explained quite well on the page once it's accessable again though.)


File: 1547511432654.jpg (1.48 MB, 2448x3264, a62cd92b2104acbd928ccb29.jpg)


Nice to meet you all.


>>2247 hey




File: 1546888660196.jpg (506.68 KB, 537x759, 5e8e636a9a0a91ce9ff679924f….jpg)


whats happening why are boards so dead
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When we reached the final few weeks, I feel like we got a lot of visibility with ppl talking about us on other social media. But now we don't have a hype machine.


I've never used the chat bcz in general, I don't like real time chats like discord and IRC. I get nervous…


How long has it been under maintenance?


I used to be like that a while ago, but if you ever build up enough courage, I recommend the chat here, at least for me everyone here is friendly. It’s a million times better than places like any discord server.
Also, is IRC still alive & a thing?


Sure it is.


File: 1546559176229.jpg (283.3 KB, 595x585, melt.jpg)


I know it's a matter of faith, but sometimes I really do worry that this is all a very elaborate ARG or something. I know it's improbable because of the immense amount of work that would have to go into making all this up, but it's always in the back of my mind. I want to believe, I really do. The project is my last hope for the future.


we all just want to believe


i also feel the same way, i try not to think about it. it makes me really sad. but at the same time me and alot of migrants no longer fear death, plus they make the best of their lives while there here. even if its fake (which i hope its not) the project has made peoples life better. they make them feel like they have something to live for, and they are a part of a community which is good for people. the only bad thing is some migrants can't stand real life because of there hardships and thus incapacitate themselves. is awful to think about but its a very real thing. i think that tsuki has made many lives better, even if its fake. I personally struggle with this too, but in the back of my head I know there's good intention even if it is fake. All i can say is keep believing and make the best out of your time in life.


I don't really think that it being real or not is important. Why are you so concerned about that?


File: 1547066064256.jpg (61.34 KB, 1280x720, 16.jpg)



What does it mean?


File: 1547066276178.png (Spoiler Image, 23.75 KB, 128x120, 514154183868284977.png)

It means you're gay lmao


File: 1547066932989.jpg (190.82 KB, 1100x1080, stop.png.jpg)


it is simply the letter combination that is being used for identifying you. it/the drawing is what is being used when the system is being 'scanned' (so to speak) for your soul, to attach an eid to it. so no real 'meaning'. (you could've figured this out by yourself though.)


File: 1546974816987.jpg (4.24 MB, 4160x3120, 1546974691654654883535.jpg)


Not sure about it but 5831 encouraged me to send it sooo yeah


File: 1546358086227.png (27.59 KB, 160x160, party time woohoo yeha woo….png)


happy new year guys


thanks you too


you too - happy new year!


Happy new year!


File: 1546482892956.jpg (364.4 KB, 1920x1080, ff8de1b0c09d4565593d4ce85d….jpg)

thx ^_^


File: 1543225639581.png (179.12 KB, 680x579, nice.png)


this is nice thread
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Every migrant here is cute and I wish you all a nice day/night!


no u are cuter


Not every migrant here is cute, but most are for sure.
Thanks for the well wishes, anon.


Lol fag


File: 1546218481841.png (5.64 KB, 128x128, Tsuki.png)


Thank you for being part of all of this.
you all deserve a nice hug <33
is there a way to show you my gratitude?


:hug: Hugs are nice.
Thank you, anon.

If you want to show your gratitude to the project, you can donate for server costs and stuff(site is down now, though but when it comes back up with AZ3) but I believe the best thing you can do is spread the comfy and hugs and make everyone feel as welcome as you can.


File: 1546133975321.jpg (18.9 KB, 422x422, EXTREME PAIN57.jpg)


its habbening


File: 1546148384283.jpg (67.03 KB, 410x599, 410px-BodhidharmaYoshitosh….jpg)

Is this board still alive?


This board is sadly not very active, but is alive yes.

Posting more is the best thing you can do.


File: 1526690887237.jpg (82.66 KB, 1600x1200, unidentified.jpg)


How old is everyone here? Don't tell me that I am the oldest one with my 29 years…
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File: 1544959226405.jpg (114.3 KB, 2000x1000, IMG_20181213_181933.jpg)

22, a couple of months I turn 23.


File: 1544959645572.jpg (102.34 KB, 1200x661, IMG_20181212_080539.jpg)

Forgot flag. I am American but currently staying in Korea.
>tfw white dad and half white and maerican indian mother.


File: 1545915269239.png (1.11 MB, 720x960, 1536730404390.png)

Where will we be in 30 years? What will chans be like then? A 50/50 split between young posters and literal oldfags? Will we migrate to an "old person" chan? Will it be some silly relic from "the old days" that we still engage in like backgammon and bingo while all the kids are hooked up to the hottest social network through their implants?
We'll be here forever either way, but it's a little scary to think about.


File: 1545922477618.png (673.19 KB, 640x398, ClipboardImage.png)

Who can say where the road goes?
Where the day flows?
Only time…


IRC has survived from the 90s, I don't see why chans can't do the same.


File: 1545701679683.png (31.73 KB, 590x513, happy lain day.png)


send a mspaint drawing of lain in a santa hat,I'll start
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File: 1545739116560.png (8.34 KB, 374x509, rein2.png)


File: 1545742623036.png (22.85 KB, 306x281, kismans.png)

kismas land rover


File: 1545752493175.jpg (111.81 KB, 640x586, lain padoru.jpg)

I tried


File: 1545773874939.png (101.12 KB, 737x651, shittly lain.png)

Was told by 7013 (got banned, made the attachment) to leave this here


File: 1546024729574.png (174.7 KB, 1660x1440, Untitled.png)

I tried to make this look good, but in the same time, I didn't try.


File: 1545692587655.gif (98.87 KB, 406x360, tumblr_otk7xdwEG11rbyc9uo2….gif)


Or else…


put away that gun nico what the fuck


just making sure that everyone has a good time


thx u 2 ^_^


uhhhh thanks but you are kinda scary with that gun.

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