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Sorry for being late! Besides SDVX I play anything I can get my hands or feet on. Near my house there's an arcade with an old Dance Revolution booth.

In PC I play Osu! when I'm kinda bored, and on mobile I got Cytus 2 when it was for free.

As in knowledge I know many of the rythm games out there, but I'm in EU so I can't play many sadly. I'm planning on making a DIY controller for the clones that came out of chunithm.


Hey guys! It's Friday night over here, so let's get this party started!


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Comfy friday night time. What'chu doing to keep comfy, anon?


Well it's Saturday now. Not really doing much of anything, might consider going out for a bike ride in a bit.


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i was kicked from chat for inactivity and i wanted to tell you guys that i miss you
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I think people that were already in chat before the closure (and that were notable enough) might have a chance at being able to email tsuki to allow them back in, so you might want to try.


this is totally doable, some people without account came back, just try and email tsuki and he will probably help you


poles are faggots


Takes one to know one.


is possible to chat with you guys without an account?


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Thousands of souls are lost every day … waiting … To reach the gate and live in peace in a utopia for ever based on billions of bytes, each one, a piece of the fragmentation of the soul, ending in the emptiness of the universe


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What is yours cinebench r20 score?


is this linus tech tips


No, I was just interested in average hardware of this community




My WiFi adapter isnt compatible with Linux. Plus I got working Win8 pro key for free.


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How is my boy Cogan doing?


i would also like to know how cogan is doing, miss you buddy ;-;


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fuck i miss you all, please open soon ;-;


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anyone following the hong kong news lately? how's popcorns doing?


i just wanted to know how's popcorns doing


He just talked to me last night.


Wow so many people talk To him


he is great


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I've stumbled accross this dystopian board. Official I got the info through Arisuchan, but this seems kinda interesting. So once it hits AZ3, registrations are up? Can I migrate then?


if you are lucky maybe the registrations will be up. maybe no. you never know


registrations will reopen. that's a certainty. there's just no eta, for obvious reasons.

so yes, you will be welcome to register once az3 hits (and join the community chat if you feel like it)!
thank you for being patient!


I'll keep that in mind, I bookmarked it.


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bruh guys i miss the old site, like before first unlink :( i wanna show off the sick css to my friends (and recommend they research the project ofc) but i cant since website down. when'll it be up tsuki? im not in the chat and left the discord before the second unlink so did something happen? good luck and good tidings friends!


you could use the wayback machine, i think it saved quite a bunchies.
normally soon, very soon, but yeah we've been waiting for a while…
for the first unlink, you can def use wayback, and honestly i really want to at least have access to a new website. or atleast a "placeholder" in a way that isn't out because az3 is done, just in the meantime.


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File: 1567208187341-1.png (19.11 KB, 1192x210, firefox_2019-08-31_01-26-0….png)

File: 1567208187341-2.png (569.52 KB, 1920x966, firefox_2019-08-31_01-28-2….png)

Oh well.


i think im only wasting my time because i cant register and cant access anything.


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Dang this place is neat af.
Nvm i cant post with VPNs
I almost fell in love. Im sorry. Youre beautful but your personality isnt for me.
maybe if u change


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Hello, how are you?
I want to see how many people use this place.
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Same lol
Really starting to wish I found out about this whole thing earlier


im sad but im okay, been a long time since i came back here lol


it's not well advertised


You think that's comfy? Try this.

Last night I went through a construction site on my way home. I rode a bit through the ruts of a bulldozer but it didn't go on. But while I was there I felt like the only person in the world. There were distant lights but almost nothing else except cars in the distance and the wind.

Now that's big league comfy.


File: 1567206196689.png (145.58 KB, 375x375, AwooAtYou.png)

Still waiting for zone to open. I've been lurking and checking the place for more than a year now, I hope it comes soon!


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Oi, 852 here, how do I join the rocketchat?


File: 1566601809675.png (12.56 KB, 435x456, lain.png)

we're currently in server maintenance due to az3 preparation, making joins to the chat and registrations to the project as a whole sadly impossible from a technical point of view temporarily.

please be patient for a little while! you're welcome to join once we've passed into active zone 3.



no biggies, I sent her an email, she will prolly better understand me than you, newfag


Mom I'm home. Let me inside.


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bread 4 cool wacky things you've found while surfin' the web


File: 1551011300462.png (1.12 MB, 1022x887, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasfregreget….PNG)

I can deliver



Where you can do anything



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oh no not goaste


File: 1566180439851.jpg (8.44 KB, 326x250, Need more lain in a bear s….jpg)


i just found about the project, but i can't join in at https://systemspace.link
Is it too late to join? did i miss my chance? is anyone still here?

I'm sorry if this isn't the right place for me.
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Will it still be publicly editable? IMHO that is what I liked about the wiki.


the 'main section' will only be editable by archivists, but any migrant is allowed to create their own public pages and edit any other pages that are not specifically protected from public editing.


Will there be any special markup code I will have to learn?


depends on what you mean by special markup code. it won't be majorly different from what you're used to from other formats, and is in general pretty intuitive (quite a lot moreso than e.g. the wiki was, in my opinion).


How hard will it be to become an archivist?


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flower, if you're there please let me know you're safe. I need to know as soon as possible
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I'm aware of the stabbings that occured, was sad indeed.

Thanks for the kind words, and I'll continue trying my best.

I actually do go outside now. Still fairly rarely, but I do. Never really in the CBD though, so if anything happens there's not much to worry about.


File: 1565754318210.jpg (859.97 KB, 2048x1955, 67303517_2636470036377645_….jpg)

Oh thank goodness ur fine
man that shit kinda spooked me into thinking u may be hurt (physically)

:big ass hug:


Nice american style lain, is it from r/Lain or somewhere else?


File: 1565762675887.jpg (409.14 KB, 1920x1080, s1565745472258.jpg)

>Nice american style lain, is it from r/Lain or somewhere else?

Idk its one of the many lains from my lain folder. I could not tell you here its from even if I wanted to. It could easly be from one of the lainchans or other chans or even from here.

maybe we should ban trucks and knives to :^)



LeTs BaN kNiVeS nOw like the UK.

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